High School Never Ends If You Keep On Getting Expelled
  • Lily:What about him, Siri he's kinda cute?
  • Sirius:Taken
  • Lily:The built blond guy over there?
  • Sirius:Super straight. Lil, I've looked into all the options aready and there are none!
  • Lily:How bout that guy?
  • Sirius:LILY! His brotank and his flip flops! They dont match and they're both bad.
  • Lily:Yep, yeah, bad call. WHOA! What about that guy over by the cafeteria! He's hot!
  • Sirius:Lily Evans! THat's James Potter!
  • Lily:Oh, god no then never mind!
  • Sirius:He is really hot though
  • Lily:He is certainly very really hot
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cause its saturday night and i drove for 11 hours today to get to the beach so why not do blogrates ??? also i want to change my url and i need help because im indecisive af 


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“The thing is though he’s pretty amazing. He’s got a magnetic quality about him and if he looks at you it’s like staring into the face of a lighthouse. I don’t know what it is about that boy, he’s just incredibly charming.”

whether you’re a complete Softie™, a Total Badass™, or None Of The Above™, we are all worthy human beings who are good ppl deserving of love, support, and positive vibes, and that’s what the ethereal net is all about!

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DON’T FLOP - Rap Battle - Matter Vs Gasp

soft squad ✨

(banner credit to the wonderful @oydssey)

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