• America: Bro bro! Can you help me think of a prank that would scare the shit out of England? We have to be quick before he comes!
  • Canada: oh, I've got an idea...
  • *Later*
  • England: America, I'm here to-
  • Furby: Do you want to play~?
  • England: *sarcastically* Oh ahhh... not funny
  • America: aw man I wish it would have worked.
  • England: you really thought you could scare me? With a Furby?
Critical (Split)
State Champs
Critical (Split)

Critical (Split) - State Champs

The left ear is the studio version from The Finer Things and the right ear is an acoustic performance that can be found here

This is the most difficult edit I’ve ever done and it is far from perfect but it is as good as I can get it. I had 8 separate tracks layered in an attempt to get it to line up. There are some places where the songs don’t match up but I tried really hard. This is one of my favorite songs.

  • Thorne: Is there even enough room for everyone?
  • Cress: Here, sit on my lap.
  • Thorne: No, that’s humiliating! can’t I at least sit on Wolf’s lap?
  • Wolf: No, that’s Scarlet’s spot, she called it.
  • Cinder: Thorne, we’re already late, now be a man and sit on that girl’s lap!
  • Thorne: Yes, ma'am...