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If it doesn't make you uncomfortable... do you have any pictures before you knew you were trans? Were you really boyish then?

ahaha! no, i wasnt. and its not uncomfortable for me at all! it is for some people though, so always make sure to ask.

my hairstyle stayed the same for 12 years. oh my god.

like i tell everyone: i was always a boy. always. maybe i didnt know it (i grew up with a very, VERY vague suspicioun, but dont feel bad if you dont know at all for a while!! it doesnt make you any less trans <3) but i was. so i dont say “i was cute as a little girl :)” and i dont appreciate others saying it. i always say i was a little boy, because i was.

and, well…

…damn, i grew up cute. little kid me would be v happy

calamitaswrath replied to your post “*slams face onto desk* I WANNA MAKE MORE LON’QU COMICS BUT I DONT…”

Slap giant watermarks onto everything.

ah thank you for your completely unnecessary comment. you see, reposters will repost even if you slap giant watermarks on your piece. my friend has watermarks that literally cover up the whole piece YET THOSE STILL GOT REPOSTED.

my point is i literally just do not wanna provide anything to a shit fandom anymore, has nothing to do with watermarking or anything.

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Jin can't have kids sure, but what about Lumen? Being a demon and therefore being formed, not born, I would assume that demons can't either

this have being answered many times in the past, yes she can, as a “pawn demon” she is able to perform nearly any common request a mortal summoner may have: always obedient to the owner until pact is broken/over, can perform simple request like keeping the summoner’s house clean, protect the summoners against physical and paranormal threats, pleasure and procreate… she’s pretty much a jack of all trade kind of demon. People that summon a demon not really sure of what they want will most likely summon a pawn, they can do all of the basic (but with limits), if you know what you want summon a specific demon instead.

also if she give birth (the normal way) it most likely wont be but simply a ‘pure breed’ (or appear to be) of the specie of the person who impregnated her.

not all demons are formed it depend of the species/subspecies, there are hundreds of demons with different method of birth/creation/summoning