im still a bit heated over what my bro said to me about being ace, & him specifically asking if i still jerk off.

like, yeah, i jerk off, but that has NOTHING to do w being attracted to ppl. i mean, sure, it helps simulate ya better, but ultimately, u dont have to be attracted to anything/anyone to jack off.

anyway, asexuals are still ace, even when they still jerk it

EDIT: no more creepy & inappropriate example. sorry it was there in the first place

autistic vampires

-are u staying inside bc the sunlight literally burns your skin or is it just Too Bright

-coffin is comfy and dark. my home now

-picky eaters imsosorry

-i havent talked to anyone for, like, 500 years

-bats are friends with flappy wings

-wears the same clothes all the time bc anything else is sensory hell

-ive had the same routine for 1000 years and im not going to let anything like the rapid advancement of technology change this


no fear / your crush finding old pictures of you / one fear

i got black mesa on the steam sales and loved all the little easter eggs the devs put in joking about the first game’s development… especially the one about gordon’s accursed ponytail.

here’s the picture from the second panel without text/distortion