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No matter how poor it is, DON’T make fun of someone’s art. There are plenty of 12 year olds on deviantart who are still drawing cats with anime eyes, their OCs, and their favorite anime character. And just because that 12 year old draws something that isn’t anatomically correct does not mean it’s okay to harass them about their artistic abilities. Everybody starts somewhere.

Hopefully, that 12 year old will grow up to be a great artist. But they might not, too. Because somebody told them that their art was shitty when they were just beginning to draw. Nobody is born with perfect artistic skills, and nobody can master the technique it takes to draw with a tablet right away.

Don’t be a bully, and don’t harass little kids online about their art. Don’t repost their art with an offensive caption. Don’t send them hurtful messages. Grow the hell up. You have better things to do than to ruin some 6th graders motivation to create art.

okay but don’t imagine your OTP being clingy as fuck sometimes. like where one is on the phone for too long and the other comes and sits on their lap making pouty faces and then biting their lip teasingly, maybe kissing along their jawline a little trying to get the other to get off the phone because they crave their attention. fuck, it’ll tear you apart.