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if you dont mind me asking what happened between you and your bf? im sorry if this is too personal

it’s none of ur business man

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Pineapple: sexual orientation?

I just knew I’d get asked this and good question lmao

Sex: Female

Gender: Female

Pronouns: She/her

Orientation: Straight demi?

for example once like 6 years ago or some shit i was at my friends house and i asked my friend for a glass of water and i still think about it and feel embarrassed and i dont know why what the fuck. whats wrong with asking for water huh

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What's it like to be a dragon I wish I could be one.

Well, it is fun to be able to fly! However, if I had to pick between flying and living with Miss Kobyashi, I’d of course pick Miss Kobayashi.

On the subject of being one, maybe you could try to ask Fafnir? Although, he probably won’t be super willing to help you.


It’ll all work out in the end, I won’t leave your side



He’s the only one that got an invitation like that >:}

Look @angel-with-a-pipette I finally did the thing we talked about forever ago. Hope I did it justice >.<