dont you get tired of tumblr

You blamed me as if you had done nothing wrong.
—  fuck you


Voltron fandom?

We need to talk


It’s come to my attention that some folks have been going on anon and sending hate to folks who don’t like Kallura.


I mean seriously, after all the shit the Kallura ship has had to wade through after season 2, all the hate and BS some of ya’ll fturn around and pull THIS!?

Seriously guys we’re better than that. If you see some anti-kallura post in the tags just flag it as spam and move on! People will get tired of making those posts eventually anyway and then focus on their own stuff.There’s also the fact that tumblr has been putting posts into the tag that just mention the ship rather than tag it (dammit tumblr). So its not always the OP’s fault.

Just be chill dudes and duddettes and enjoy our awesome space ship!

No reason to degrade ourselves with anon hate. Even if they’re antis, DONT SEND HATE.

Anon hate becomes a habit I’m sure. And I know a lot of you know how much it can hurt. So do me a solid and just stop hmmkay?

if and when hiveswap gets a weak reception/one that doesn’t compare to what it would’ve had in homestuck hayday, there’s gonna be people making self righteous posts about how “homestuck fandom gave up” and everyone “doesn’t appreciate how much the creative team has done.” and yes! the creative team is undoubtedly doing a lot. it’s fine to be frustrated. but don’t blame it on people who got tired of waiting, because it’s not their fault that they don’t want to wait five years for a point-and-click game. a game’s reception is just as much a product of its developers’ choices as it is the buyers’, if not more; the blame does not rest on the shoulders of people who decided to move on to more rewarding media. 

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You have a beautiful bog but I dont understand why you don't like stuff like cgl or ddlg. I mean if they follow you cool, if they reblog your stuff its great because they get to share your awesome post! its not like you have to follow them or see what they're into. ya know? They're not harming anybody!

that’s your opinion and I respect that! please respect mine! I’m really tired of people trying to guilt trip me into allowing these kinds of blogs. I do not like ddlg blogs and they make me very uncomfortable when they tag their ‘daddies’ and add gross comments to my posts. It makes tumblr less enjoyable and I would appreciate if they would just leave me alone.

you know what tumblr fandoms should consider more?


there needs to be more lesbians 


Listen i sent them a billion anons about this but watch them ignore them @sinbadism i am sick and fucking tired of you getting on tumblr and assuming you know everything there is to know about every mixed person and projecting your insecurities about your family and childhood on to everyone on this damn website. Barbie already dragged u up and down the dashboard so idk why you literally do not know how to stop especially when so many of your mutuals cant stand u and your politics and dont say shit because they know youll put your fingers in your ears and scream about how you somehow know more than them even irt shit that has NOTHING to do w you

Anyways remember when you argued w one of my afrolatina mutuals who literally LIVES IN PERU abt race politics in latin america and she told me she was afraid youd say she wasnt really afrolatina if you saw her because thats what you do is talk about shit you have no place in and cultures you know nothing about???

Or how about when u said my girlfriend couldnt be black and asian because she doesnt look like nicki minaj and lied and said shes 1/16th asian when shes nearly half asian? And when u got involved w a bunch of non black asians mocking her and saying she uses eyeliner to slant her eyes and squints? Like you literly got involved w calling an E asian person slanted and squinty eyed loll

And whenever anyone drags your self hating ass youbring up other drama they were in blatantly lie about qhat happened and use that as a “well im not getting involved because you did ___”

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As a bi kind of gal, I always feel incredibly guilty whenever I want a bi gal in tv/movies (rare as they are lol) to get together with a dude instead of a girl--I think it stems from a deep-seeded fear that if I end up with a guy I won't be queer enough (& I know that's dumb) and I just get so tired defending bi-ness and it seeps into media I like

girl dont feel guilty. Im so tired of this perpetual Guilt Complex we’re supposed to live by according to tumblr logic. Do you, be a good person, do right by people, and the rest of the world can go to hell. Ship what you like, write what you like, and live your life on your terms.

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okay so im basically brand new to tumblr and i dont know if this is where i should do the fanfic request asking, but im giving it a shot..... thanks and if this is the wrong place pls tell me.. my fic request is destiel where destiel isnt canon yet but sam is so tired of their shit that he plots to get them together, my favorite type of dean is flustered and blushing while when castiel gets flustered his wings appear and/or he disappears.. i know its a typical fic but i need a new one thank you!

Hello and welcome in that case! No. That is a great prompt and usually makes for a great read. I hope I was remotely helpful.

Sam was done. That was the bluntest way to put it. It had been about eight years since Castiel first pulled Dean from hell, and ever since then they had been pining and losing themselves in the other’s eyes, and a lot of times, Sam was stuck in the middle. He couldn’t take it. Eight years of tension was too much to handle. He had to do something, and he had to do it fast because otherwise the tension would drive him insane.

Figuring out exactly how he was supposed to get them together was difficult, seeing as their lives were not exactly normal, most normal kind of situations would not work. Although, Sam had to do something - anything. He was desperate, so he did the first thing that came to mind.

“Hey, Cas.” Sam spoke smoothly, covering up his intentions and motives. “Do you think you could go and get the rocksalt from the closet? The stock in the Impala is running low.”

“Of course, Sam. I am glad to be of assistance.” The angel agreed as he moved towards the closet and examined the practically empty interior. “I see no signs of rocksalt.”

“Dean! Could you help Cas find the rocksalt!” Sam called for his brother, doing his best to hide a growing satisfactory grin.

“Why can’t you just do it?” Dean grumbled as he made his way into the room and towards the closet.

“I’m researching. You know, that thing that you refuse to do.” Sam shot back, his grin now not too suspicious because of his comment.

“Whatever.” Dean stepped beside Cas, his eyes scanning the closet before widening a fraction. “I could have sworn we had some just yesterday.” He muttered, before he and Cas both felt a push before they were shut in the closet together, empty and dark.

“I believe Sam has shoved us in a closet.” Castiel deadpanned, his voice even.

“Thanks, Captain obvious, but I think I want to know what he thinks he’s doing?!” Dean raised his voice towards the end so that Sam would be able to hear, the door locking behind them.

“I’ll be back later.” Was the only response he got from Sam.

Dean groaned, the back of his head leaning against the wall as he cursed Sam under his breath.

“I do not understand why Sam would benefit from locking us in a closet.” Castiel’s confused tone came, and even though it was pitch black, Dean knew that he was doing that stupidly adorable head tilt.

“Just… don’t talk about it.” Dean muttered out of embarrassment, already grateful that it was dark and Cas could not see the blush creeping to his cheeks.

“Why not? It would appear to be of importance to Sam.” Castiel observed.

“Just…” Dean groaned. “Zap us out of here, okay?”

Castiel was silent for a moment, wanting to know why Sam would want to lock them in a closet but also wanting to leave because Dean sounded annoyed and uncomfortable. “Did we do something wrong? What did you do, Dean?”

Dean could hear the accusation in his voice. “I didn’t do anything!” He protested, his voice angry and flustered.

“Clearly Sam does not think so.” Castiel snapped right back.

“Sam’s just an idiot.” Dean grumbled, internally glad that Cas could not see how nervous he was becoming.

“I am fairly certain that this was no act of idiocracy. Sam appears perfectly competent to me. This was intentional, which means one of us must have done something to initiate it, or there is something you are not telling me.”

“He’s just being like a stupid middle schooler who likes to play matchmaker, so just get us out of here before I lose my mind!” Dean finally snapped, his face most definitely darkening as he realized what he had said.

“Cas?” He asked after he got no response.

A moment later, he heard the flutter of wings, and he mentally cursed himself.

The angel appeared outside of the closet, too flustered to face Dean at the moment, so he instead unlocked the door with the key Sam had left on the table and then disappeared before Dean could emerge.


So that time didn’t work, but Sam was determined to try again. It was a bit too juvenile to really work, but then again, so was the mutual pining that had been going on for too long that both his brother and the angel refused to acknowledge.

Christmas was around the corner, and of course there was not much celebration for Sam or Dean, but it did give Sam an excuse for his second trick.

He hung mistletoe above a few certain spots just in case one didn’t work out, and he made sure that when he and Dean were in the kitchen, Sam with his laptop in hand, and Dean lazily eating pie while waiting for news on the case.

“I can’t find anything.” Sam sighed over his pretend case. “Maybe we should call Cas on this one.”

Dean grunted his agreement around a mouthful of pie.

“You should call him. He’ll answer to you.” Sam suggested.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Dean played his embarrassment off as indignation.

“Nothing. He just answers to you more.” Sam lied, watching as Dean stood up and walked closer to the mistletoe that dangled too far above his head for him to see.

“Hey, Cas, we’re kind of stuck a case right now, and we could use your help, so if you want to-”

The angel appeared in a flash, right underneath the mistletoe, and Sam had to fight to suppress his grin.

“What do you need?” The angel inquired.

“I think it’s more like what does Dean need?” Sam muttered sarcastically under his breath.

“What? Sam, tell him about the case.” Dean decided after a frazzled silence.

“The only case around here is the serious case of tension the two of you have, but uh,” Sam laughed to himself, shutting his laptop and preparing to leave. “Look up.”

The deep blue eyes and the emerald green ones both shot upwards until they saw the mistletoe.

Dean felt all of the blood rush to his face, his heart pounding in his chest. “Sam…” He growled out.

“I am very confused.” Castiel tilted his head to the side, his eyes narrowing down into slits.

“It’s mistletoe.” Sam explained as he made his way towards the exit. “If you get trapped under it with someone, you have to kiss. It’s customary.”

“Oh.” Castiel realized, suddenly finding the floor very interesting. “Is it… mandatory?” His wings began to creep out, a rare occurrence that only happened when an angel was either very angry or very embarrassed. The dropped and seemed to want to wrap himself up in them as if he could disappear.

“No.” Dean immediately interjected, his eyes watching Castiel’s wings with wonder. “It’s just a stupid tradition.”

“Don’t be a baby about it.” Sam teased before leaving the two of them alone.

There was a heavy silence in the room that neither Dean nor Cas knew how to break.

“This is pointless.” Dean scoffed, turning away to leave.

“But it is a tradition, Dean.” Castiel pointed out, his wings slightly less curled in towards himself.

“A dumb one.” Dean snorted.

“I would not wish to break the tradition.” Castiel deadpanned.

“W-what?” Dean barely fumbled the words out.

“I said, I do not wish to-”

“No. I heard what you said. It’s just…” Dean shuffled about, flustered and blushing and completely unsure how to handle the situation. Why am I acting like a stupid school girl? He mentally berated himself.

“Are you uncomfortable with it?” Castiel asked, his wings beginning to retract as if he were regaining his confidence.

“No. I’m just… surprised is all.” Dean admitted, trying to hide the fact that he was far more than surprised.

“Good.” Castiel decided before crashing his lips together with Dean’s, clumsily but fiercely as if making up for lost time.

“You know what, forget this. Forget Sam and his stupid pranks. I just want more of that.” Dean did not even hesitate to bring the angel back to his lips.

Perhaps Sam was not watching because he did not actually want to be around to see the outcome of his setup, but he was still content the next day when Dean and Cas came down smiling at each other and even holding hands underneath the table as Cas watched Dean eat breakfast.

Mission Accomplished

my throat is too soft for my own hands to cradle in their grasp

there is warmth in almost every place but here

my hands shake for lack of better things to do

i know i said i wanted to get better but

there’s better and then there’s the easy way out

where i don’t take my meds because they make me tired

and i stay up late because i dont take my meds

and i tell you that i’m sleeping

and i tell you that i’m just feeling the heat

even though i don’t feel anything lately

besides angry and hopeless

all my friends are doing things with their lives

and i’m just becoming my past

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So u are tired of Undertale community? Is it because of people who are non-stop rushing you?Or because the Undertale is getting boring for you?(i still think its because of rushers).Also,for example,if people stop rushing you for daycare,and stop asking you a questions...will u feel better then?(i guess u will)Also i have an idea,i notice that lots of your tumblrs are asking you questions from F&Q that they dont even read it,why dont you make an video answer on youtube so everyon can see it?


Y'all…I’m so tired.
Like I don’t get mad at people not liking ships for just not liking them. I get mad at the logic some people use. Just say you don’t like it and move on. Just just stop. Stop.

I don’t want to work right now.
I am tired.
Maybe i am not able to do this.
I am too weak.
I can’t do it anymore.
I will never achieve my dreams.
It is impossible.

All people have thoughts like that. And this is normal. But you know what is the difference between successful people and not-successful people? Successful people are those who after a smal rest will keep going and will not give up on their dreams. Never. They will work hard and get rest because they see their goal in their minds. They know that it is worth it.
So get some rest. Read a book, watch a film, go for a trip. Meet new people, go workout, move to another town or even country.
But don’t give up. Do it for yourself.
You can do this.
And you know what?
I believe in you.

—  From me to every human being who read this right now.
As a trans boy im fed up and tired.

I’m so done. The fact that trans women (who are beautiful and wonderful) are held on a pedestal by cis “feminists”(they arent real feminists) while trans men are insulted and talked about in disgusting ways is just sickening. I’m so tired of hearing the statement “Why would you want to be a guy ewww” from stupid people with their heads in their ass. I GET IT TUMBLR i get that “men are pigs” and all that jazz but fuck man You all act like trans men dont deal with the problems that come with being a dfab. Most of us still get our periods. Half of us still dont pass no matter how hard we try. And dont let me get fucking started on the fact that people will just call us lesbian. IM SOOOO SORRY THAT MY ATTEMPT AT BEING WHAT I AM IS SOOOOO FUCKING OFFENSIVE TO YOU SO CALLED FEMINISTS //INTENSE FUCKING SARCASM \ ||||I can go on and on about this and how many other things are wrong with tumblr feminism and its views on trans masculine people but i wont but im to exhausted to even try

Anon indirects theory #2

”Now I know you told me not to give you credit, but I feel bad making people think I made this theory when you did so..

credits to you anon

Originally posted by xmidnightfantasy

Once again, nothing here is made by me, I’m only organizing this persons theory into a post, I believe she wanted to submit it to @camren-shipper1996 


My opinion on this is different from what you’re saying anon, like some reblogs are overthought, but great job anyways.♥

Aight, leggo:



“ This is actually an extreme roller coaster ride of relationship, and I wanted to consider all these things so that maybe some other blogs can make used of it right? “

“ first thing to consider on December to january: many people are saying that L started to be close with Lucy, on C’s posts, I think she was tired demanding Lauren’s time to be with her, while Lauren seems wanting some space and go out with Lucy, but at the same time, she is still in love with C. she just want to get away with all the stress. but C, since she could be dominant in their relationship and most of the time emotional, she is making it hard for Lauren.

“remember when L had a tour in Columbia with Lucy on december? I dont know exactly what date but L stopped reblogging things since dec 21, while C was posting more. “

“Camila’s reblogs:”

“lauren’s reblogs:”

“Camila’s reblogs:”

(this girl is obsessed with the quote, she mentioned it in the 3 second fb livestream too)

“Lauren’s reblogs”:

“Camila’s Reblogs”:

“ L stopped posting on tumblr at dec 21, while C stopped at dec 28, and as you look at the flow of emotion based on their blogs,on C: fro demanding time to her love, getting tired, and wanting to move on. on L’s part: she’s tired I guess for all the stress, but she makes sure that she’s in love, she just want a break, and so taking vacation in columbia with lucy.”

(btw if you didn’t know i’ve heard lucy lives in colombia)

“The other aspect is this. I saw that in dec. i think it was 21 also, Micahel clifford posted a pic with Camila. im no saying they are flirting. but i thin, maybe camila is entertaining him that time she was so sad and not getting L’s attention, but L is out with Lucy.

after this those fake messages were leaked

“Lauren’s reblog”:

“ i will jump to january, there were more things here”

“ as you can see. L just posted on tumblr january 13, from that last post on dec 21. seems a long period of time right? “

they also dont post much now because they’re on tour

“Lauren’s reblogs”:

sound like someone?

“ this is her last post on january 31 and take note, she post an IG pic of her hair cut short on january 28, there was a saying, when you decided to cut your hair, you are starting a new chapter of your life, trying to change something or a sign of moving on. Ive read before that L doesnt want to cut her hair short, but she did.

“ let’s continue on C’s unstable emotional state on january “

before this she posted “learn to love yourself”: vvvvvvv

Just a small note: not ALL reblogs have to mean something,  however she did say tumblr is her heart and soul, but still.

“ There were two aspects on january, I think she is throwing shades to L but didnt mean exactly cause she just wants L attention, she’s wanting to prove L that she can move on and another one, she wants to be open with her relationship with L “

“Camilas reblogs:”

shade lmao

“ on this period I think L was still in columbia and she is busy posting on IG about her vacay with lucy “

Thats like the sun and the moon thing, wanting something you cant have so you have to watch it from a distance because the sun and the moon will never collide .

“ Look, on all the things I send to you, we should focus on the coming out, jealousy to lucy as lauren’s bff, trying to get laurens attention and fighting for their love to survive “

“seems like she is giving L an ultimatum @are we coming out, stop seeing your bff, and come with me,or ill forget you, ill move on and flirt with someone else?“ 

there are some reblogs which i didnt want to add, but i’ll explain them verbally

basically the anon says camila said is in an emotionally unstable state based on her reblogs, and that lauren is in a conflict with herself. 

“ T oo much in feb but I think they are on and off literally, you just oick what blogs they post. the important is remember the interview when L mentioned about "being honest,I might find out anyway” and C reacted so awkward. she also mentioned on the other video which I think taken at the same day coz they are wearing the same clothing where she mentioned that “be proud to be with your woman, dont claim me but love me” where I C caught became attentive on what L was saying. I believed that it has something to do on cheating, it all published on feb 7 in yt. i think C got involved in someone but  not literally cheating on her maybe bcoz she was trying to get L’s attention on that period, so she decided to flirt with someone and and she succeed getting L “


now this is where lauren gets back on tumblr, 

she starts posting sappy relationship stuff

then this

the dates also match with their body language

with all these hints of reblogs, it seems like camila wants to fight for what she loves


“and L’s behavior on their May interview definitly changed, while C becomes terrificly sad. during this period, L was on Undoing stage,she is chasing C, cried on the airport, liking camren pic which she hate the most and so fothforthi noticed her on the interview looking so much to C and on the destiny’s child interview too, she cant keep her eyes off C, this was taken bfore the SA tour”


Damn, this is a long ass post. Once again, nothing here was made by me, just organized with the theories a certain person that didnt want to be mentioned gave me, while my theories will be out next for sure.

I didn’t agree with some of the things here, but he/she wanted to let this out.

ty for ur time anon

There's no such thing as "reverse racism" because thats not a thing. racism is one thing. I dont know who the fuck got off saying you cant oppress or hate or be racist towards white people thats a bold and extremely false statement. Whoever made that up is fucking demented. Im so tired of the mainstream tumblr bullshit thats constantly trying to be "pro-black" yet being more so "anti-white" than anything. Why don't you guys promote love instead of hate if you want to see a change? Get off the internet and go into the communities. All you do is hate and hope for a change that you're not going to get by blaming and hating white people.

Alrighty, its 3am, night nighty ;w; dont let the bed bugs bite, they might have rabies. And it would be pretty awkward telling the people at the ER that you got rabies from a bed bug, like gross who gets that amiright? Anyways my back and shoulder hurt a lot and I am really not sleepy but my body is really tired. I didn’t even do a lot of excercising, since i am so lazy. What was the point of this, idk. I really like this glass bottle i bought, so aestheticcccccc the tumblr virus is coming onto me. I wanna watch so much anime, but I also want to be productive now that I am done exams. ahhhh, i wish I could make kage bunshins and just have a ton of part time jobs. who cares if i am going to have an engineering degree, its too much stress getting those jobs and keeping em anyways. D; i joke idk, im being stupid. I want to shave but then it feels meh after it starts growing back but i don’t like how slow my facial hair takes to grow back. I haven’t typed out my thoughts out like this in a while, it feels so nice just being all zippidy doo dah yippee kaiyee desyone soniye. 

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how r u always this nice? i never saw you go off..

my dude my pal, im tired, the world is shitty enough, i dont see any sense in being mean, take your pick

idk i mean i know what its like to feel worthless, abused, bullied, etc. etc., none of those are nice feelings and i dont want anyone to feel like that while talking to me
concerning “going off”, tumblr also has this weird fascination with the idea of being completely unproblematic and thats just not realistic, the world isnt a dichotomy

but i’m actually a very very salty person i just dont rant where you guys can see akshdahds

well since i cant tweet about this, here you go, tumblr. im having an anxiety crisis (which is not helped by being in severe pain) bc i dont think, despite having the skin things and the joint pain and the loose joints and the weird scarring, that im hypermobile *enough* to have EDS and anyways im tired of my joints getting worse and my pain being worse and there is no other explanation for what happens to me that makes sense and i wanna crawl in a hole

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why don't you ever reply to my asks

Ah I’m sorry! If I miss your asks it might be out of following reasons:
- it is a area ask (I can’t tag asks on mobile and those should go in the tag to be useful)
- it might potentially start discourse on this blog and I really really don’t want to get my shit up in tumblr discourse because I am fucking tired of it
- if it is a question I probably don’t know what to tell ya and am leaving it to the other mods (in this case it will be posted in a while)
- tumblr might have ate it

And other mods probably have similar problems.
So it is not that we are always avoiding you specifically, it is nothing personal, and you are on anon so I dont even know how one would go about doing that.

Again, I apologize for not answering your asks. Maybe send it again if tumblr ate it?

~ mod Petar