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I absolutely looooove the way anime Goshiki turned out!!! for some really strange reason, I love the way they've drawn his eyebrows?????

I think this ask calls for an appreciation post



Goshiki’s eyebrow game is strong, it gives him a confident and determined look which fits his character. He comes across much more intimidating than he is though.

Personally, I think he looks much much older in the anime. In the manga he looks more ‘round’: round head and hair shape, which is significant for innocent or positive characters. In the anime his bowlcut is flatter and his hair seems longer, but that is just the anime stylisation, and seriously, I am not complaining (how could I, he’s a pretty cinnamon roll)

I adore the anime Goshiki, but I will always like Furudate-Sensei’s drawings a bit more :3c

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1 + spOCKO!!! ( i was gonna send 8 but then i had flashbacks to spock tomato™ and i dont think we need that right now.. ..... )

honestly I started out with a funny comic but got distracted by my music and ended up with this instead

Spock in a pile of leaves [20 min sketch]

Thanks for the ask!! :D

Autumn drawing meme: send me a number + a character?

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hi! roaming friendly anon here, at your service (ur the best, btw). i was wondering if you'd write something for me? i love reading people's writing, and i've been asking everyone! here's your prompt: dagny and her wife are finally splitting up. how did that go down?

…is this my punishment for complaining about henry….

ok, so what i think happened was a first order elimination (E1) reaction, where Dagny’s treasure hunting lifestyle etc. acted as a solvent/weak base for the relationship between Dagny & Alicia. The treasure hunting served to ionize the relationship, where Alicia acted as the leaving group, resulting in a lone carboDagnion. Dagny’s treasure hunting then deprotonated the carboDagnion, resulting in the Dagnene. 

[im sorry im not a great nor practiced author, and i really dont have the patience/desire/motivation etc. to become one rn :) ]

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recommend me some of those "idiotic rom-coms"? I feel like watching something like that now :)

Oh god no one judge me! But a few I like to re-watch when I am bored and need mindless fluff are The First Time (legit it’s so cute and they’re an irl couple), Leap Year (ending is rubbish but it’s sweet) and for something more classic, Reality Bites, Edge of Seventeen (the 1998 one) or Pretty In Pink. xx