i understand we all love and want to protect perrie from all she said in the book. but can we talk about some of the other things too? like jesy missing the text santa performance because her mom had a heart attack? that jade’s mom had three strokes. that jesy said she was happier when she was a barmaid because she was getting so much hate and would go home every night crying wondering why she got such hateful comments while the other girls got wonderful praise and she literally thought she was doing something wrong?! that when jade got the call that her granddad died, the girls all sat on the floor with her for hours, crying with her? that leigh wonders if shes good enough when it comes to her singing because people dont believe her vocals are as strong as the other girls? that leigh was in a 5 year toxic on/off relationship starting when she was 15? that jade was literally blaming herself for her parents fighting and her family seemingly falling apart because of her anorexia? that jesy got her first tattoo after she broke up with an ex because he wasnt sure how he felt about her having one? shit, can we talk about perrie’s esophagus problems? how she has to get it stretched so she can even swallow food? how perrie has a little bit of hearing lost because of ear infections? like the book has so much more to it than the maybe 2 pages that talk extremely briefly about zayn where he isnt even mentioned by name. 

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also bc keith is a fucking SAP when lance asks why he calls him a cryptid, a creature that isnt that isnt confirmed real, keith tells him that he Cant Belieb sometimes that Lance is real despite everything and all evidence proving it so like listen lance ur adorable but mothman is too and ive seen him with my own eyes why dont people believe he's real i have evidence


throwback to an hour ago when literally four different girls at the SoFem meeting who either have worked or currently worked for Planned Parenthood tried to explain how the title ten funding works and the mansplainer in the room had to tell us that “well, actually, money can be moved around for different things including abortion” because OBVIOUSLY as a poli sci majorwho has never been involved with the organization on any level would Know Best. 

so apparently. in comedy shows, the trope of the father being an idiot and the mother being the more competent one was to counteract the trope of mothers not being shown as competent in tv shows. 

tbh i kinda dont believe that until i get actual proof. i just dont watch enough tv to notice something like that.

all i notice is this annoying ass shit where every show has a homer simpson in it and its so boring. like it just creates this idea that women are supposed to take care of your lazy incompetent ass and that you’re marrying someone so they’ll take care of you while you do nothing in return. im sick of seeing women in media be with shitty husbands who would Never deserve them and have no redeeming qualities. 

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For everybody wanting a psychic, people who have the gift of seeing beyond a normal person have that gift to DO GOOD, they help heal and save plp, and sometimes they have to see things that are unstoppable and suffer alone, its a great responsiblity.I dont believe the psychics that promote/sell themselves, gifted people do it for people thet deserve it,they wouldnt use what has been given to them to help the world to violate and hurt camz and lolo´s lives, Its going against their values/purpose.

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I am sorry you felt offended by my ask. I am a big joshifer shipper. Their interviews, bts are something i cherished a lot. But tbh, i am disappointed in investing myself a lot of time in them when they continue to do things exactly opposite to what they convey. I dont believe this latest hook-up is serious. But my concern is why did jen do this? She is going to be seen in promotions soon. This will be picked up, unless its nipped in the bud. It is a worst thing even for her image. Am just sad!

Ok sweetie, I’m going to try my darnest to keep my cool. 

Aronofsky is 47, old, irrelevant, and honestly his movies suck. (except for requiem for a dream. That movie was bad ass) 

Jennifer is 26, young, beautiful, extremely talented, and sought after.

DA need Jlaw for her fame. He needs it now more than ever. 

I can’t really say why she’s decided to go along with this complete bullshit but I can tell you this, it’s been months since josh has seen C. He went to Spain and yet no pics with her. He still looked mighty miserable though. He’s been working non stop and thankfully has been pretty darn busy. So my only assumption is that Josh will finally be breaking up with the Leech known as C. (break out the party hats ya’ll). He’s no longer actively parading her about and the saga that was PL is finally over. 

So I’m guessing Jen is doing all of this to pave way for both of them to be single. Why? I don’t freaking know, but I can say it’s a stupid move and she’s making a mistake. Whatever I guess whatever floats her boat. It’s not like they could both be “single” and still maintain a modicum of respectability. You live, you learn.

And now here’s some joshifer goodness to cleanse our palate.

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okay someone please tell me why literally everyone in the fandom believes Oliver will sleep with the reporter. Its not that i dont believe it or thinks it cant happen i am just confused why everyone is not just speculating but is convinced it will happen. Is there a spoiler i missed? 

my mom gets really offended ewhen i say i dont believe her and my step dad are moving to hawaiii and i guess t would be cool to say my parens lived in hawaii and also be cool tat i don tljive antwhere near them but like…….they literally will noe…npo one doest hat right


congrats on anime debut!!! 


(also on pixiv)

“Keith look, make a wish!”~

This is my attempt at a fake screen-cap(??) I spent tooooo long on this, please just take it lol