dont you realise

  • Ravenclaw (right after they've graduated hogwarts): You know now, as far as society is concerned, we're adults.
  • Hufflepuff: Yes! Isn't it exciting?
  • Ravenclaw: Adults who have to make their own decisions about their lives.
  • Hufflepuff: It's so freeing, isn't it?
  • Ravenclaw: I have no idea what I'm doing and I want to go back to school.
  • Hufflepuff: ...
  • Ravenclaw: I don't want to do classes or anything, I just want someone to cook for me and tell me when meals are so I don't forget and basically be able to ignore life's responsibilities.
How Dan and Phil probably broke up #16
  • Phil: Dan, I bought you a pet
  • Dan: *excited* omg show me
  • Phil: *gives him a moth in a jar*

inspired by that one time Jos did a Coco cosplay and I died

pull yourself together district leader

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you dont realise how great scotland is until you move half way across the world and can no longer get irn bru on tap or speak to random people on the train..i tried it. Dont speak to commuters in Toronto. They think you're weird.

I remember when I was in Southampton when I was 19 and was confused when the Pizza Hut didn’t have Irn-Bru on tap. Like, haha what is this place?

That said, a few days later I was sitting on the bench in the park and a homeless man started talking to me. He was one of the very few people that actually started a conversation first. Nice guy, actually. I gave him the rest of my half-bottle of Irn-Bru (of a supply that I brought with me!) and he said he could see why the Scots drink. I politely declined his offer of sharing his can of Tennent’s Super.

Big cities tend to think you’re weird if you start talking to them randomly on the train, at the bus stop, in the pub. Not in Scotland. It’s like something written into our DNA. I’ve had conversations with people on the streets and invited up to random flats not knowing anyone and been greeted like I was a long-lost cousin. “Oh, I didn’t actually bring anyth-”

“Nae borra, big yin” he said as he launched a can of Tennent’s into my hand “that’s whit we keep the cooking lager fur.”

What a beautiful country you are, Scotland.

I feel like me and @thankourluckystars have started a challenge to get as many memes as we can into this fandom. 

aah those patterns gave me such a headache, i realised after an hour of struggling with 2b’s dress that i’d got them all wrong so i guess they just…. vaguely resemble what theyre supposed to be oops

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So by Bakugou saying that Uraraka isn't "Frail" (which is a fact) that automatically means that he's in love with her? He treats her like shit and told her to fuck off when she was trying to talk to him. Must mean love right? RIGHT? clearly it's izuocha that canon is leaning towards which is a mutually respecting and caring ship . I'll never understand how you could ship Kacchako over it. Your logics are so flawed

Woah woah woahhhhhh where is all this hostility coming from? 😂 shit.

I just wanna start off by saying I (or pretty much any Kacchaco shipper that I’ve seen, for that matter) have NEVER claimed that Bakugou has any type of romantic feelings towards Uraraka. Ever.

Second off, he doesn’t treat Uraraka as anymore of shit than he does anyone else (did that even make sense?? What even is English??) It’s not like he’s extra mean to her and nice to everyone else, he’s just an asshole in general🤷🏻‍♀️

Thirdly, I am (as is everyone else) well aware that Izuku X Ochako is more canon than Kacchako will ever be, but we ain’t bothered lmao. It doesn’t change anything 👍🏻

Lastly, I DO ship her and Deku, I just ship her with Katsuki more. Why?? Because I just don’t tend to be a fan of the cliche “main guy and main girl fall in love everything is all peachy” ships and that’s OKAY, everyone is entitled to like what they like, and for me, it’s just not my cup of tea. GIVE ME THAT DENIAL, GIVE ME THAT ANGST, GIVE ME THAT DEVELOPMENT, ya know? But for her and Midoriya, everything as it is is fine 👏🏻 like they’re all good, A-okay and it’s just kinda boring to me. BUT NO SHADE, because I do love both of them as individuals and a couple 💚 I just prefer Kacchako 💚💚💚

a simple guide for straighties
  • if you call a gay couple sin: its homophobic. why? because gay people were killed for years for being sinners, its not fucking rocket science
  • if you call a gay couple “disgusting” or “trash” or “disgusting trash” or call yourself “trash” or “disgusting” or “disgusting trash” for liking it: its homophobic. why?? because youre implying that by liking a gay couple youre bad! that its something which no one wants to see since its trash! youre implying that gay couples are dirty and nothing more!

“but i do the same for straight couples!”

and i dont fucking care, different words have different effects depending on the subject. dont act like this is some brand-spanking-new concept because we both know its not

“im not homophobic! i love gays!”

if you love gays you wouldnt call them sinful, disgusting or trash?????????? because i dont know if you realised this but all of those are negative terms

“im a gay person and i call it sin, so what!”

just because youre ok with it, strangely enough, it doesnt mean others are! just like youre not ok with me saying calling it sin is wrong, im not ok with you calling it sin! keep that shit in a private chat with your fellow gays, because not every single gay person is ok with it. i know im sure as hell not

“stop policing fandom!/just let people have fun!/if you dont like it, dont look at it!”

1) if this is policing fandom get me a fucking sheriffs badgeand cowboy boots boy because im gonna go fucking hard on this if you call gays sin, disgusting and/or trash im fucking hate you

2) if people dont like hearing it, its not fun! if you and your straightie friends sit in a circle talking about how disgusting your fave gays are youre being homophobic. and if you find homophobia fun: die

3) heres the thing buddy, pal, my sweet dude. i walk outside of my house every day, and i hear constant casual and intentional homophobia! straights calling things they dont like “gay”, straights calling each other f*gs, i gotta see it all! so why the fuck should i have to see that shit online which i use to get AWAY from all of the homophobia i experience irl??? why the fuck should i let some straighties spew homophobic lines about their favourite gays???????? why???????? because if i speak up about it it inconveniences you?? it annoys you?? it makes you have to think about your own homophobia?? (sarcasm) ohh gosh, how terrible of me!!! all of those things above are as bad as hearing constant homophobic statements, how could i have been so mean to those poor old straighties!!!! (/sarcasm)

long story short: cut that shit out and i hate you


You would make a good D a l e k.

i miss feeling secure with you, like even in the shittiest of times you made me feel safe. I really fucking miss that tonight.

you wouldn’t think i was so cute if you could hear my thoughts and feel my feelings 😊😊😊

strongly influenced geminis are one of the easiest signs to pick because they arent afraid of social interaction or talking to strangers. they could stand at the checkout all day and chat. they can make the conversation flow without you trying and you dont realise that you’re flowing along with it

2015/2016 Me talking to other Star Wars fans online terrified of backlash: sooo…like wouldn’t it be crazy IF rey and Kylo weren’t related (I know I know alternative reality but hear me out) what if they joined forces and the point of the trilogy was establishing the grey part of the force, and possibly they become the “mother and father” of that new order, if Kylo was to ever be redeemed who knows where that could lead IM NOT SAYING they will have a romance *cough* but just imagine it, I mean isn’t it weird they chose him, the VILLAIN, to actually bridal carry her and certain other choices the film makers made with their scenes….


Me, at 16: *sees some of my friends getting into relationships* mild panic and sadness

Me, at 18: *sees most of my friends getting into relationships* feeling of resignation

Me, at 21: *sees all of my friends in stable relationships and some friends getting married* fully embraces my role as the gay mom friend, happily congratulates everyone and listens to their relationship problems, while acknowledging the fact that I’m happily single and don’t have to follow the orthodox path that everyone seems to be heading down

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a smut with seungcheol, where you are wearing nothing but his white dress shirt and making breakfast the morning after. you dont realise him staring at you while you cook until he back hugs you, roughly kissing you, and then taking you on the kitchen counter. ;) thank you!!

Hope you like this! ;) Thanks for the lovely request ❤︎

You and Seungcheol had a tendency to spend nights in a certain way on a regular basis. You’d have amazing sex, after which you’d spend a good while cuddling until you’d give in to sleep, pressed against each other in whatever position felt comfortable that night, let it be spooning, one of you in the other’s arms or just your arms brushing against each other.

Usually you’d also wake up next to each other, but it wasn’t rare that that wasn’t the case, either. That morning was one of those, and after looking around himself like a lost puppy for a while, Seungcheol broke into a wide smile when he heard you humming outside of the dim bedroom. Not one to sleep with anything on, much less so after sex, he quickly put on boxers before walking to the door and opening it, squinting at the bright sunshine coming through the window.

“Morni–” Seungcheol was about to finish his word, way too quiet for you to hear, but what he saw when he got closer to the kitchen made him freeze in every possible way. His hand stopped in his hair, his feet stopped walking, his heart skipped a beat and his mind went completely blank as all he could process was the sight in front of him.

You were standing by the stove, your hair open and a bit messy and your body covered by not much else than Seungcheol’s white dress shirt that hung rather loose on you. On top of that you were swaying your hips from side to side every now and then while humming to a song Seungcheol recognized but couldn’t think of the name in his current, dazed state.

His mouth went slack, and if it had felt dry earlier, it was anything but that when you reached for a shelf that was rather high and the shirt rose on you, only to reveal your ass along with the fact that the shirt was, indeed, the only thing on you. Seungcheol could still see the marks from the previous night on your skin, and that sent his thoughts to a direction that soon had a tent forming in his boxers. All that added to the fact that he loved the way you looked in the morning (or any other time of the day, really) in general…

Still silent, Seungcheol collected himself and walked to you, startling you when he suddenly hugged you from behind and kissed your neck. You jolted and were about to relax in his arms when you felt something pressing into your lower back.

“Good morning, babe,” he muttered against your skin, and you grinned to yourself as your cheeks heated up a little.

With your hand moving behind you to gently palm Seungcheol through his boxers, you tried to sound as nonchalant as you could. “Good morning to you, too.”

Seungcheol moaned quietly against you, and if you had thought you would be able to tease him without being affected yourself, you were wrong; the beautiful sound of his moan and his hips slightly bucking into your hand had you wet in a matter of seconds as your thoughts went back to the night before.

“You look so good in that shirt,” Seungcheol whispered with an unsteady voice, almost groaning between his words and sucking a little on your skin. You bit your lip, and before Seungcheol was able to even indicate it, turned around in his arms, looking up at him with playful eyes.

“But it would look even better on the floor, is that it?” you asked with a grin, but much to your surprise, Seungcheol shook his head. Before you were able to ask anything else, he kissed you hungrily, his lips rough and needy against yours.

You moved your hands to his hair and kissed him back, just as needy, and tried to stifle a moan when Seungcheol ground his hips into yours, his bulge starting to feel more and more prominent against your lower abdomen. He moved his hands to your ass and pulled you even closer, his tongue playing with yours while you let your hands move down to his broad, bare shoulders that you held tightly.

Knowing just where the situation was leading, you broke the kiss and panted, neediness pooling between your legs as you looked up at Seungcheol’s dark eyes. “T-the stove.”

You switched the stove off quickly, and without another look at the half-done omelet on the frying pan, returned to kissing Seungcheol, who swiftly moved you more to the left, so that the first thing behind you was an empty kitchen counter instead of the stove. With a giggle leaving your lips, you ran your fingers through his bed hair and smiled at him when he pulled away for a while to adore you, his lips curving into a smile.

“Somehow this doesn’t go together with how groggy you usually are when you’ve just gotten out of bed,” you said, voice soft yet teasing, and got a chuckle from Seungcheol. He gave you a gentle kiss on your forehead while his hands moved to the first button of your shirt that you had closed, soon popping it open.

“What can I say, I saw something that gave me a lot of… energy,” he said meaningfully, biting his lower lip when most of the buttons were open and he had spread the placket open and revealed your chest along with everything else. Your nipples were hard and inviting, and you had a hard time controlling yourself with Seungcheol practically devouring you with his eyes; you pressed your thighs together and swallowed

“Must’ve been quite a sight, then,” you said quietly and smiled a little when Seungcheol gave you a grin.

“You bet.”

He helped you to sit on the kitchen counter and stayed between your legs. He kissed your neck before kissing his way down to your breasts, massaging one with his hand while his lips wrapped around the nipple of the other. You closed your eyes and let yourself revel in the pleasure, trying to keep quiet even as the wetness between your legs grew with Seungcheol sucking on your nipple lightly and his hips grinding into you slowly.

Determined, you reached for his crotch and bit your lip at his grunt when you grabbed him through his boxers. You sighed contently at the feeling of his almost fully hard cock in your hand, already anticipating the moment he’d be inside of you; the only thing bothering you was the fabric between your skin, so you quickly slid your hand into his boxers.

“Yes,” Seungcheol sighed against your sensitive skin, his hips bucking into your hand and his teeth grazing lightly against you. You pursed your lips as you started stroking him languidly, but once you felt Seungcheol’s fingers sliding up your inner thigh and between your lower lips, your mouth opened and you moaned, your hand tightening a little around his shaft

He merely grinned and straightened his back, looking at you with lustful eyes while his fingers continued teasing you, rubbing your clit and folds and only circling your entrance, all of which had your body jerking a little in pleasure. A string of needy whines left your lips, and Seungcheol could’ve sworn he had only seen you that pleading once or twice before, and the sight drove him crazy.

You moaned when Seungcheol, while kissing your neck, finally slid two fingers inside of you, slowly as not to give you everything at once, and you let go of his cock, now fully hard and starting to leak some pre-cum. Another whine left your lips when you bucked your hips against his digits a little, desperate for more, with both of your hands supporting you on the kitchen counter. “Please, Seungcheol.”

He chuckled and detached his lips from your neck, looking at you in the eye instead with an amused glint in his. “Nothing good comes right away, now does it?”

You rolled your eyes, but whimpered when Seungcheol began thrusting his fingers in and out of you, first at the teasing, slow pace that had your toes curling, but upon acknowledging just how wet you were, he picked up his pace and curled his fingers, which only made you louder.

“There,” you breathed while he rubbed against all the right places, and met his fingers with your hips as well as you could from the counter. Seungcheol spent a moment just watching you - he was eternally amazed by how wonderful you looked when he was giving you pleasure in one way or another, all open for him and showing just how good you felt. Naturally, he thought you looked good at all times, whether or not he admitted it, but there was definitely something special during moments like that one.

The dress shirt that was wide open on you only added to the view Seungcheol appreciated to begin with, and the more he looked at how eagerly you were taking his fingers, pushing against them and rolling your hips slightly, the more he wanted to be inside of you, too.

“I can’t,” he groaned, and you raised your eyebrows, yelping a little when he pulled his fingers out of you and brought them to his lips. Seungcheol licked his fingers clean with his eyes locked on yours, his tongue gliding slowly along his skin in a way that had you almost closing your legs; having him lick you like that was something you really wanted at the moment, but even more than that…

You took a glance down at his cock and let your eyes fall shut and your core clench with arousal as your mind was taken over by the memories of the night before and many other occasions where you had had him deep inside of you, moving in and out with ease and bringing you to your high one time after another.

Seungcheol noticed this and chuckled, finishing cleaning up his fingers by sucking on them a little. “Just a sec, baby.”

Nodding, you opened your eyes again, only to see Seungcheol’s face close to yours. He leaned in to kiss you, slow and sweet, and placed his hands on your thighs that were on either side of his hips. You tangled your fingers in his hair as you replied to the kiss equally sweetly, a soft moan leaving your lips when you felt him grind against you slowly, catching your anticipation with his length while its underside rubbed your clit.

With his lips catching all of your noises with kisses that slowly grew more passionate, Seungcheol took a hold of his cock and merely moved the tip of it up and down on you, teasing your entrance and rubbing into your clit. You whined and tugged at his hair as you moved even closer to the edge, wrapping your legs around Seungcheol’s waist and pulling him closer by pressing your heels into his lower back.

“I need you,” you whispered to his ear and nibbled at his earlobe, grinning a little when you could hear him swallow hard.

“Me, too,” he grunted while aligning himself to your entrance, and not much later did he push in, groaning as he was encased by your wet, warm heat. You whimpered against his lips, more than happily welcoming him inside of you, and moved one hand to his shoulder while keeping one in his hair.

“Fuck me,” you whispered to Seungcheol and let your nails dig into the back of his shoulder when he pulled almost completely out and gave you the first thrust, hard and deep, and grinned at you.

“Like this?” he asked and rolled his hips, which had you stifling yet another whine. All you gave him was a vigorous nod before he did just what you - and he himself - wanted, as he started thrusting, one hand steady on your hip and one on your thigh that was resting against him.

You cupped his cheeks and brought your lips to his, muffling your moans with heated, sloppy kisses that only grew in intensity as Seungcheol’s hips slammed against your skin thrust after thrust.

“You feel so good,” Seungcheol growled against your lips, the tight hugging of your core around his cock making him feel insanely good and his fingers press a bit harder into your skin. All you could do was mewl, especially once Seungcheol moved his hand from your hip to your breast to play with it, kneading it and rolling your nipple between his forefinger and thumb.

You let one of your hands slide down to Seungcheol’s shoulder and placed the other one next to you on the counter, giving yourself some support so that you could begin meeting Seungcheol’s thrusts with your hips. This allowed him to enter a bit deeper and from a slightly different angle, one that had you gasping for air and Seungcheol grunting into your kisses while his tongue played with yours.

Feeling his own orgasm approaching fast, Seungcheol moaned against your lips as his hips moved even faster and more desperately, making you gasp when he hit your spot dead-on. “Seungcheol, ah…”

His hips jerked at your voice that came out so desperate and so on the edge, and Seungcheol hurried to bring his hand down from your breast, all the way to your clit. With his lips finding yours once again, he began rubbing fast circles into your clit, which had you moaning almost uncontrollably as your orgasm began washing over you, and the way you were clenching around his length in a pulsating rhythm soon brought Seungcheol over the edge, too, his release mixing with yours just like his grunts mixed with your moans.

He panted just as heavily as you did, resting his forehead on your shoulder while you rested your head against the cupboard behind you, one of your hands on Seungcheol’s slightly sweaty upper back and the other in his dark hair. You could feel the thin layer of sweat on your body, too.

Neither of you said a word until you giggled quietly, rubbing Seungcheol’s back. “This is definitely a new kind of a mess in the kitchen.”

You could feel him grin against your skin before he pulled back. “Is it, though? Don’t you remember that one time on the table?”

Your cheeks heated up a little as you averted your eyes from Seungcheol’s playful, smiling ones. “…Doesn’t count as kitchen.”

“If you say so,” he said with a shrug, leaning in to kiss you with a wide smile still on his lips, and while replying to the kiss, you melted into one as well.

Seungcheol pulled out of you slowly and you hopped off the counter, hugging him close for a while as you enjoyed the warmth of his body against yours. He looked at you lovingly and ran one hand through your hair while the other one rested on your back.

“So, the breakfast looks good,” he said playfully, pointing at the half-made omelet and ingredients for another one. You giggled and slowly unwrapped your arms from around him.

“Let’s have a shower and finish that together, yeah?”

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