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Positive Taylor Swift quotes (for rough times)

I don’t know if anyone has done this before but I haven’t seen one, so I decided to do a compilation of taylorswift quotes that inspire me when I’m feeling bad in hopes that it will help out some other people.

“If you’re lucky enough to be different, never change.”

“Life isn’t how to survive the storm, it’s about how to dance in the rain.”

“When you have a long string of bad days you can choose to let it drag you down or you can find ways to rise above it.”

“I think that there are so many different ways that someone can be beautiful.”

“The trials and tribulations in your life make you stronger.”

“To me, “FEARLESS” is not the absence of fear. It’s not being completely unafraid. To me, FEARLESS is having fears. FEARLESS is having doubts. Lots of them. To me, FEARLESS is living in spite of those things that scare you to death. FEARLESS is falling madly in love again, even though you’ve been hurt before. FEARLESS is walking into your freshmen year of high school at fifteen. FEARLESS is getting back up and fighting for what you want over and over again… even though every time you’ve tried before, you’ve lost. It’s FEARLESS to have faith that someday things will change. FEARLESS is having the courage to say goodbye to someone who only hurts you, even if you can’t breathe without them. I think it’s FEARLESS to fall for your best friend, even though he’s in love with someone else. And when someone apologizes to you enough times for things they’ll never stop doing, I think it’s FEARLESS to stop believing them. It’s FEARLESS to say “you’re NOT sorry”, and walk away. I think loving someone despite what people think is FEARLESS. I think allowing yourself to cry on the bathroom floor is FEARLESS. Letting go is FEARLESS. Then, moving on and being alright…That’s FEARLESS too. But no matter what love throws at you, you have to believe in it. You have to believe in love stories and prince charmings and happily ever after. That’s why I write these songs. Because I think love is FEARLESS.”

“Words can break someone into a million pieces, but they can also put them back together. I hope you use yours for good, because the only words you’ll regret more than the ones left unsaid are the ones you use to intentionally hurt someone.”

“Just be yourself, there is no one better.”

“Giving up doesn’t always mean your weak sometimes you’re just strong enough to let go.”

“Just because there’s a hurricane going on around you doesn’t mean you have to open the window and look at it.”

“Live your life like you’re 80 looking back on your teenager years. You know if your dad calls you at eight in the morning and asks if you want to go out for breakfast. As a teenager you’re like no, I want to sleep. But as an eighty year old looking back you have that breakfast with your dad. It just little things like that, that helped me when I was a teenager in terms of making choices you won’t regret.”

“There are two ways you can go with pain: You can let it destroy you or you can use it as fuel to drive you.”

“The lesson I’ve learned the most often in life is that you’re always going to know more in the future than you know now.”

“The thing about life is, every time you learn a lesson, another is waiting right at the corner. You never know everything.”

“When you hear people making hateful comments, stand up to them. Point out what a waste it is to hate, and you could open their eyes.”

“The only words you’ll regret more than the ones left unsaid, are the ones you used to intentionally hurt someone.”

"No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.”

“Never believe anyone who tells you that you don’t deserve what you want.”

“Keeping your emotions all locked up is something that’s unfair to you. When you clearly know how you feel, you should say it.”

“Dont worry. You may think you’ll never get over it. But you also thought it would last forever.”

“So don’t you worry your pretty little mind because people throw rocks at things that shine.”

“Be that strong girl that everyone knew would make it through the worst, be that fearless girl, the one who would dare to do anything, be that independent girl who didnt need a man; be that girl who never backed down.”

“I think that being good to people - you’ll never regret that. Maybe you’ll get walked all over, maybe you’ll get tricked, maybe you’ll get fooled, but I think it’s so much better to be kind to people and to trust people rather then to have your guard up and say mean things to people.”

“I think one day you’ll look up and look around and see that finding yourself wasn’t as terrifying as you thought it would be.”

“The one thing I do believe as a feminist is that in order for us to have gender equality we have to stop making it a girl fight and we have to stop being so interested in seeing girls trying to tear each other down – it has to be more about cheering each other on as women.”

“I think there is a lesson in knowing that you can live your life in a way that you’re proud of and people are still gonna take shots. And that’s not just in the world that I live in - that’s in middle school, and that’s in high school, and that’s in college, and that’s when you get your first job.”

“One thing that I’ve learned is there doesn’t have to be loneliness in being alone.”

“My parents taught me never to judge others based on whom they love, what color their skin is, or their religion. Why make life miserable for someone when you could be using your energy for good? We don’t need to share the same opinions as others, but we need to be respectful. When you hear people making hateful comments, stand up to them. Point out what a waste it is to hate, and you could open their eyes.”


@onceuponabangtan ! JAMIKA!  MY JAM!  HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY!  

I know this isn’t much I don’t have video editing skills or graphic design skills either D: but remember when you first messaged me on February 19th?  (yup I still remember!)  I never knew that one message would lead to making a new best friend! When I first met you I honestly never knew that you were gonna become so so important to me. I’m so glad you messaged me and I don’t regret a single thing and I won’t ever!  You’re such a strong fighter and you’re so sweet and you work so hard and I admire that a lot!  Every time we talk I come out feeling lighter and happier.  Whenever you’re sad or angry or just plain emotional, remember I’m always here for you okay?  Pinky promise.  I will forever adore our capital relationship and our teleportation powers.  Happy 18th birthday, I love you! 

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