dont you worry dont you worry child

Mafumafu: I tried doing my annual Valentine’s Day ritual of ‘Going to the convenience store to buy chocolate from a female clerk to feel like I was given chocolates’, when a veteran-like old lady recommended hot snacks to me. I was surprised how sudden it was, and since it was the first time I said anything all day my voice came out like ‘ayo!’    The hot snacks were really warm and yummy

im tired and my Internets being indecisive on whether to work or not sooo uhhh *shoves art in ur face*


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Hi can you write a bts reaction to you telling them that you´re pregnant? Thanks!

BTS Reaction To You Telling Them You’re Pregnant

//I’m so sorry if this is super late. I’ve been busy ><”” I hope that I did a good job for my first reaction request. I got carried away with some of them, it was fun trying to think of how they would react ^^. Any way I hope you like it -Kit

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Took another break from Ask Mira to draw some Teen Mira!!

And wow I loved how It turned out.

Okay; so some facts about teen Mira.

She doesn’t wear her helmet as much as Sabine wears her’s. Her hair gets tangled and she REFUSES to cut it. 

She dyed her hair once but hated it. So got Sabine to get her natural hair colour back. 

She has TWO lightsabers; both Yellow; she already out matches Dawn when it comes to combat. 

She extremely kind hearted; she loves children and basically everything. But when it comes down to protecting the ones she cares about; she can be a very harsh fighter. 

She only wears her armour when on missions. When on planet. She takes it of and just wears the clothes underneath. 

Sabine helped Mira build her armour; that’s why Mira’s and Sabine’s are very similiar. 

Mira doesn’t decorate her armour as much as Sabine does/used to. She only keeps to her mothers star bird and the rebel logo.

Her favourite colour is still orange. (Hence the colour scheme) 

She’s also very sassy to her opponents. 

Can’t think of anymore just yet… Other than she is literally badass. And could probably kick anyone’s ass. 

krem and iron bull actually being like father and son tho


humor me here

bull spending hours fretting over this man who’s beat to shit and bandaged up and Krem’s just: “Chief, ‘m fine. Chief, you’re gonna give yourself worry lines lookin’ like tha’”

and when Krem has the tiniest fucking wound iron bull is quick to just “SEE I TOLD YOU??? TO STAY PUT?? WHY DONT YOU LISTEN TO ME?? DONT WALK AWAY YOUNG MAN COME THE FUCK BACK!!!”

or nights where iron bull is sick as a dog and krem is the one who has to take care of bull. All smug but lowkey worried bc his bossdad isn’t getting out of bed

moments where they just bullshit around with each other and shove one another around, or moments where bull has krem bundled in blankets because “ITS COLD CHILD, DONT TALK BACK”


extra: the Chargers are also bull’s kids

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I'm tiny and I sound like a child but it's okay because I'm cute and my girlfriends love me! Does Emily ever use you as an arm rest or is she not that much taller than you?

em isnt /that/ much taller than me but she still calls me a titch ! she does sometimes but thats only cus i slouch when i sit (i much prefer sitting on her lap though !!!)

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Soaked bedsheets anon here!!!! Lmao im so sorry I worried you dont worry these nights are normal for me. I once had like a 5 hour session it was crazy$!!! But yeah I dont think im gonna nut to death unless tae was actually here with me 😂😂😂

Your vagina or dick is hardcore as hell JESUS Christ.I would never last that long five hours….JESUS fuck.ALSO DONT WORRY ME AGAIN YOU HEAR ME CHILD OR IMMA TAKE AWAY YOUR BTS CDS LOL.*THROWS A PILLOW IN YOUR FACE*.Also you can actually die from mastubating so be careful, and please don’t joke about nutting to death okay-Skies

P.S hope the bedsheets are clean

me: oi if you consider yourself a map, get help from a therapist instead of running positivity blogs

them: pshawww dont worry ill be fine without help while making other pwecious maps feel accepted uwu

me: hey, i saw you with a shota/loli blog full of sim cp, can you not see how fucked up that is

them: omg stop worrying so much, i never touched a real child xDDD

me: christ you literally admitted you touched a child’s private parts in a post, i’m reporting you to the police

them: b-but they were ok with it!!! they didnt whine they were fine with me poking them between the legs omg!!!! why are antis such meanies :,((((

let’s face it folks, one day it’s going to end up like this