dont you think they're a cute couple

I’m 99.98% sure Noora and Yousef are not dating and she is helping him with Sana or something like that. 

That “do you like him?” didn’t sound, to me, like a “do you think we make a cute couple?” it sounded more like “do you like him, like, for you? i’m asking on a friend’s behalf” and Sana -as all of us- is jumping to conclusions.

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Ghost wlw or jack o’lantern wlw

ghost,, i luv them

Make her watch scary movies with you wlw or make her do a couples costume with you wlw

i made @urdadcallsmekatya watch nightmare on elm street w me the other day so make her watch scary movies !!

Read horror stories with her wlw or watch creepy YouTube videos with her wlw

videos bc spencer is cute when they’re scared and i dont think a scary story would spook them as much as a video