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The Good Doctor Part 8

Rated M:

I walked into the office sluggishly. My ass hurt and I really was not prepared for anything other than laying around. We had all gotten a text from Hotch, notifying us of a new case. It was Saturday night, around one in the morning. I was previously engaged in a Star Trek: The Next Generation marathon with Spencer. We had really gotten to know each other and become amazing friends. Before that, Spencer and I were engaged in a scene, he had my arms tied behind my back, the light green sheets of his bed the only thing I was seeing as he propped me up on my knees, his fingers tracing patterns into my lower back.

There were many great things I got to discover about Spencer as we have been communicating and as we have developed this bond and dare I say relationship. For example, when I stayed over at Spencer’s, he always had some new book on his bookshelf, or when he slept he liked to hold my hand, he also talked in his sleep too. Though, I never really paid much attention to it.

“Y/N?” A voice called out to me and I pinched bridge of my nose. It was Prentiss, she looked at me curiously, her eyes scanning my face. I blinked quickly a few times and smiled.


“We are all here, do you want to sit in or have Penelope catch you up to speed?” She asked, her arms crossed and a yawn encompassed her features. I shook my head, telling her I would wait in the control room and have Penelope catch me up since they were heading to LA. I brushed past her and she stopped me “Hey, Rossi is throwing a kind of late thanksgiving since we all missed it last week, are you going to come?” I looked at her surprised. As much as I loved the team and knew they loved me I had never really experienced a family thanksgiving before. Being in foster care.. I was jumped around a lot, so I had never really dealt with holidays or even really gotten ti experience one. It was strange, maybe it was all the general emotions that happened after a scene with Spencer or the fact that I haven’t slept more than an hour in two days. But, I felt my eyes well with tears. That’s when Spencer magically decided to retrieve Prentiss, him noticing the few tears trickling down my face. He looked between Prentiss and I, Prentiss seemed far more freaked out than Spencer.

“Y/N, I didn’t mean to offend you or anything.” I waved my hands. I walked quickly to the control room not wanting anyone to see me cry further. Shutting the door, I let out a few sobs, hyperventilating. I knew I had roughly, ten to fifteen minutes to pull my shit together before Penelope came storming in and asking far too many questions. I didn’t mean to cry, I wanted to think it was just exhaustion. I felt my phone ring in my pocket and I shakily took in a breath. It was Spencer, who was nicknamed Doctor and only Doctor in my phone. I mean, it wasn’t inaccurate. He was a doctor.

“Uh yeah?” I asked taking a deep breath.

“Are you okay?” He asked. I nodded, as if he could see me. “Y/N, what’s wrong?”

“I just.” I bit my lip. I had always hated trying to explain my feelings. It always made me cry harder. “No one has ever invited me to thanksgiving before, I’ve never really had one.” I admitted and Spencer was silent for a few minutes. Garcia entered the room. “Look I’ll call you later okay?” I said, ending the call quickly. Garcia looked at me in worry.

“Who was that?”

“No one.” I replied but she glared at me, one obvious sign she was not satisfied with my answer.

“You were crying, did your boyfriend make you cry?” She asked and I looked at her with an eyebrow raised.

“What? I don’t have a boyfriend!” I exclaimed and Penelope rolled her eyes. “I’m serious!”

“Liar, I have been with profilers for far too long. You always raise your eyebrows and then you do exactly what you are doing now, tapping your foot in three rapid taps when you lie.” I sighed. She was right. Damn, Morgan for teaching her these stupid tells. I wheeled around in my chair, making a circle around my desk and to my computer.

“He isn’t a boyfriend. He’s a fuck buddy.” I said “Or at least I think he’s a fuck buddy.” Penelope begged me for more information and I shook my head. That is when she decided that tonight we would be enjoying a drink. Our day went on relatively fast, late Saturday night turning quickly into Sunday evening, the case ended quicker than expected, it being your typical stalker case. Though, Spencer was a little more on edge. They were going to be staying for another day or so to tie loose ends. Garcia dragged me out and to a local bar. I wasn’t a drinker. It wasn’t my thing and for me to go out with Garcia and drink tequila… clearly something was on my mind.

When I stumbled back into my apartment at midnight on a Sunday, I knew I was in for a rough night. Spencer had checked in on me a few times over the phone but I tried to remind him that I was fine. I was in my bathroom, looking over myself in the mirror. I looked damn good. Flushed skin, hair a little wavy from having it up all day, my makeup was a little smudged. For once I was wearing matching underwear, they were a royal purple. Spencer’s color of choice. Getting an idea I quickly stumbled back into my bedroom and grabbed my phone and went back into the bathroom. Posing with my chest out and hair off to the side. Snapping a quick photo, I texted it to him. Telling him how much I was currently missing him. He replied back a few moments later, tongue between his lips in the photo. He told me to call him. He must have had a hotel room to himself, which made me excited. I entered my bedroom, reaching under my bed and pulling the box of toys Spencer had recently bought me. I quickly dialed his number, receiving an answer after three rings.

“Has anyone told you, you are an incredible tease?” Spencer asked right away and I laughed.

“I’m the tease? What about you Doctor?” I replied to his question with another question. Spencer scoffed. “I’m serious, just yesterday you wouldn’t even let me come!”

“You shouldn’t complain because a mere five minutes later you were screaming about how good my tongue felt on your cunt.” He replied and I heard his breathing shift, becoming slightly deeper and in quicker succession. As if he were trying to control himself.

“Having some trouble over there Doctor?” I asked, Spencer let out a light groan. I slid my panties off as well as my bra, my hands ghosting over my skin. I could hear him on the other line, he was clearly doing something. What I still couldn’t tell. “Are you touching yourself?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” He replied and I let out a frustrated noise.

“Give me something here Spencer.”

“I want you to think about me.”

“I’m already doing that.”

“Don’t sass me Y/N” He replied with authority in his voice. I chuckled, my hands pulling gently at my nipple. “Now, think about my fingers, think about how they are lazily moving along your thighs.” I closed my eyes at his words. He continued to instruct me, telling me to use only light touches.

“Spencer… please let me do something more.” I begged and he chuckled it came out slightly strained. I could tell he must have been touching himself.

“Use your fingers and fuck yourself slowly.” I did as I was told, but my breathing shifted. He noticed soon figuring out that I was beginning to move faster. “Stop.” He ordered. I whined and he tsked.


“You ignored what I told you. You don’t get to come” What the fuck? What? This isn’t fair. This wouldn’t be fair. “Don’t do it or I will know.” How the hell would he know? There’s no possible way he could ever find out. I would just hang up. He wouldn’t be able to find out. It’s just not possible. Could he though?

A/N: Here is part 8. Right now I am in the middle of Zugzwang. CRYING SPENCER IS SO FAR KILLING ME AND IM ONLY 6 MINUTES INTO THE EPISODE.