okay but don’t imagine your OTP being clingy as fuck sometimes. like where one is on the phone for too long and the other comes and sits on their lap making pouty faces and then biting their lip teasingly, maybe kissing along their jawline a little trying to get the other to get off the phone because they crave their attention. fuck, it’ll tear you apart.

the signs + biggest regrets
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  • cancer:clicking the button
  • leo:clicking the button
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With the hatcheries now taking orders for the season, I wanted to ask you to please, please think twice about giving chicks (or bunnies) as gifts for Easter.

Both are a decade-long commitment, and don’t stay small for long. Chickens can be noisy (especially if you end up with roosters), and they need a fenced yard and outdoor living space to keep them safe. The novelty *will* wear off, and children *will* lose interest.

So, instead of giving a chick as a gift, take your family to visit a local chicken-keeper who has them. Perhaps you can visit for an hour or two per week, helping with chores associated with caring for a flock (including the dirty ones). You may even get a dozen eggs for your effort. The quality time spent as a family will be a greater gift, and you may just spark a life-long love and appreciation for chickens and their guardians. ❤