dont you try to blame this on me my love for you was bullet proof but youre the one who shot me

Dear Guest Reviewer on "Approximately 525 600 Minutes" and SQers, OQers and CSers

I know this is a long rant post, but if you have time, it would be awesome if you could read it. 

“Guest chapter 9 . 23m ago

I love this story so much. I keep checking it daily for updates. Loved it. This is such a complicated plot. Wish ouat had half the intrigue your story has” I really wish you signed in so I could reply to you directly! Thank you so much for this review, it really validated everything I’ve been trying to do with my story. This is a little off topic but i would like to discuss the pairings and relationships on the show particularly SwanQueen, OutlawQueen and CaptainSwan. To address the OUAT mention. Yes, I completely agree! When I first started binge watching the show, I loved season one and the complexity (or what I thought was complexity) in the writing. Everyone had a story, everyone had a motive, and everyone had a life outside of what we saw on screen.  I found myself trying to decipher what Adam and Eddie were up to, thinking that SwanQueen was end game with all the subtle (and not so subtle) actions and reactions between Emma, Regina and Henry. This became stronger during season two in my mind.

Then I started watching Season 3; mind you I did enjoy the Neverland Arc up until the stupid Pixie Dust. I know it was a great opportunity to introduce Tinkerbell in Neverland (because dur) but I shook my head at the intention of the Dust. I was appalled, not because I’m a super pro SwanQueen, because as much as I love them, If they ended up paired with other people it wouldn’t really bother me as long as it was well developed and made senseHowever, throwing some predispositioned dust to take away Regina’s choice again truly upset me. She literally RAN AWAY from it trying to create her own destiny then was thrown back to it in the most awkward 7 day romance we have EVER SEEN.

Like seriously Regina, didn’t you just Zelena proof the Loft? You know…the loft with the one person who could supposedly defeat the Wicked Witch? The same person that has saved your life a bunch of times? No. Give your freakin heart to the guy who couldn’t even hit you with an arrow (which by the way he did without looking, god forbid it was Emma who went to look at the farm cause she would’ve ended up skewered via crossbow) on his best shot. No, knowingly give him one of the main ‘ingredients’ for Zelena’s curse just to force the audience reaction of 'Awww she literally gave him her heart!’ . Did we forget that Regina is an extremely calculated woman who spent years planning a curse into a economically functional town?

I was hoping, sincerely hoping, that Regina and Robin created a whirlwind romance during their time in the Enchanted Forest and their subconscious was seeping through– hence the intense attraction, misplaced trust, and OOC behaviour. NOPE They apparently are 16 year olds discovering their sexuality. DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE RAPEY CS ARC. Because dammit, there could have been a great romance there too! I found there was more chemistry between Hook and Tinkerbell (which I secretly hoped that they were going to get together) than this dumbed down version of Emma and this seriously stalker/rapey/emo version of Hook. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE HOOK WHO CAME BACK FOR THEM TO SAVE HENRY? Wait, let’s turn this 200+ year old pirate into an overly emotional teen.

Adam and Eddie were probably like, 'Hmm instead of developing his character, lets just make him super selfish and do everything to win Emma’s heart. Which he eventually does cause he sold his boat for a bean. A bean in which he already fucked up with. Oh let’s also not address the amount of shit he put Emma and Regina through in season 2. Nope. He doesn’t give a fuck.’ And i’m here thinking 'um okay? I thought Hook would at least change and do things because he was invested in the well being of others.’ Nope. They fucked that up with the Ariel/Blackbeard arc. Oh and there was another opportunity for Hook to be like  ’ Swan, I need to be honest, I didn’t help Ariel, and my lips are cursed because I was thinking about myself and not the well being of you and your boy.’ and I would’ve been like “YAY GO HOOK!”.

Instead, he eventually 'gets the girl’ by lying, stalking, and forcibly inserting himself into her life. Also, why doesnt he have a different set of clothes?! IS IT SO HARD TO ASK TO BORROW A SET OF CLOTHES FROM DAVID/CHARMING? Ugh, It makes me think about how he must smell. I cant even. Ugh.  Lets make it clear I am not hating on the other ships of OUAT, especially OQ and CS. What i I truly believe is that you deserve a much better story and character/relationship development than what OUAT has given you.I am hating on what the opportunities the writing has taken away from you. In the end, I feel that we Swen actually dodged a bullet in not becoming cannon, because I feel that the opportunity would be wasted and become superficial and awkward. (Like they might use Grandmother Willow with a cheese line like “Listen to your heart and you will understand” while creating a montage of Emma and Regina being sexy") If that ever happened, This would be my reaction to OUAT

All that to say, I wanted to write out a detailed story using what we already know in the show (with minimal plotholes) and develop a complicated arc which evolves as our characters understand it. Blame the fact that I’ve played Story Driven RPGs since I was like 5, but I try to have as much character development as I do plot twists and turns. Everyone’s support on my Fic has turned my little One-Shot for SwanQueen week into a very satisfying writing adventure~! Thank you to everyone who has read this entire rant! Cheers, Reighne  PS. Here is the link to my SQ fic if you were interested. AO3 | FFN EDIT: I’ve been asked to remove the OQ and CS tags because it offended some people and they felt it was mistagged and I was actually hating on the ships…which i guess i am hating on the canon version of the ships… but its about the writing and not about the people who ship them. I apologize for the misunderstanding and have removed the tags, although i strongly believe it was not mistagged.