dont get me started on the tattoo


“And I have been ash turned to dust to dirt, “ 
       “-and from the earth I will grow again.”

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Choi Youngjae is a smol innocent lil baby

Try and change my mind I’m still having a hard time accepting the fact he’s secretly daddy

Okay so..







I desperately need Studio Bones to bless us with an hour long special of nothing but that whole theme

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Ermal’s reaction to Fabri’s new tattoo?

I know you meant Fabri’s latest cross tattoo but at this point it’s not so new anymore (because i procrastinated, sorry) so i hope you dont mind me writing about a hypothetical new ermal/NFAMN-themed tattoo :P

  • When Fabri first approached his sister Romina about the idea she grinned and gave him a knowing look
  • (”he’s that important to you yeah?” “stop teasing me about it and get to sketching” “wow you’re really in love, brother, hehe” “if you don’t start now i swear i’ll call a different artist”)
  • In the end Romina does her magic again and fabri is very happy with the result
  • Fabri doesn’t want to show it while it’s fresh like this because it’s not as nice and he’s worried the raw, reddish skin will scare ermal
  • In fact he hesitates showing ermal at all because he knows ermal isn’t really a fan
  • Ermal himself has said that fabri has too many already and he’s scared of the swallow on his arm (jokingly, but still)
  • Anyway fabri decides to give it at least 2 weeks before he’s ready to show ermal
  • Because it’s on his back he had some problems applying the cream but other than that it’s healing pretty well
  • A little over a week after he got the tattoo Fabri has a show in milan so he stays over at ermal’s because it saves money and they can spend more time together
  • Coincidentally it rains outside so they’re both soaking wet by the time they reach ermal’s house
  • Fabri hates falling sick so he strips the wet clothes the moment he reaches the bedroom, it doesn’t really register in his head that he’s now half naked and his new tattoo is out on display
  • Ermal enters the room to hand fabri a towel and stops when he sees the scribble on fabri’s back
  • He notices the new tattoo instantly because 1) he memorizes every single inch of fabri’s skin (yes including the freckles) so there’s no way anything new will go unnoticed 2) he’d recognise that handwriting anywhere, because it’s his
  • that’s right, fabri got a tattoo of ermal’s handwriting on his left shoulderblade, beneath the one fabri’s already got on the back
  • and it’s not just any handwriting, it’s part of the lyrics to non mi avete fatto niente that ermal scribbled on a piece of notebook paper in anita’s bedroom
  • which means fabri must’ve kept it all this time
  • the tattoo reads “in fondo siamo umani”  twisting around each other to form an infinity, with a sprig of white poppy tying the loop
  • it’s simple yet breathtakingly beautiful
  • Ermal, like drawn in by gravity, walks towards fabrizio and reaches out to touch the tattoo, fingers softly tracing the words
  • Fabrizio freezes and tenses up
  • Noticing this, ermal quickly plants soft kisses on the skin until fabri relaxes into the touch
  • The first thing ermal says, before fabri can open his mouth, is “thank you”
  • Because for him, the idea of having something permanently inked onto your skin is a lot like a lifelong promise and the weight of that shakes ermal to the core
  • To think that on fabri’s skin right now there’s something of ermal’s that’ll forever be there, it makes ermal wonder what made fabri do it
  • so he asks that very question, “why?” and fabri simply turns around and grabs his face, kissing him sweetly
  • “i always have things important to me inked onto my skin, to symbolize that they’re part of me. libero, anita, my songs… and you, you’re a big part of me now, ermal. when we wrote that song, it changed me forever, and i just knew i had to. i did it because you’re my everything and more”
  • Ermal is left speechless, he knows fabrizio puts a lot of thoughts into his tattoos but he never thought he’d actually get one for him
  • He kisses fabri and proceeds to show just how much he loves it
  • Afterwards ermal insists on putting the cream on for fabri and hey, how could fabri decline that offer?
  • When they cuddle that night ermal traces the tattoo over and over again, trying to commit to memory how it feels under his touch
  • Fabri simply smiles at the gesture and snuggles closer
  • (“By the way this is definitely not the last one i’ll get for you, i already have a few in mind” “oh really? like what?” “avette rotto il cazzo” “i will fucking kill you fabrizio”)

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Hello !!! So in love with your drawings, particularlh historical hetalia or now your au mafia...Can I ask some «news» about France in this AU ?

merci bqp! 😊 im actually working on two aph art books! ones historical/smutty and the other is for my eastern promises mafia au. ill probably post the first one as a pdf online but sell both as printed versions in the future. i try to act like i dont care abt aph france but those of you who have been following me for a while know that i started college as a french hist & lit major and plan to get a louis philippe tattoo (😑🙌🍐)

in the ♔ the world belongs to you universe, france is uk’s former partner. after a botched murder case gone cold, he quits the force citing irreconcilable differences and joins the fourth estate. eventually on the press/journalist road, he and spain (ex-mafioso muscle turned amateur free-lance photographer) settle down and start a PI firm

Chanyeol’s Birthday Party 171128

CY: I would firstly like to thank you all for coming to my 26th birthday party. I couldn’t hold my bday my actual bday because of concerts and other schedules, but I am happy to be holding it now!

CY: Have you all eaten? It’s a bit early to eat, right? Anyone come from school? I don’t really know what to say because it’s my first time talking alone in a while, anyways lets move on to the next corner~

CY: I have prepared a Q&A session for you all so you can learn more about me. I prepared well, haven’t I? Fans: Yes~ CY: Thank you ^0^

Q. How can I win 1st place on BattleGrounds? CY: If you play with Baekhyun, you can win 1st place. Baekhyunnie is really good at any game, really. But of course, I am fully capable of winning 1st place by myself… u_u

Q. How did you feel today waking up? CY: I was really tired… I drank a bit yesterday since it was my birthday. Sehun was there, and he went a little crazy and gave me too much to drink.

Q. What is your fav song you’ve sung? CY: I like every EXO song… I also like Freal Love and Stay With Me!

Q: Why is your producer name LOEY? CY: I was actually going to keep it a secret and do a grand reveal of it later, but everyone ended finding out about it bc it was in the credits for the songs haha

Q. Chanyeol-ah, you know you really look like Toben? CY: I didnt’t know a puppy could act so crazily. Sometimes when I stare at him I think he really acts like me..

Q: Why did you start bowling? CY: I went to go bowling once and my friend was playing with gear on. You can’t win someone with special gear on! I got really mad bc I’m quite competitive, so from that day I started practicing like crazy

Q. How many alarms do you need in the morning to wake up? CY: I set up 10 alarms on my phone but I wake up on the first one~ ^^

Q. Does Tobennie have any special talents? CY: Well once I was getting ready for bed and was heading to the bathroom, and he pooped in my room as soon as I left. He really is weird. Anyways, his talent is to sit down for 1 second

Q. If Tobennie could talk, what do you want to ask him the most? CY: Why?? Why are you like this..? Why do you keep on doing these weird things to me..

Q. Chanyeol-ah, are you spendy with your money? CY: I dont use money that often but I use it one a lot of useless things. I once saw on the internet someone saying I only had $50 left of my life savings, but thats how much I had left on my credit card. >:/

Q: Did you cry while getting a tattoo? CY: It took 4 hours to get my arm done and I had to stop the process a lot. I kept on saying ‘wait, wait!’ when they said they would start… It was one of the most painful experiences of my life, I do not recommend it ㅠㅠ

Q. Any new sport you want to try? CY: Tennis!! I don’t have time to go bowling these days

Q: What members’ concert stage/act do you want to try? CY: I made the vocal guide for Sehun’s solo. He followed it very well, and listening to it later we sounded v good together! So I thought I wanted to try doing it too

CY: I felt this from the concert but you all (EXO-Ls) are so good at singing. I was just joking when I told you to sing Tears and She’s Gone but you all sang so well, I dont think I’ll be able to ever forget it.

Chanyeol’s favorite superhero is Deadpool these days~

Chanyeol said Jongin is the only member in EXO who likes lattes ☕️

🔥PCY Bingo Time #1🔥Winter ✔ > Summer, Running shoes - Slippers✔ , Ko Ko Bop ~ Power✔ , Phone✔ > Laptop , Sunglasses - Glasses ✔ , Selcas - Photoshoots✔ , Pizza ✔ > Chicken, Iron Man ~ Deadpool✔ , Billiards - Karaoke✔ , Hooded tshirt ✔ > Hoodie, Afternoon - Night✔ , Singing ✔ > Rapping .

🔥PCY Bingo Time #2🔥 Bowling - Golf✔ , Guitar✔ > Piano, Producing - Songwriting✔ , Coat - Padded jacket ✔, Jeans -Training suit ✔ , Rock - Hip Hop ✔ , Black hair✔ > Dyed hair, Big dog✔ > Small dog, Texting✔ > Calling, Perfume✔ > Body mist, Scarf✔ > Gloves, Snow✔ > Rain .

CY: When I was in high school, I really wanted to dye my hair. But my parents told me my face wouldn’t suit brightly colored hair back when I was young. So I thought colored hair wouldn’t suit me, but I think it suits me better than I expected.

CY: I am really not that good at playing the guitar, or the piano. I’m just pretending that I’m good at it, I’ve never learned how to play either. And just like this, I get away with bragging again ^^

CY: I never know when to produce/write new songs so I just carry my laptop around these days, but I’m too busy to do so. I lately am wanting a golden retriever, but I don’t think I’ll be able to take care of one now so I am thinking of getting one later.

CY: I like both Ko Ko Bop and Power, but I think Power suits my taste more. I think Ko Ko Bop’s choreography is too difficult. I still don’t know how to dance it well. I think they choreographed it without taking me into consideration. skdksnjdns

CY: I haven’t come across many people who like Deadpool like I do. I was really happy wearing his costume around last Halloween because I like his playful and funny character

CY: I told Kyungsoo that this concert had ended too quickly, and Kyungsoo just said ‘Yup…’. He seemed to agree with me on the topic a lot.

Q. What songs describe Chanyeol’s mood these days? CY: I listen to hip hop songs a lot these days. I listen to a lot of Zico’s songs too, and the songs that he recommends for me. I look up to him a lot

Q. What song does Chanyeol always sing every time? CY: Hug Me

CY: I really like the OST for Your Name, it’s sad that I watched it too late. I watched it in front of the TV while screaming nooo! the whole time. I didn’t cry though because I thought I’d look a bit insane sobbing all by myself. I also met the Japanese guitarist for the movie!

CY: If I like a movie, I at least watch it 100 times. I’m really not lying when I say this but I think I watched Zootopia 100 times.

Chanyeol played a song for the fans! CY: This is a song that I wrote but you can’t leak it! I’ve named it ‘Rainbow’ for now but it really isn’t that much of a bright song, it’s nice to listen to when it’s raining outside. I wanted to show you guys it. The lyrics are lovely too

Chanyeol: Another song I recommend it ‘Sweet Lies’. I’m a really nice, person, ok? So when I write lyrics I try really hard to imagine ‘what if I was a bad guy…’ so I can express it better in the song

Q. What songs do you recommend for winter? CY: For winter, ofc you need to listen to some carol-themed songs. I really like the song 'Santa Baby’

Chanyeol is playing & singing Twice - Signal on the piano right now 😂 it’s so good and the chorus is really cute and the fans are laughing at how he’s singing such adorable lyrics in a serious manner

CY: For this song, my friend Woozi helped me work on it. He is very small.. and cute.

Q. What song made you go ‘wow’? CY: It was Wolf, bc as soon as I listened to the guide it sounded very cool. But then the lyrics suddenly said ‘cheese’… So I was slightly confused and dumbfounded but it did give us our 1st win!

Q. First song you made your parents listen to? CY: I played the song ‘It’s a Relief’ to my mom on the piano. I want to play in front of her again, this time with a more improved self ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Q. How were you so good at MasterKey? CY: I just wanted to finish it and go home quickly, but things seemed to go my way and I ended up winning the prize gold lol. I think I can recover from my Iron Man costume expenses now

Q. Who wished you happy birthday the earliest? CY: At 12 it was my manager hyung, and two more manager hyungs. Baekhyunnie was the first member to wish me happy birthday.

Q. Why did you laugh during Sing For You? CY: Bc Jongdae changed the lyrics from ‘god-given gift’ to ‘god given EXO-L’. I laughed and ask him if he was crazy at first but it was cute of him

Q. Did you know about the bday event fans held for you? CY: Yes, the balloons and the fireworks! Thank you so much.

Q. How did you feel about the paper plane event held at the concert? CY: I was surprised because I thought you guys were throwing rolled up balls of tissue at first.

Q. Do EXO have any plans for reality shows? CY: We dont have any plans for Weekly Idol just yet. But all of us do want to film a reality show, we were too busy to do so.

CY: I tried to be cool w my ment for the concert but I just ended talking abt dumb things, so today was very enjoyable. Like I had previously said at the last day of Elyxion, I am so thankful for many ppl wishing me happy bday. I’ll always stay humble and happy thanks to you all

The fans holded up their slogans and shouted ‘Always on Chanyeol’s side!’ for the last picture. Happy late birthday to you again. 🔥END🔥

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marauders ‘would i lie to you’ hcs:

  • james is usually host but he switches out to be a team member occasionally purely so he can go against lily
  • instead of team members sirius suggests they all be called team memebers
  • “are you lying” “i solemnly swear im telling the truth”
  • one time sirius goes off on a convoluted story abt how he accidently trapped a llama in a portaloo on a trip to lancaster
  • “i was there for that trip to lancaster and that didnt happen” “this is a completely different trip to lancaster” “uve only been to lancaster once and that was when i took you” “remus why are you even arguing against me were on the sAME TEAM”
  • sirius is rlly hard to puzzle out most of the time bc he just sits back in his hair with a haughty bored expression on his face
  • the only person who can read him is lily bc she leans forward with her fingers to her temples and pretends to read his mind
  • “the gods r telling me youre lying black” “ur gods suck” “now theyre telling me ur a huge fucking twat” “james make her sTOP”
  • one time lily tells a story abt how she and james were caught shagging in a tree and james starts blushing so hard everyone immediately says its true
  • “are we allowed to swear on national television?” “absolutely not” “bugger”
  • the mystery guest is always just pete in an array of different hats and disguises
  • “sirius thats not a man u met on the bus because he stole your packet of red skins thats peter wearing a mustache”
  • “i was once mistaken for john lennon while attending a musical festival in leeds” “im calling bullshit” “no-one asked you evans”
  • the team that has remus on it always wins bc hes the best at puzzling out body language and spinning utterly ridiculous stories with a completely straight face
  • sirius picks up a card that says he once got halfway through a law degree but quit because they wouldnt let him use the gable in mock trials (it turns out to be completely true)
  • “that sounds like a lie to me” “what evidence do u have to support your statement”
  • sirius always manages to smuggle an array of snacks onto set and no-one knows how he does it
  • legit they’ll be halfway through a lie and sirius just pulls out a packet of crisps and starts munching
  • “black ur getting crumbs on my dress” “dont care evans”
  • lily spins a story about having a tattoo in a very inappropriate place and when james asks her to show it to him and she just leans over and says “tonight”
  • peter is somehow able to guess whenever sirius is lying and they only figure out laters its because lily tugged her left ear each time he was telling the truth
  • “i cant believe u would sabotage ur own teammate evans” “they were losing i felt bad for them sirius” “JAMES EVANS IS BIASED IM CALLING A REMATCH”
  • on one episode theres a mystery object which turns out to be a bottle of vodka and everyone gets so drunk off it sirius is upside down in his chair, remus is wearing his tie across his forehead like rambo and lily is sitting on james’s lap at the host’s table (he’s smiling like he won the whole goddamn show)

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Ok, here's a prompt: Fabrizio gets a new tattoo and it's Ermal-related. Ermal accidentally sees it and starts making a lot of nosy questions until Fabrizio has to explain why he got it (and somehow confessing that he's in love or sth like that). Thanks!!

Hi anon! hope you like it and please dont hate me if i take too long writing these hc but it just that i think theyre so bad that i dont want to post them. I hope you like it but if you dont please also tell me <3

  • It was after the Olimpico where Fabrizio realized he loved him. He needed him and maybe he could deserve him. So he did something. 
  • And he thought it was a great idea after he woke up the morning after and now without all the adrenaline rush he realized it maybe wasn’t gonna be a great idea if Ermal sees it. 
  • The tattoo on his right rib cage hurt when he turned to the mirror to see it. “Cantare è come fare l'amore” read the words written in Ermal’s handwriting. He had always loved that quote of Ermal and somehow managed to get it tattooed. Thank god he wasn’t seeing him for a few weeks because how in the world was he going to hide that? 
  • After two weeks he was getting ready for a concert when someone knocked on his door. He was shirtless and went to open, but he obviously didn’t realize who it was. 
  • “Fabrì?” Fabrizio turned around aggressively when he recognized Ermal’s voice. He welcomed his hug in all his glory but felt a little pain when the curly one touched his ribs. 
  • “What? What’s wrong?” Ermal saw Fabrizio’s face and started looking for the reason. 
  • “No it’s nothing” said the older one rushing out to put his t-shirt and cover his new acquaintance. Ermal couldn’t know about that. Fabrizio felt stupid because why in the world would he get someone else’s handwriting tattooed? “What is that?” Asked Ermal again “Did you…? Did you get another tattoo? Can I see it?“ 
  • Fabrizio knew it was because Ermal liked his tattoos. It wasn’t the first time he asked to see them or asked about their meaning. All those afternoons when the two of them talked about everything and nothing and Ermal asked about every single tattoo were Fabrizio’s weakness but Ermal couldn’t know about that. 
  • He couldn’t know that he was in love with him. 
  • So he just said it was some lyrics he liked and got tattooed. 
  • And extraordinarily, Ermal believed him. But unfortunately, he still wanted to see it. 
  • "No Ermal, the skin is still red and gross you’re not gonna like it. You can see it at another moment. 
  • "Fabrizio I’ve seen you pee, believe me, I can stand a little red and weird skin" 
  • "No Ermal please understand. I have to go we’ll talk after the concert" 
  • Ermal just didn’t reply because he could feel Fabrizio’s annoyance. So he just followed him to the backstage and enjoyed the concert there. Didn’t say a word after everything finished and let everyone around Fabrizio go away for him to approach to his changing room. 
  • He didn’t knock. He just entered silently and waited for Fabri to get in. 
  • And when he did it the first thing he did was take off his shirt and that’s when Ermal saw it. And Fabrizio received the scare of his life. 
  • "What the fuck Ermal what’s wrong with you?!” Ermal was amazed by Fabrizio’s rib. And Fabrizio’s mind made a click and he scared even more. 
  • “Cantare è come fare l'amore… non si può fare educatamente” said the curly one while he approached his right hand to touch Fabrì’s skin. “Why would you get a tattoo with my quote?" 
  • Here it comes asshole Fabrizio "is it yours? I thought it was someone else’s, well congrats it’s really cool” and continued making his things. 
  • “Fabrizio?…" 
  • ”…“ 
  • "Bizio" 
  • He turned back to the sound of his favorite nickname and waited for Ermal to speak. 
  • "That’s not a coincidence, why would you get my quote tattooed?" 
  • "I already told you I didn’t know it was yours…" 
  • "You knew it. You just don’t get something tattooed if you don’t do some research before" 
  • "Well, I did it. I saw the quote and I liked it and got it tattooed…" 
  • "Fabrizio no, just tell the truth! I’m not believing that sh…" 
  • "It’s because I love you!” He left a good minute without talking to let that sink in and then continued “because I wanted to have something yours if I couldn’t have you. Because after the Olimpico I realized I only need you to have everything I wanted in my life. To be complete. That’s why." 
  • Ermal didn’t speak and didn’t move for a good five minutes. The longest ones in Fabrizio’s life. But the first thing he said after that time saved Fabrì from hell. "I love you too” he stood up and when he was in front of him he dared to kiss the skin next to the tattoo and then grabbed Fabrì’s head and kissed his forehead 
  • “I love you too Bizio, e non educadamente” ​ 

well, here it is, enjoy(?)

“Okay but can we talk about how good Theo (daddy 😏😍) looks right here ?? I screen capped it from s trailer for his new movie Lowriders and I’m obsessed with the hair+mustache+tats 💕💕💕”

DONT GET ME STARTED 😫😫😫😍 I saw the new trailer today on his Instagram and I’ve had enough. I need it to be out. Now. Him with the facial hair and hair gets me, it was my favorite look on Sons. But now the new and improved hair, mustache AND even more tattoos? Bury me.

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could you write something about sweet pea with a punk s/o? not a kind of greaser like the rest of the serpents but like someone who’s constantly changing their hair color and appearance for shock value (like, i shaved my brows off last week) just her being unapologetically angry about social issues that matter to her (if you need the vibe I’m talking about rebel girl by bikini kill gives it off, that and most riot grrrl music lmao) everyone writes him w/ goody two shoes and I just cant see that

  • yes omg
  • so like,,,,,low key everyone is afraid of you?
  • and he loves that
  • he in fact
  • thrives off of it
  • because that means he doesn’t have to worry about any body else taking you
  • ya feel?
  • and he would looooove that you dye your hair all the time
  • and he would even offer to do it
  • so one time, he came home and you were jamming out to old school Paramore in the shower
  • and he loved it
  • he even recorded it
  • and never told you
  • and he would even go with you to get your nose pierced
  • or get your first tattoo
  • and he thought you were a great addition to the serpents
  • he thought that you were just so incredibly unique
  • and dont even get me started on his first thoughts of you wOW

au night! 

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hello! i’m trying to find a fic i read a long time ago. i forgot how it begins but i think the apocalypse had just started and rick and michonne went to this government like facility place i believe. they get into a relationship or they might have already been in one i dont remember. but i do remember that michonne had a tattoo! it was on her thigh (maybe?) and rick found it while they were fore playing or something like that lol. does it sound familiar enough to help me find it??

Hi there anon!

We’re sorry for the wait but the good news is, we found your lost fic!!!: 

The Last living Souls by AddictedToTheWrittenWord

A devastating tragedy brings English teacher Michonne Mitchell to the small town of Possum Holler for some much needed peace of mind, but instead she finds herself in the middle of a scandal involving the widowed small town Sheriff and his troubled young son and infant daughter. When all hell on earth breaks loose the bond they’ve formed will be the only thing that keeps them alive.
Rated M

Happy Reading :)

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where is the "if you were listening and using your ears maybe you'd know" thing from? i thought it was from a vine or something but i guess its from hippo??

one of hippos instagram live videos over the summer. they had done a few in a row on and off that night, like there was a really shitty one (suuuper pixelated and kept pausing) of nathan and zach cuddling before all this, and the last one actually lasted pretty long. they and a few other friends were sitting at a table talking and making pizza but for no reason started taking lowkey shots at each other??? nathan said something about how he smokes/gets tattoos to forget (dont quote me on that) and whistler was like “smoking kills” and nathan got all pissed off, and then later nathan said something and when whistler asked what he said bc he missed it, nathan fuckign looked him in the eyes with the fury of 1000 suns and said “IF YOU WERE LISTENING AND USING YOUR EARS MAYBE YOU WOULD KNOW”

also #tbt bc this night was also the night that i got a bunch of anon hate lol. all summer long the boys (nathan, zach, AND JAKE) were being really open about smoking cigarettes which was really :-/// and when whistler said that during the livestream i posted “whistler is the only good member of hippo campus” and then an anon asked me “when have you ever said anything good about whistler” and it caused a huge shitstorm haha i still have some of the unanswered hate in my askbox

anyway i have screenshots from the feed i’ll put them in here when i get on my computer:

nathan and zach cuddling like little angels :’-)

nathan looking at whistler and fucking yelling at him

whistler getting yelled at

zach getting the pizza from the oven but its not completely cooked and we never even found out if they cooked it all the way through or just ate it semi-raw

So @belfryart started a new ask blog for her scottie boy as a singer/guitarist so like

Drummer navy? Also navy’s hair if it wasn’t cut to code

also follow @big-scunner and look at their art it literally makes me nut every tiem 

So I found this art piece and I LOOOVVE it so much I want to get it tattooed. The problem is, I can tell its been reposted and fucked with so much so that I cant read the artists name or anything to find them and ask permission. So, if anyone recognizes this and could claim it/tell me whos it is (or even steer me in that direction) that would be great!!!!! 🖤🖤

It looks to start with “LUNA”

commanderflap tattoo parlor au

holly decides to get a tattoo one day, and goes to a tattoo parlor near her house. when she walks inside, she is told by a worker that a girl named suzy would be doing her tattoo. the worker points to suzy, and when holly sees her, she’s really intimidated and nervous. suzy looks like the kinda girl that’d sacrifice someone to the dark lord with no hesitation. suzy’s wearing all black clothes, with pentagram jewelry and other dark accessories, and she’s got long black hair, piercings, sharp eyeliner wings that could cut through steel, combat boot/heels, and a stony glare.

holly nervously goes over to her and tells her what tattoo she wants -an intricate and beautifully macabre tattoo sleeve that holly designed herself on a piece of paper. suzy is surprised that this cute lil doll just walked into the parlor asking for such a dark tattoo, and is impressed/shocked by her artistic skills. but she’s also doubtful that holly could take the pain and patience of a huge tattoo like that, and questions if holly will be able to handle it. holly didnt look like the kind of gal to ask for such a huge tattoo, or for any tattoos at all, to be quite honest. her pastel pink hair, soft facial features, gentle blue eyes, and dainty yellow sundress made her look like she should be the owner of a flower shop or something. suzy doubts that holly will be able to handle the pain of a tattoo like the one she asked for, and warns her about it. 

suzy’s like, “not to be rude, but you dont look like you’d be able to sit through this tattoo. i’ve seen grown men with huge muscles cry like babies when getting tattoos, and you think you can take it?”

and holly’s like “yeah ,,, yeah i-i can handle it.” and suzy just looks at her with a cynical look and goes, “pft,, yeah okay. let me know when it gets too painful for ya.”

so suzy starts working on her tattoo, tracing the tattoo needle into holly’s skin, and she’s just waiting for holly to start crying or to tell her to stop- but she doesnt, and suzy’s surprised, impressed, somewhat. a few more minutes go by, and still, nothing. suzy comments on how shocked she is that holly’s handling the pain pretty well, and they both laugh a bit. holly’s still intimidated by her, but after a while, they start a conversation and get to know each other more and come to like each other. they realize that they share similar interests, and that theyre not as different as they thought theyd be. turns out, they both love harry potter, horror movies, flower crowns, and a few other things.

once the main section of the tattoo is done, suzy ends the session, and tells holly to come back in a few months to get the next part of her tattoo done. they smile at each other before holly pays her, and exits the shop. suzy already cant wait until holly comes back, and holly feels the same way. 

eyyy starting off this tattoo AU with Oikawa Tooru, captain of Aoba Johsai volleyball team ♥

I hope I can finish these series and I hope I wont get lazy *praying emoji*

DISCLAIMER: these are just my ideas, I just used characters from Haikyuu to make my own headcanons for their tattoos and their lives. This is not a canon universe so please dont go at me with “But this is not what Oikawa does… “ “They are not together like that…” “ Ew, these tattoos are gross” Im just trying to draw what I like and what makes me happy and a negativity like that really hurt. Thank you. 

Sooo here we go:

- Oikawa’s first tattoo was when he was 17 years old, getting a tattoo of an alien head on his hip. He kinda regrets this tattoo now but it reminds him of his high school days

- After graduating from Seijoh he got two leaves on the inner part of his upper arm, so he never forgets about his team

- He always loved looking at the sky, especially in the night when all the stars were out. After graduation, he went to university that specializes in astronomy and thats why he has a planets and stars tattoo now on his ankle

- The latest tattoo he got is a half heart. He got this one with Iwaizumi, since he has the other half. Once they hold hands, the two halves connect into one heart and they have it so they wont forget about eachother

Next up will be Iwaizumi Hajime, my lovely Ace, man of my heart and a godzilla dork ♥


One seed sibling brainwashed me into  mindlessly killing a pretty good friend of mine (dont get me started on what he’s done to staci) 

One seed sibling forced me to get a tattoo I didn’t want …..,then made me watch him cut a chunk of a friends skin off (dont get me started on everything he’s done to joey)

One seed sibling lied to me then  forced drugs onto me when I didn’t want them (bye burke)

and the last seed sibling cuffs me to a bed and forces me to stay with him for seven years. 

……… favorites here