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Im trying my luck in making real friendship even if its only online. I dont really talk to people that surrounds me rn and its been a while and its lonely but i promise i wont drag you in my pool of loneliness lol. Im not studying rn, unemployed so you can talk to me 24/7 if thats what u want haha. I like memes, reading, writing, watching funny videos as well as creepy ones. I draw sometimes. I am basically everyone yet no one. I can be your sweet friend who wont kill a fly, skipping and throwing rose petals all over the town with a smile but i can also be a sociopathic lunatic who thinks everyone should burn in hell. :))) i drink, i like to party if theres opportunity but i also love isolation and coffee. I listen to music all the time and the musicians that i adore are (in no order) zayn, troye sivan, halsey, fifth harmony, melanie martinez, twentyonepilots, ATL, hayley kiyoko, ed sheeran, panic at the disco, Hollywood undead, the 1975.

Im nice but im awkward but i swear im nice. Ill never be rude unless you are and i dont judge other people. So if youre in need of a friend or someone to talk to just for the night, dont hesitate. Heres a smile from me! 😊 you can make it bigger tho 😋😂
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how the signs say "i love you"
  • aries:"I can wait for you"
  • taurus:"you can have it, I don't need it"
  • gemini:"continue your story"
  • cancer:"I trust you"
  • leo:"do you like this?" (asking ur opinion)
  • virgo:"I've never told that to anyone else"
  • libra:"lets hangout!!"
  • scorpio:"[high sarcasm] psh, i dont care about you at ALL"
  • sagittarius:"I made your favorite food :D"
  • capricorn:"lets go somewhere you wanna go"
  • aquarius:"you're weirder than me. weird."
  • pisces:"I'm so comfortable around you"

i didn’t realize how big this file was until i started coloring it

So, my beautiful, very canon Hyuuchiha SasuHina family is complete! (; ∇ ;). And finally in one pic—Honoou, Hinata, Sasuke, and finally Hotaru. Sorry I’m lazy with backgrounds.

—with all my love♥

okay so like we all know the lyric “sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind” and im sitting here listening to it and it hurts so badly because tyler is 100% sure and confident in what he’s saying but his voice still shakes it still quivers because it is so honest and i dont know how anyone could be that honest in a song and it is just hurting me really bad right now wow

Phantom of The Opera
  • erik:yo im just gonna blow up some shit im real creepy and im gonna kill that fuckboy kk bye
  • managers:christine we got this down oh shIT WE DON'T
  • carlotta:all you twig bitches dont listen to me especially you ramen noodle hair girl
  • madame giry:yeah theres this man whos like older than you but he likes you ok christine
  • christine:i just asked for singing lessons

Please god lord please just if you know please let me know, is this from a video? Secret pictures from disney? Tell me please cause im freaking myself all over because i dont know if it is true, i dont say it is art because it doesnt look like it, i mean it looks extremely real, If you know something let me know please cause feels are killing me.

Horoscopes on their period
  • Aries:fuckfuckfuckfuck shit damn i dIDNT SIGN UP FOR THIS SHIT *kills a goats*
  • Taurus:fuck thiS I WANT FOOD
  • Gemini:laabkabqkanqal
  • Cancer:im going on a diet guys *eats 3 puddings cups and raids tacobell*
  • Leo:*looks at Gemini* shut the fuck up.
  • Virgo:*writes 30 pages about how unsanitary pads are*
  • Lirba:sigh
  • Scorpio:awh the blood reminds me of when i lost my virginity.. Wait what
  • Sagittarius:This cant stop me!!! *gets cramp* *falls into a pit of death* *cri*
  • Aquarius:*cries cuz Aries killed their goat*
  • Capricorn:why the fuck do tampons cost moneY LIKE HELLO DO YOU REALLY WANT ME TO BLEED ALL OVER YOUR SHIT?

Ok maybe not as spooky as my Foxy one but still!

Also guys, is it just me or does Bonnie look very… lost and confused in the fnaf 2 trailor?? Like all the other animatronics look like they’re planning something or have a set goal to get to you, but to me, Bonnie looks… lost? His body language doesnt seem very threatening and the fact that he walks straight into the office in plain sight is a very clumsy move.. almost like he’s not trying to attack you at all??

I dunno, I get the impression that he’s trying to confront you for a more of a ‘let me help you’ sort of way, since he’s right in your room and he can attack at any point but he doesnt seem to??

I might be wrong (Most likely) but I dont know why Im so convinced he’s not trying to kill you aha

Deep Story 707 Route be like...

**Seven’s Route:
707: Dont get to close to me, Im dangerous.
707: Let me feed you with mouth.
**After Ending
707: Things will get dangerous, thank you for supporting me. I may or may not make it out alive…
707: Can I have a selfish request? Let me leave a mark of my existence to you, let me love you all night.
Secret Ending:
707: We need to save Saeran
707: Saeran, please don’t leave me.
Saeran: I can kill you with my own two hands now.
Saeran: I-idiot.

not to sound like an antisjw or anything but the lack of positivity and support for men on this site is sickening and takes me back to 2012 when “all men are disgusting predatory creatures and dont need any positivity kill them”

and its like what about trans men?
gay men?
black men?
native ment?
every other race thats not white men?
fat men?
divorced fathers unable to see their children?
abused men?
men who are trauma or rape victims?
poor men?
homeless men?
mentally ill men?

like im sick of so many posts like “all girls are perfect beautiful angels who do no wrong and deserve nothing but love and flowers and happiness uwuwuw” which removes girls from a sense of responsibility for their harmful actions. do you include women who are rapists, abusers, pedophiles, etc.? do you even include straight or cis girls? boys get no posts like these.

i want to see more love for boys, more positivity, more acceptance.

boys are important too. we struggle and have our own issues too. society is not inherently kind to us because we are boys.

like tbh at this point i dont even really care what TF anyone says about the Warcraft movie I just still cant believe after all this time AT LAST i will be able to see some of the characters ive read and loved on the big screen like.. im so excited to finally see something thats been such a HUGE part of my life come to life in a way (even though its a movie but u get what i mean!) ill be damned if you guys let it flop because i wanna see sequels! I wanna see the Night elves and their lush forests, I wanna see the birth of the scourge, the fall of quelthalas, the rise of the lich king, the aspects, the battle of mount hyjal, i want to be be able to see most if not all the lore that ive grown love like i know this sounds nerdy af but idc!! jdwakjdbwa

gsc in a nutshell
  • gold:youre the villain
  • silver:im not the villain
  • gold:youre the villain
  • pryce:hello children
  • both:KILL ITTTT
  • crystal:oh dont mind me im just working on the pokedex over here like we're supposed to
  • gold:FUCK YOU
  • yellow:FINE
  • gold & red:dayum.
  • yellow:just take your stupid feathers and beat your stupid old man
  • gold:just kidding i'm okay
  • gold:red lets run away together
  • red:okay
  • misty:FUC K.

Expectations can kill a simple man

anonymous asked:

Any headcanons for an MC who can't drive worth shit, due to a) never fucking learning and b) too scared to learn bc hoooo boy that would be an easy way to kill yourself (you dont have to include the last part if that makes you uncomfortable, im just self projecting whoops;; )

Me and the other mods were talking about this in our discord chat, mod 707 brought it up and said ‘’ AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO FEELS LIKE THIS ‘’ and within seconds me and mod saeran said ‘’ same ‘’, we all hate driving, it’s scary.

But ! If this were true then mc either gets over this fear because in 707′s after ending she drives his car LMAO, or she drives that car while terrified while ALSO never driving in her whole entire life, which would be impressive.

I want you to all think of a petrified mc that just steps on the gas while she is being shot at and her boyfriend got shot int he arm and she j UST FUCKING ALMOST HITS A BUNCH OF PEOPLE AND VANDERWOOD IS SCREAMING IN THE BACKSEAT LMAO
She just slides down into the sit when they finally step and just kinda laughs nervously and says ‘’ i think I saw hell ‘’


“Vision? Are you okay?”