dont hate me!!

iiihin  asked:

" please dont hate me i ..... i will learn to control it and ... and i wont scratch ethan again! im sorry!! " steps back as he holds his clawed hands to his chest, afraid to touch even gray anymore.

It happened so fast. 

After that … curse for the pinkette  his whole life had changed. The demon was sure that Natsu didn’t  have THIS in his plans   n o   o n e   wanted to turn into this   m o n s t e r.  But  his pinkette was different , daily he fought to maintain himself in control &&. learn how to get used to his new body. The greatest fear Natsu had was to hurt Ethan &&. Gray assured as long he was careful and he was there nothing would happen. 

But the moment Gray took his eyes off in confidence a tragedy occurred. He was being dramatic that was for sure. It had been an ACCIDENT &&. the scratch was so little barely their son cried some few minutes. Long claws seemed to be a true burden for his lover now. 

Taking the baby he got him first aid  by his arm, place where the scratch had happened.  It was so little it could be really covered by a simple band aid with little dinosaurs all over it a bottle of milk and the kiddo would be fine.  The problem now was the FEAR he had prompted in Natsu. 

When he tried to step closer hands came in defense, then again those claws did their job &&. clawed his face, a simple scratch that he could sense his mate already regretting.

        ❛  —— …  ❜ 

It was really NOTHING compared to pain the demon had already experienced. It was dangerous though each second he let pass he gave a chance for Natsu to lose his composure &&. start to believe things that were not true. So he did what he knew best &&. that was SOOTHE his companion. Holding him into a fast embrace where he captured between his arms a scared big dragon. 

        ❛  —— You won’t hurt us see?  We are strong !!! a little scratch won’t separate
         us so please , relax &&. breath  with me yes?  We love you, i love you. ❜ 

 One arm around that shivering figure &&. the other brushed those salmon with tenderness, LOVING the warmth Natsu could provide and overall LOVING the fact that Natsu could also be dependent of him ,that he also could be weak, that he could also break down ,  that Natsu NEEDED him .&&. only h i m  no one else but he as the demon he chose above EVERYONE else to make a life with, to love &&. share the rest of the eternity together. Only with him  . .  .

        &&. as much as i need you 
               you also need me.  
          I would prefer to watch 
        the world burn over and
        over rather than thinking
    of the possibility of hating you.

                   ❛  ——I am here with you  now &&. always.  ❜