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Tips For The Satanic Witch

I have had quite a few women message me asking for tips on being a better satanic witch. They ask as if it is not a big deal, but honestly if you are a satanist (period), you should already know some things about what you are doing.. so I will post these tips for the women that tend to forget to stand for themselves sometimes and do what others do to fit in.

¤ First off be yourself. Doesn’t matter if you’re into cosmetics or computers, if you like something fucking say so.

¤ Dress however the fuck you want. If you like it, do it. In the long run does it matter what other people think? No.

¤ Be confident. Your body and soul is beautiful & you can legitimately do anything if you try hard enough.

¤ Say whatever you feel necessary. This doesn’t mean you can be an asshole and go up to some other girl at the mall and be like “you talk like a stuck up cunt” no, this means if lets say your guidance councellors or parents tell you that “you aren’t cut out to do” what you want to do as a career, you can absolutely tell them off and go on to do that job.

¤ Marriage - “Would you still want to be with him if he’s the same as he is now in 30 years?” If yes, go for it. If no or you dont know, either move on or wait a bit to see if he gets his shit together.

¤ When it comes to having children and I absolutely cannot stress this enough do not have a kid so you and your partner will be “together forever”. A child should be made between two people completely in love with eachother who would both enjoy having a kid. Absolutely do not have kids with someone you do not consider your best friend or someone you dont see being in your life 20 years from now.

¤ If you do happen to do spell work and use candles, incense, etc, even if its a bit more expensive go for the good stuff. Its better to have natural things too than be burning things that are made of petroleum and synthetics.

¤ If your dead set on cutting your hair a certain way, dying body hair, shaving off your eyebrows, and your partner or parents disagree, do it anyways, your happiness matters most.

¤ Once in a while find some sea salt and essential oils and fill a bath, add some and relax. Imagine a white light and cleanse your aura. It makes you feel a lot better if you feel mentally or spiritually dirty, trust me.

¤ Make your home/room your sacred space. This is your place. Fill it with whatever you like. It should always feel comfortable.

¤ Practice good hygiene. Being dirty makes everything worse, and who doesnt love a good face scrub?

¤ If you are depressed, or struggling with any mental illness, force yourself to get up and out of bed and to get dressed. Clean, do exercise, blog on the computer, just do not go back to bed until the night comes.

¤ Your body is your temple, decorate its walls how you wish.

¤ Try yoga if youre stressed at all.

¤ Do your homework if youre still in school. Teachers respect kids more that try to do the work and get all the answers incorrect than the kids that don’t do it at all. If you try youre more likely to pass, even if you fuck up all the answers.

¤ Exercise cleanses your body of toxins through sweat. I try to exercise a few times a week, it makes me feel good about myself too.

¤ There is nothing wrong with masturbation. I’d definitely rather masturbate than hook up with some greasy dude from a bar.

¤ Travel, especially if you love the outdoors. Doesn’t matter if your even close to home. If you see a street you havent been down before, go, if you have the time.

¤ Don’t fight with your family. Yes every member can be an annoying piece of trash sometimes, but fighting with them over anything is not worth your breath or time. Just walk away.