Tagged by @karawek !!! Thanks for the tag lovely - ps. look at her aesthetic post and cry at how beautiful it is! The challenge was to to make an aesthetic post out of only pics on my phone. 

Son, let me tell you how hard this was… cause I take pictures of everything on my phone and I haven’t backed it up in a long time.. SO THERE WERE A LOT OF PICTURES TO GO THROUGH, but i think i’ve got it figured out!! : D and this turned out to be pretty fun!! 

… my aesthetic is still figuring itself out ok??? XDD 

I’m tagging: @misskatiegirl (who i know will be coming in with them nice sunset pics!!), @yunyin, @insanitysbloomings, @twindoodle, @siderealsandman, @re-unknown, @qookyquiche, @raydara12, @megupic, @this-was-a-terrible-idea, @geek-fashionista, @gijinkart, @kwinh, @kaethemonster

no pressure to do it! but id love to see what y’all come up with ^^ and if you’re reading this you’re tagged too sucka!! XD

@ people who complain about killing stalking or any other story plot featuring abuse

Chill. It’s not real.
If it’s triggering then just… don’t read it???

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if you dont mind me asking what happened between you and your bf? im sorry if this is too personal

it’s none of ur business man



okay so I was tagged forever ago by @psycho-alchemist to do this phone aesthetic thing, thanks very much!

RULES:  Make your aesthetic (based off of your personality and interests) with ONLY images you’ve saved to your device! You cannot search and download any images until you are done!

I shall tag with absolutely no pressure: @haganenobeato @ishvallas @didsomeonesayroyai @mellorad @ladywiltshire @jouissezduprintemps @wrongnote

see I always think I have my future all planned out but I’m so fucking indecisive and easily swayed that the slightest suggestion from someone else on what I could do makes me doubt my every choice

I’ve been planning on going to uni for bio med and then going to med school (and doing god knows what, I have some time to decide that okay) but my dad yesterday suggested I could be a lawyer and now I’m remembering every time I wanted to go into law and I’m!!!!! so !!!! damn !!!!! unsure !!!!!!!!

at the end of the day, I just want to find a career that I don’t hate, that my parents don’t hate, and that pays good so I can save enough money to travel the world and shit

i was tagged by @moonlight-crystal ! thanks so much <3ย 
ummm idk who even likes or responds to tags anymore ntm i dont talk to anyone but im tagging: @rubyloveess, @lisspeed, @borkie, @nctiscalum, @kingnocto, @crystaleidolons, @missfarron, @sunlitthrone, @light-san165, @xburningglory, @walkedtall and anyone else who wanna do this tag game??
donโ€™t have to do it of course,

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Pineapple: sexual orientation?

I just knew I’d get asked this and good question lmao

Sex: Female

Gender: Female

Pronouns: She/her

Orientation: Straight demi?