dont you wonder what they're talking about

irisgstring  asked:

Im not sure if uve watched the interview of Sasha Pieterse talking about how she was shocked with what was going to happen with Ali and Marlene told her "dont worry, it's not what you think!" But i was just wondering if this is kind of what Sasha was talking about? I think the writers are purposely trying to make Ali seem shady and manipulative so we don't trust her. As for Emison, i think that they're putting up some obstacles- only bcos if emison happened so easily, it wouldnt be realistic!

I haven’t actually personally watched the interview, but I’ve heard people talking about it so I know what you’re talking about.

I think that you’re right and that the writers are actively trying to make Alison seem shady. The writers have made several comments about how we’re going to be taking sides this season, and I think that the sides are the people who trust Alison and the people who don’t.

I agree with you with Emison as well. Emison is endgame, but PLL still needs to keep up the drama to make everything interesting! I’d be more worried if they just had Alison win Emily over without doing anything because that would make it seem that Alison’s feeling weren’t genuine and that they weren’t endgame- which they obviously are!