I need friends [part 2]

awhile ago I made a similar post asking for people to message me to become friends and it got a lot of notes.

Seriously, 100+ notes is like a lot of people.

I have made some friends with the post & we continuously talk every day.


The tags are things I like/love specifically anime/games. If you enjoy any of the things I tag we can talk about it via dm’s or if you just need someone to talk to everyday this is what I am here for! ❤️

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Sam’s face in this scene kills me, then fills me with life. He’s been wanting this hug for 34 years! Just to be loved and appreciated by his mom and his brother. Both are so proud of him right now and thankful that he’s safe. Dean needs this too, as well as Mom, but Im so glad the writers gave this moment to Sam. For a moment, he lets all the pain and sadness wash away and be replaced with love and comfort. All he’s wanted his whole life.

Ive watched this episode 7 times now and this scene still brings me to tears. What Jared does for Sam with just facial expressions is amazing.. Normally when Sam hugs someone,, because hes so tall, he leans down to accomodate the other. Not this time though, hes standing straight and tall,” let mom bury her face in my chest, let Dean rest his head on my shoulder, Im not a baby, Im not a little kid, Im a big strong man, and I did it all for you” And all these thoughts, feelings, and forgiveness  come out in just body language and facial expressions! Jared hit this out of the park!

In the scene just before this, Mom states that shes scared, what if Sam can’t forgive her? But Sam says “Mom, you dont have to be scared of me”  and with just the tone of his voice, and the words Jared chooses to accent, is heart breaking and you know he’s already forgiven her and he isnt going to hold the past against her. Sam is a beautiful human being and we might not get to see that so clearly if Jared didn’t put so much life into this character. As bad as this show can be, this is the very reason Im hooked on it, and will support it till the end and beyond. It can confuse me, hurt me, piss me off but then give me episodes like this and all is forgiven. I feel kind of the way Sam feels right now.