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my opinion on zodiac signs ! (sun and moon signs) 💘☀️🌜

capricorns: there’s something sexy and mysterious about them, social but can be cold and distant, act tough and pretend like they don’t need anyone on the outside when really they have a bunch of issues on the inside, y’all need to learn to open up and ask for help even if you hate it!! kings and queens of self-control. also, sentimental asf and love deeply, needs to be protected at all cost

aquarius: don’t give a fuck!! loud, very upfront and always have something to say but can’t take criticism, y’all never mind your business lmao, know it alls and love showing it, super caring and helpful, great friends, smart, secretive at times and love their space 

pisces: the cutest and softest babies, love y’all, must be protected at all cost, kind but get taken advantage of the most. crybabies and super emotional. spend a lot of time over thinking, give great advice, usually artistic in some way or another and y’all are very idealistic 

aries: THAT BITCH, usually sexy, loves to act tough, moody asf, impulsive, possessive, have a great sense a humor, can have the ugliest attitude and can be intimidating like relax lmao.. best in bed hands down, can lack compassion sometimes and can be insensitive, hustlers, don’t like to open up but amazing friends 

taurus: always attractive, stubborn asf!! don’t like people telling them what to do, take FOREVER to let shit and people go, give great advice, people naturally gravitate towards them, extraverted introverts, fall in love every day, bad with change would rather stick to a routine, sexual as fuck, can be super manipulative, crave security 24/7, loyal and super chill 

geminis: wild cards, never know what to expect , a lot to handle in relationships, you will have the best conversations of your life with them, best to party with, hella flirty, super smart, multiple personalities, moody, childish but overall fucking fun people 

cancers: love y’all but can be annoying, love to talk, attractive, competitive as fuck, social, make friends quick, super emotional and sensitive and suck at hiding it!! think they’re all that, super great friends, will always have your back if they fuck with you, hard workers

leos:  can be very annoying!! y’all talk too much, huge egos, prideful, love when the attention is on you but suck at giving it back, relationships with you sounds exhausting, great with advice loyal to a fault, family oriented, don’t get comfortable very quick and very careful with who they trust

virgos: can never be satisfied, kings and queens of self-destruction, too hard on themselves, always criticizing something or someone, very competitive and super hard workers! control freaks,  self-reliant, loving and loyal. y’all need to take a moment to breathe sometimes.. you’re amazing and you’ll be fine 

libras: favs! flirty fucks, funny, witty, corny asf & you can’t take them seriously lmao, have this way to attract anyone towards them, positive, can have a bad temper & lowkey sensitive but get over things and people quick. social as fuck, everyone loves y’all. the type to laugh during uncomfortable situations, all over the place, ALWAYS MIA, hard workers, the type of person you always want to have around. however, indecisive, don’t know what they want in relationships, they’re heartbreakers & will probably play you, people always fall for y’all…

scorpios: problematic favs! get angry fast, super emotional, sexual asf!!! sweet talkers, tell it like it is, when in love hard for them to let go and can be super possessive, amazing friends, will fight anyone for you if they really fuck with you, can ruin your life, have trust issues and are very skeptical

sagittarius: why are y’all so attractive? flirts 101!! seem like the sweetest people but can ruin your life. only nice when they wanna be but can switch up real quick, great as friends, always down to do anything, entitled, walk around like you can’t touch them, can be sensitive but won’t admit it, so irritating when angry and likes to pin things on others!! 

says they’re smart and are smart: yoongi

says they’re dumb but they’re smart: namjoon, taehyung, jimin

says they’re smart but they’re dumb: jin, hoseok

dumb and they know it: jungkook


get it? catnapping? cause it’s a kidnapping but they are sleeping and he is a cat and…

anywho this is for @miraculousfluffmonth “cant transform” and @auyeahaugust “hogwarts au” (with a bit of my own kitten au :v)

(i know they are french and should be in Beauxbatons but the prompt is “hogwarts au” so they are in hogwarts, sue me)