dont you leave him

there will be a day when you find someone, they don’t have to be a boyfriend or a girlfriend, they are just the one person who can make you laugh when you want to cry, they can change your view on the world, they make you loved when you’re at your lowest. they will be your shoulder when tears are falling down your face, they will be your crutch when you are broken, they never let you go a day thinking you are unwanted. the one who makes you the best you can be. this person is your soul mate darling, don’t ever let them go.

idc who you are, if you scare my baby again you’re gonna catch these fangs.

raphael’s body language in the deleted scene 


And everytime you close the door behind you, I can’t breathe. It’s like you take the last drop of oxygen from the room with you, after your lips depart from my own.
—  Kiss me again before you leave by Iris
But baby, what happened to wanting to hear my voice and how you can’t wait to have me in your arms? What happened to not wanting to say goodbye. Because here I am, in the middle of the night wondering how you could just forget about me. How you could tell me that I am crazy and you are happy i am far. What happened to the I love you and you will never leave? Because here i am, completely alone and no one to tell I love you one last time before i fall asleep dreaming about our future together.
—  I still love you
I keep telling myself I don’t love you, it’s gotten to the point where I can lie and I almost believe it but then I see you and my heart starts pounding and all of a sudden I can’t remember why I don’t want to love you, stupid right? I think so because then I remember why I can’t love you. You’ll break my heart, you’ll make me feel loved, happy, and everything else but just when I start thinking you love me too, you’ll leave. You’ll leave and forget all about the late night calls, the good morning texts, & drunken kisses. You’ll leave me and then I’ll be left to pick up all the pieces. You’ll break me so until it’s true, I’ll keep lying.
—  12:48 AM thoughts

Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Angst

Summary: You were always late, but now you would never be late again

Word Count: 1117 

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(Pretend this gif takes place during the night time)

He hadn’t seen you in a year. That’s 12 months, 365 days, 8,760 hours, 525,600 minutes, 31,536,00 seconds. Four seasons without your touch. But you found yourself here: walking amongst the white sea of Bangtan Bombs raised above the heads of thousands of fans in the stadium. 

You always arrived late to the concerts. It had always been that way. Hoseok had an idol life, while you had work and studies to deal with. Because of all the things you had to do, you always came late. 

You gravitate towards the left side, a seat in the middle of the fifth row was always kept empty. At every concert, he kept that seat open for you. Whenever you had asked why a seat to side and not in the center, he had always claimed that Jimin liked to take center stage. He didn’t want you staring at Jimin the whole time, and that’s why Hoseok loved to move from side to side across the stage. He was always looking for you in the crowd. 

Tonight, Hoseok was glistening as he always did. He was Bangtan’s sunshine after all. He always had that bright smile beaming on his face, spreading his warmth to everyone around him. Only you knew his inner turmoils. He had always talked to you about things nobody knew about, not even his members. You were his safe haven, and he was yours. 

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