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YOU COME INTO MY HOUSE, DISRESPECT MY FAMILY, SHIT ON MY CARPET, AND MAKE ME FEEL FOR REAPER. HOW DARE YOU, NOW WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO. I am suppose to be emotionless, a rock that just exists not some type of "person with feelings" I am not suppose to be shedding tears over 3 panels, this isn't normal. I'm stable, your the one who's unstable and can't control their emotions

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I can't believe how Gaston from Beauty&theBeast is Hannibal like the song 'Gaston' is Hannibal in a nutshell "use antlers in all of my decorating" "every last bit of me covered in hair" and the fact that he's obsessed with someone who won't give him the time of day (Belle=Will) and of course Franklyn is Le Fou who worships Gaston, like am i late to the party on this one or what?

You are quite late to this party, but luckily we’re all still here crying into the punch bowl, playing pin the tail on the mongoose, and ordering more meat lover pizzas.

“An entire half, of a pool noodle, yeah, I know~ big feat. heh, you’re probably going ‘how did tiny little old Wheatley, do that?!’ well my answer for ya luv is ‘nothing’ that’s right! I did absolutely nothing! am just created like this! heh, just shows to go how good Aperture tech is for you really. like mate, id love to see anyone top this!? yeah, didn’t think so.”



could ya’ll start calling me adam ? i’d like to try out the name for a bit bc i’m rly feeling it rn. if its not too much could u send me an ask with my name ? u dont gotta i just wanna see whats it like going by that
(if you now me irl please ignore unless we’ve talked abt this)

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❤️ ladythugs

Jes: LAAADYTHUUUGS - there is a whole lot of love for @ladythugs around here you guys. - this is what happens with the active followers who dont ask on anon, lol (love anons too but this makes it easier to get to know you)

1. Really superb asks - A+ would recommend


3. A super warm heart - was always checking in when my family drama was happening


5. Really funny in tiny chats :D :D

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Hi! I like your arts so much. I was going to ask you to make more arts with Zeref. It is not like Zervis but more like brotherly love Natsu&Zeref or just any way your imagination leads you. I just like to see these two together. I know Nalu is your otp *grins* -So its mine- and I have seen you natsu-zeref drawings several times and it suit your art (or style) -I don't even know what that means- I just dont want to ask you to draw something unlikely for you. Okay there is a limit so I cant

Ahah, funny. :D I love Dragneel brothers as brothers. And in the future I will surely draw arts with them. It is a pity what won’t be this year week with brothers. Eh. :C 

ask/tag thing!!!!!!111!!!!!!11!!!!

I was tagged by the tol bean @lazeenashutup (follow her!)

Name: Everest (dont call me that in general conversation it’s kinda formal idk)

Nickname: Ever, Evo, Ev.. WHatever you want, & this bItch Matt @ikeaunicorn is an 11 year old who calls me “babe ;)))))))))))))))))))))))” someone stop him

Birthday: August 28th

Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Romantic Attraction (i added this in): Panromantic

Height: 5′0, i am smol

Timezone: EST

OTPS: Muke, Cashton, Phan, Newtmas, Dylmas, Malec.. & a lot more dont ask

First word that comes to mind: fuck

What I last said to a family member: i don’t remember tbh

One place that makes me happy: Princeton. It’s so pretty! (just think coffee shop AU.)

How many blankets I sleep under: It’s summer, so, none But, in winter I have, like, 10

Favorite beverage: ..tea

Last movie i watched in theaters: i think it was The Jungle Book w my family

Three things I can’t live without: people i love, things i like, & probably my laptop

Something I plan on learning: i mean i started learning guitar but i’m pretty shit, so I’ll say that

Advice for y’all: Act based on what you want, not what others want to hear.

My blogs: This one, @boys-talk-muke, @heyviolet-exposed, & a few saved URLs

I’m tagging just Kristina @pasalacquas