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Inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet :)

Headcanon: Kakashi is a very reliable source for “love” gossip among ninja because 1. He has the nose to KNOW when a shinobi is hooking up with another and 2. Kakashi actually pays attention to said smells (not like the Inuzuka Clan, they’re distracted human beings okay? XD)

Bonus: when comrades are trying to avoid Kakashi is because something is up and he must know xD

Guess who’s doing this to help the blog stay alive!!!

Welp, I’m going to try to do this everyday, just to practice drawing and such. And not all of them will be this sketchy and diluted. And if you want to do this too, feel free to hit me up and I will gladly give ya the challenge!

Also,,,,, now everyone knows what the mod wears as pjs,,,,,

If you have regular bad hair days or low self esteem I suggest you dye your hair an non human colour cos like

-People look at ur hair all the time cos its so beautiful
-Cant be bothered to straighten or curl it? Who the fuck cares its fucking green
-“Your hair is amazing oh my god!!”
-You feel punk rock af
-Gerard way is proud of you

Ao3 Fic-list

nothing special lol but they are all harry potter lol

I’m Home.

Charlie Weasley X Harry Potter

tags: Deathly Hallows AU, Fred Remus Tonks and Severus live, Werewolf Harry, Omega Harry, some mentioned non-con elements but nothing graphic at all, harry has a son, Not Beta Read

ch. 6 / ?

words: 18,021

summary: No one saw Fenrir bite Harry during the midst of the battle, but then again, no one has seen Harry since he vanquished the dark lord. It’s been seven years.


Harry Potter X Severus Snape

tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Omega verse, Alpha Severus, Omega Harry, Mpreg, Bottom Harry, Mpreg Harry, possible smut in the future but idk rn, Not Beta Read, lots of feelings

ch. 3 / ?

words: 10,607

summary: “My uncle is a greedy bastard,” No one corrected his language surprisingly, “So he basically sold my heat.”

The Tool. 

Regulus Black X Harry Potter

tags: Complete AU, i kept the canon ages so that is why i put the underage warning, Anal Sex, Smut, neville is the boy who lives, Harry is a Malfoy, Regulus Lives, 20 year age difference, Not Beta Read, some darkish themes? idk

ch. 1/1

words: 5,710

summary: Harry was the unknown and often ignored second son of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. He wasn’t necessarily wanted at first, but as he aged, he turned into something useful in his father’s eyes.
He became a tool to win the Malfoys favors, inside the Ministry, as well as with the Dark Lord.
But his time of use is drawing near its end, what will happen to Harry now?

Win His Heart. 

Lucius Malfoy X Harry Potter

tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Omega Verse, Omega Harry, Alpha Lucius, Harry is James’s little brother, technically marauders era but like they are older, No Voldemort, Alternate Universe, Rating will probably go up, Fluff, Knotting, Anal Sex

ch. 4 / ?

words: 10,057

summary: The chemistry between Lucius and Harry is painfully obvious. Lucius will admit his attraction to the younger wizard, and though Harry won’t admit it out loud yet, he feels it too. The only obstacle standing in their way is Harry’s overprotective brother, James. Let’s not forget the other three quarters of the Marauders who will eventually cause the two problems. Thankfully Narcissa and Lily will be there to help move things along with the two despite what the outside world, including James, think about their courtship.

Something New.

Lucius Malfoy X Harry Potter

tags: Alternative Universe - Canon Divergence, Mythical Beings & Creatures, Creature Fic, Creature Harry Potter, Creature Inheritance, Bottom Harry, Mild Language, Draco Malfoy & Harry Potter Friendship, Mpreg, Sexual Content, Anal Sex

ch. 10 / ?

words: 33,481

summary: He had laughed with Ron in their dorm last year when Draco walked into the Great Hall at dinner the week before school ended for the year. And look where he was now.


Lucius Malfoy X Harry Potter, Severus Snape X Harry Potter, George Weasley X Harry Potter, Fred Weasley X Harry Potter, Blaise Zambini X Harry Potter

tags: Harems, Goblet of Fire AU, Creature Fic, Creature Harry, Submissibe Harry, Sexual Content, Not Beta Read, Polyamory, There is really no solid plot, each chapter after the first will be an encounter with harry and his mates, harry is 16 in this fic

ch. 1 / ?

words: 1,609

summary: Something unexpected happened when Harry arrived at the graveyard. What the wizarding world knows about that night and Voldemort’s return is all wrong.

So I haven’t played Metro PD: Close to You yet, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it and browsing through the tumblr tag at work I was very tempted to draw the MC (as I imagined her to be).
Despite it being completely traditional (my computer wont let me draw TT______TT), I have to say I’m pretty proud of the shading going on here.
I’ll try and get back into drawing digitally again. (I need to but gdi computer u so slow)

okay, so i know that troye ads are kind of old news, but i saw this on spotify the other day and i was just like wow, so many people could be looking at this ad right now, and so many people could be seeing his name for the first time, and so many people could be listening to his music and watching his videos for the first time. and then i got really sad and then i got really happy and basically I’m a mess but we <3 you troye, you keep doing you

  • friend: how old were u when you started to watch bones
  • me: 15
  • friend: and it was your fave show
  • me: yes
  • friend: ok but what if you started to watch it now
  • me: YES
  • friend in 2099: what about now
  • me in 2099: YES YES YES it still is