Ok so while preparing for the con i binge watched Mirai Nikki and Steins;Gate…then i go to the con and there are so many cosplayers. Christinas are bursting from the windows, i cant go to a single panel without a Yuno and Yukiteru, Twelth is everywhere, im not sure if these are Okarin cosplayers or if i have been literally transported to a lab. Why were there so many. Neither of these anime are new. They both ended a while ago. They didnt get reboots or movies. So…why where were there so many? Dont get me wrong i loved seeing so many cuz they were both great it was just suspicious timing of it all…Did u all get together and decide to flood the con because you knew specifically *I* just finished the series? That is the most logical reason for it. If you see urself let me know via reblog or message and I will add ur url!!!