dont you ever give up

Don’t ever let them tell you that you’re too stupid to do something. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy for you. Maybe you’re going to have to work for it a little harder than other people, which I know isn’t fair. But that doesn’t mean you should just give up.
—  Abandon by Meg Cabot


Just a reminder,

Patience is important.

Remember to take a step away from a situation when necessary, and just breathe. Look at it from a different angle if you need to. Ask for someone else’s opinion or advice.

Its going to be okay.
Sometimes, we cant solve issues instantly.

And thats okay.

We cant always speed through every tough journey.

… But dont ever stop and give up, either.
You just have to keep walking.

You’ll have a story to tell,
and one day..
you’ll have people who will want to listen. People who will benefit from listening.

If i can get through this day, so can you. I believe in you.

I know I’m never gonna be a popular blog. I know I’m never gonna get random anons asking random things. I know I’m never gonna get very many notes on original posts. I get excited when someone asks something or I get a message in my inbox. I know I won’t have people who ask for advice or anything like that.
I know that. but I still love every single one of my followers and mutuals. that will never change.

OUATIW Prediction/Theory

SO LIKE my theory IS for the finale that Will is going to basically be Aladdin (thief parallelisms hahah) and Anastasia is going to be Jasmine. I MEAN COME ON y'ALL the signs are there. 

Jafar and Anastasia in this episode gonna be like:

While Cyrus, Will and Alice be like:


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im so hyped for "taking back my love" it'll be a smut in the end right???ALSO i love your blog so so so much its so great im screaming everytime a notification of your blog pops up and says that you just posted a story ❤❤❤❤KEEP WRITING YOU'RE SO GOOD IM JEALOUS i could never write that well

i am almost finished with taking back my love and yes , its a smut too😈 (and somehow this story turned out WAAAAAAAAAYYYYY long 🙈 like , i don’t know how 😅 it just did and i might end up splitting it in two 🙈🙈🙈 )
thank you , you are too kind ❤🙊 im not that good , but i try☺ it makes me so happy knowing there are people excited about the stories i post 🙊❤❤❤ seriously , i wouldn’t be here without all of you😙😙😙

KEEP WRITING , the more you write the better you will get 😊 dont ever give up , specially if you love writing 😊❤😙
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  • also me about me: yikes give it up, you suck. dont ever make another gifset again. also DELETE PHOTOSHOP U FRAUD
Daily Reminder!

“You are one in a million” This is true, no one else is you! You bring so much into this world and you are worth all the love in the world! Dont let someone get you down, dont feel like your nothing! You are something, you are one in a million and trust me you are loved! I know you have hard days, everyone does but dont you ever give up! You are perfect the way you are! 

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*hugs you* i don't think you are a bad person floronna, i have been following you for a while but still dont think you anything bad, you are a cool, and whatever things is troubling you right now please dont ever die. Dont give up just yet, not even a bit of it, you are allow ypto slow down and rest, allow to stop for a while and place yourself into a peaceful and quiet zone, take a deep breath and place your hand on your stomach to feel you breathing. I really care for you. Dont ever die please

I lov u so much anon. Thank you. /tag later/

Promises || a.i.

He would give anything to see that smile again, to see her happy. 


They didnt have much, Ashton working a job that barely payed him and his girlfriend who was attending college. They lived together in a small apartment just outside of LA. Ashton or y/n didnt have a lot of money but he promised her that he would take care of y/n and do anything to keep her happy.

Ashton saved money every week to take y/n out for dinner at a small diner close to the beach. Then after they would go on a walk together down the board walk, watching waves hit the shore and the moon reflecting the ocean. It was all Ashton could afford but y/n loved it. Soon after the spark began to fade, there no more excitement left in her and Ashton felt like it was his fault that he couldnt take y/n out somewhere nicer. He just wanted y/n to be happy and she wasnt.


 Ashton came home 11pm from working overtime so he could earn more money. Mail was scattered around the coffee table, some already opened which were probably bills that were past due. But he didnt want to deal with them now, he just wanted to be in bed with y/n. 

 The door creaked open as he tried not waking her up. But she wasnt sleeping, again. She was sitting in bed with her laptop on her lap and papers on the bed, studying for a test. “Hey baby.” Ashton greeted softly. She ignored him still flipping through pages. “Y/n.” he said. “Ashton please, I’m busy.” y/n angered. “Fuck I lost it!” yelling out loud, she got out of bed frantically trying to search for her paper. 

“What did you lose?” he asked watching her pace around the room. “Page 5 of my review, I cant find it-and the test-” she spoke fast, panicking. Y/n dropped on the floor with her papers searching through all of them. Ashton seeing how stressed and angry y/n was. “Hey hey, y/n relax.” soothing her, taking a seat next to her. But she didnt say anything still looking for her paper, Ashton placed his hand on hers stopping her. “You need to relax.” 

“No!” retrieving her hand away. “I have my exam in two days and I cant find my notes! Just leave me alone Ashton.” 

“Okay.” he sighed knowing he wont get to her, he lifted himself off the floor walking away from her. Y/n frowned looking at how much of a mess she made. She couldnt take it anymore, everything was pilling up and there was no way to get rid of it. Tears began to form spilling down her cheek, small whimpers escaping her lips and her vision becoming blurry. 


Ashton was in the bathroom getting out of his work clothes into something comfortable. He wasnt mad at y/n, he knew what she was going through and he wanted to help her. 

In the middle of brushing his teeth, Ashton heard y/n crying. He quickly rinsed up and rushed over to his girlfriend who was on the bedroom floor crying. “Y/n, baby what’s wrong.” looking down at her, she wiped her tears standing up to hug him tight around his waist. “I cant do this.” mumbling on his chest. 

He rubbed her lower back slowly calming her, “Cant do what.” 

 “I-Im just so stressed about school and the pile of mail over there.” She pointed out. “Ashton were in so much debt and I’m thinking about dropping out, its just a waste of time and money.” Her voice shaking. 

Ashton softly lifted y/n’s chin up making looking in her y/e/c eyes, wiping her tears away with his thumb. “You’re not dropping out, your so smart and i know you’ll graduate. You cant give up on your dreams, not ever. Dont worry about the debt okay? We’ll figure it out.” Reassuring to know that everything will turn out okay, he softly planted a kiss on her forehead.

Y/n continued crying holding Ashton tight with her head buried in his chest. He just stood there rocking her back and forth slowly assuring that its going to be okay, his shirt being soaked in tears, but he didnt care. He hated seeing his girlfriend so upset about something so little and it was his fault. 

 “Y/n, you need find someone better.” he confessed, y/n looked up at Ashton confused to what he meant. 

“Wha-are you saying.” she said softly. 

“I think you need to find someone who will give you the world and make you feel special. All i want is for you to be happy and i cant do that. You need someone who will promise you everything.” y/n was speechless, she just stared at her boyfriend’s sad puppy eyes hoping he was joking. “I-dont want anyone else.”

“Why? Im not-” he paused, y/n knew what he was talking about. “I know your not happy here.” he said. 

“I don’t care how rich or poor you are. I just want to be here, with you. I love you and what you do for me.” Ashton let out a sigh of disappointment, “The only thing I could do for you is take you out to the same restaurant every week. Don’t you want something different in your life? Excitement?” 

She couldn’t listen to her boyfriend complain anymore, she dove in kissing Ashton to shut him up. “I love going to that diner, that place is so special to me. Dont you remember any the memories we had there?” She said smiling a bit.

“Yeah that’s where we met.” he reminded.  

“And the walks down the boardwalk?” 

“Where we had our first kiss.” Ashton replied, laughing a bit remembering how awkward it was trying to get close enough to kiss her. 

“See! Why would I want to give that up.”

“I just thought you were bored y/n, you never smile anymore and I hate seeing you upset.” he frowned. 

”But its not your fault Ash, I’m just really stressed about this exam.” she sighed rubbing her temple with her forefingers. “Well you need to take a break. C’mon lets go.” he said patting her back.

“Where are we going?” not sure to what he was doing. “The diner, your favorite place.” he smiled putting on a pair of pants. “Its almost midnight Ash.” 

“Its open 24 hours.” smiling at her, Ashton saw the spark in her eyes again and the most beautiful smile on her face.

A/N: felt like I havent been writing that much…oops. (exams are coming soon so I have to focus on that but i had free time today, ill try to write as much as possible) xx :) 

honestly, it just blows my mind that you gave up. it was one stupid fucking argument but when i think about it, im glad you left now. im glad that youre gone before something tough happened bc as much as i loved you and still do, you leaving now doesnt hurt as much as it couldve if it happened later on. i mean i still dont understand. maybe i just “pissed you off” too much or my feelings just werent “logical” enough. but in the end, youre the one missing out and god i deserve so much better than youll ever be. maybe i was a bitch but im not a liar bc i meant it everytime i told you that i said that loved you and at this point i dont think you could ever truly say the same bc you dont give up on the people you love even if you dont always see eye to eye and that just shows that loving you was a mistake and so were you..

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Hi! I dont know if I've ever said that but I'll say it again.. your fic is the best fic ever made in this world and universe and I love you so much and DONT YOU EVER GIVE UP ON WRITING!! people read your fic and should take notes from you!I swear,Royai needs so much love and is so pure and...I cry sometimes.Your characterization is so goddamn impressive and the emotions are killing me inside! 'sobbing' do you know how much this fic and royai meants to me? it crushes my heart...goddamn it

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=O Yes, I am in fact screaming right now. aksfhksjhf OMG THANK YOU!! *bows* I’m speechless. I’m so happy you like my fic. Waaaah I’m just beyond floored, jeez. You’re too nice. *hugs*