Me: So if God hates gays why the would he make them? It makes no sense, plus he wiped out the entire WORLD for 40 days and nights so, wouldn’t that be enough time for sea plants to grow everywhere? Or if not that at least wipe out every plant that existed by drowning it. And if he could control and brainwash tons of angels, why did that one guy become Satan? Was he sick of being oppressed by God? Or maybe he was sick of serving so he went and created his only little place. And how did all those angels get there anyhow? There wasn’t any people at the time. Unless those people where just extraterrestrial beings or something. How did Noah build such a large ark in such a short span of time by himself? How did his ark carry so many animals for 40 days? how did the animals not just kill every other animal along with the humans? What did they eat?  Plants? Bread? Because man can not live on bread alone. 

Santa: I asked what you wanted for Christmas.

Me: Answers my jolly good fellow. Answers.

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i hope you dont mind my asking, but what ever happened to that choo choo fellow?

Choo Choo is around,  Do you want him on the blog as well? 
I would prefer him to cone when im not online tho. 

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If you dont mind me asking, what was the manga that sensei dropped in order to continue with Hidoku Shinaide? Was it mousou elektel because the ending didn't really feel like an ending. I'm just curious lol

It was Sensei wa dummy.
Although I still hope she’ll continue their story one day

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you know what I dont get. why people love Rumbelle so much but hate on PetyrSansa. Rumple and Littlefinger are both evil characters but make exceptions for the person they love. so why does Rumple get all the love and Petyr all the hate?

You are basically right of course. but let’s not forget: OUAT is a children’s show and GoT is the adult shit! Everything Petyr has done is truly nasty and everything that counts as bad on OUAT is just so Disney, if you know what I mean. If Bae would be watching all the evil Rumple has done for comparison, he’d just look into the camera like he’s in The Office. *not impressed*

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also Rumple was willing to turn good for his Belle. Petey would never do that…

oh and btw: naturally I don’t understand all the hate anyway. I LOVE Petyr (and Rumple). just tryin to make sense


dancing lessons

dedicated to my favorite person, rena, for making me love these two

you love a girl made of stardust
constellations splayed across bare skin
and with a supernova at her fingertips
she is the stuff of dreams
a shooting star that burns too bright
her wings are tattered and jagged
feathers frayed with years of neglect
you start to wonder if she will ever see herself
as you do
you love a nebula waiting to explode
to become a star
a girl waiting to soar
a phoenix waiting to rise

you love a girl rooted in the earth
made of iron and steel and healing
you love a girl with ghosts in her eyes
with a lion’s mane matted with blood and dirt
you love a girl so broke with guilt
that she scrubs her hands clean with blood that isn’t there
you love a girl with shoulders heavy with a burden way beyond her years
you kiss the scars anyway
she appreciates the offer and you cling to one another
in the hopes that her spirit stays with you both yet

you love in a time of chaos and war
you love in a time of uncertainty
you love in a time of children marching in boots
fashioned for soldiers ages apart
you love in a time of casualty counts like competition
one on top of the other
you love in a time that does not give you the luxury
you love you love you love
you love

stars cross, uncross, then cross again.

—   i’ll crawl home to her | isha k.