dont worry my hairs not that dark

HEY DUDE UR FIC IS RLLY GOOD AND THAT SCENE IN CH. 13 KILLED ME SO I DREW IT AND AAAAA?! remember when Croix was happy for like 2 seconds and nothing hurt? god i miss those days.



Best Friends Forever (Michael Clifford)

Dedicated to my pea pod Sydney; she is a Clifford I swear.

You called your best friend Michael to come over and spend the very rainy afternoon with you and him being the sweet kitten he was agreed.
“Knock Knock.” A voice rang through the house in almost an angelic way. The platinum blonde tossed his car keys on the hall table and tossed his jacket onto the couch as if he had done it a million times before. It never bothered you when he made himself at home because in all honestly he was your home.
“KITTEN!!” You screamed jumping up into his arms; his face buried deep in your neck and his arms wrapped so tightly around your waist causing small butterflies to form in your stomach.
There was no denying the fact you were in love with your best friend, but for the sake of your friendship you decided against telling him how you felt.
“Whats it gunna be today Y/N? Movie night? Game night?” His soft, green eyes smiled at you while he waited your answer. (Eyes can smile yes)
“Movie Night?”
He nodded his head and threw you over his shoulder taking you up to your bedroom, like he had done so many times before.
A few movies in, your head fell onto his shoulder while your eyes strained to see his reaction. Due to the lack of reaction you remained in your position until his phone vibrated.
Careful to not move his shoulder to much he began to reply to the messege he had just received seconds earlier. You let your curiosity get the best of you as your snuck a peak at the bright screen below, according to the contact it was just Ashton. But according to the messege Michael was supposed to be seeing a girl today for a date.
‘You ready for your night tonight buddy?’
The text read, you quickly looked away as your heart shattered in a matter of seconds.
You thought Michael was going to stay the night like he usually did for these get togethers, and also a bit frusterated at the fact he never told you about a date.
Your head shot up from his shoulder and you sat looking at the television screen in annoyance, earning you a questioning look from the slightly tierdsome Michael.
“What?” You snapped in reply to his furred brows and questioning eyes.
“Whats wrong Y/N?”
Suddenly an angry cloud formed above your head as you jumped out of the bed and stormed down the stairs in a fit. You too questioned your actions but you were to upset to care, Michael has had girlfriends before and while it hurt you were glad he was happy, but the fact he didnt mention this new girl hurt you more then the fact he was seeing someone.
“Y/N!” His Australian accent thick in worry as he ran down the stairs to chase you.
“WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME ABOUT HER MICHAEL!?” His green eyes widen at your words, and he took a small step forward.
“What are you talking ab-”
“Your date. I saw Ashtons messege Michael.” A sigh left his dark pink lips as he ran his hand through his messy hair; a sign of his frusteration.
“Y/N, First off dont you dare secretly read MY messeges then storm off like a baby. Second, stop assuming shit.” He quietly shouted making you jump a bit but also making you slightly turned on die to the fact you always loved that he wasnt afarid to call you out on your bullshit.
“No. No buts Y/N, im past caring right now. You want to know what girl he was fucking talking about?”
You nodded softly as he made his way towards you grabbing your waist and pushing you against the wall with a minimal amount of force followed by him slamming his lips against yours.
Your lips molded together like a set of hands in ceramics class; your hands finding their way into his hair. The not so gentle kitten let his tounge slide along your bottom lip asking for entrance but you denied his attempt by taking his bottom lip between your teeth and tugging softly earning a a soft groan from Michael.
An unspoken fire ignited between the two of you, years worth of passion pushed into a moments kiss.
He broke away for a mere second as he whispered “jump.”
You obeyed his command and wrapped your legs tightly around his waist while his hands held you up by your bum.
The two of you made your way back to your room while your attached your lips to his perfect neck.
The minute you felt his weight ontop of you, you couldnt contain it anymore; you tugged at his shirt untill he smirked at you and pulled it up over his head. “Its only fair if you do the same baby girl.”
“Do the honors kitten.” Nicknames didnt change but your eyes did; a fire erupted within your Y/E/C eyes and the confident rone in your voice caused the bulge in the friendly boys pants to grow.
Your shirt flew to the other side of the room, while his jeans got tossed to the side along with your plaid pajama pants.
His beautiful green eyes softened as they looked up and down your body.
“You’re so beautiful.”
You looked him up and down and smiled softly rolling your eyes playfully. “Its not like you havent seen me in my bra and underwear before, or even a bathing suit. I’ve changed in front of you for crying out loud Clifford.” He chuckled softly and the fire returnes to his eyes about as quick as it left and he ran a gentle hand down your stomach causing your to groan by the teasing gesture.
He lowered his lips to your ear and nibbled it softly. “Yeah but this time i can touch..” his voice trailed off but his lips remained next to your ear. His hand ran back up your body massaging your boob softly. “And kiss..” he continued to massage your breast as his lips kissed the other softly then he returned to your ear. “And remove the extra clothing.” He unclasped your bra and tossed it alomg with the other torn away clothes and squeezed your bare boob firmly while swirling his tounge softly around the nipple of the other breast.
A sense of pleasure ran up your body as you let out a few moans causing Michael to feel more acomplished and more confident.
He began to suck softly while he let his hand run down your side and down your thigh, exploring all the parts of you he had seen but never touched.
He hovered over you and smiled kissing your lips once again, you took your opportunity and flipped the two of you over while you straddled him, you felt his rock hard member underneath you and you smirked at him as you slowly rubbed yourself against him. His eyes shut and his mouth opened letting a small moan escape his lips, causing you to pull his boxers down and take hold of his throbbing member and began to pump him a few times. He flipped yall over once again allowing him to hover over you with a smug smirk spread across his face.
You were sure not to break eye contact as you reached down and began to pump him once again, his eyes shut and his head tilted back as more moans escaped his mouth, you watched his arms shake and his eyes roll back in pleasure.
Without hesitation or a moment to prepare he thrusted inside of you making you moan, Michael took the opportunity to run his tounge along your lip and fought for dominance with your tounge. He moved his lips from yours to your neck and began to add beautiful brusies to your neck while he trusted in and out of you repeatedly.
“You feel nice around me baby girl.” He grunted causing you to go over the edge. Your walls tightened around his pulsing member causing yalls moans to increase in volume. You werent going to last much longer but according to Michael’s sloppy trusts and weak arms he wasnt going to either. You both reached your inevitable highs and released, Michael plopped down next your naked body and chuckled a tired huffy laugh.
“We didnt just fuck.” He laughed.
“Michael.. I love you.” You blurted out, in your eyes that wasnt fucking because you put all of your passion into it, all the love you had for him.
“Y/N listen. We didnt just fuck. I love you too baby girl.”

Rereading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Chapter Twenty-Eight - Snape’s Worst Memory


- is it just me or is ernie macmilian a douche

- the inquisitorial squad has literally THE DUMBEST NAME why? who chose this? lets be real, theyre just mad they werent invited to dumbeldores army

- draco literally just took 10 points from gryffindor because hermione is muggleborn. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK 

“He never managed to get all the words out,” said Fred, “due to the fact that we forced him headfirst into that Vanishing Cabinet on the first floor.”

HMMMM I WONDER IF THIS WILL EVER COME UP AGAIN?? probs not right??? jkrowling is cleverclevercleverclever.

“Well, now -” said George.
“ - what with Dumbledore gone -” said Fred.
“ - we reckon a bit of mayhem -” said George.
“ - is exactly what our dear new Head deserves,” said Fred.
“You mustn’t!” whispered Hermione. “You really mustn’t! She’d love a reason to expel you!”
“You don’t get it, Hermione, do you?” said Fred, smiling at her. “We don’t care about staying anymore. We’d walk out right now if we weren’t determined to do our bit for Dumbledore first.”

forever and always deeply in love with fred and george. 

- filch is legit getting hot and bothered over the fact that umbridge is gonna let him start torturing kids and harry has no reaction lol just classic filch!

- she also wants to expel peeves and like LOL PLZ TRY I’D LOVE TO SEE HOW THAT WORKS OUT FOR U

He raised the cup to his lips and then, just as suddenly, lowered it. One of the horrible painted kittens behind Umbridge had great round blue eyes just like Mad-Eye Moody’s magical one, and it had just occurred to Harry what Mad-Eye would say if he ever heard that Harry had drunk anything offered by a known enemy.

CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!!!!!!!!!! bitch. 

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Light Skin Girl Rant

If you believe all light skin black women live privileged lives please unfollow me. I mean have u seen my life? TF.  If I say “we are all black” you say i’m ignoring my privilege. I’m saying “we are all black” and i’m living a black womans life. Where is my privilege…more brain washed fk boys wanting to hump me than they do u? I’m not even being rude because this is what I see yall using as examples…black men like light skin girls more than dark skin girls. This is what I see yall saying everyday….But who is checking for these brain washed calcified fk boys? I been with my man for like 7 years. Its a revolution going on outside….real men are not still only looking at “redbones”. The ones that do are zombies and no one should b offended or hurt by a zombie….a soulless body. Ijs my hair gets kinky and nappy like urs….i’m in the hood with u…..i need to make sure my son gets to live a full life like u….i worry when my man leaves the house like u do….why do you want me to be an outcast? I cant fit in with the whites….i’m not white. Im black. WTF is wrong with yall….how can we get passed the “glorification” of light skin females if yall dont want to accept “we are all black”?

Eyes of polished emerald.

Skin of flawless ivory.

Hair of flowing darkness….

Like a shadow plucked from the night.

She giggles, because she knows that she is the light to your darkness.

She laughs, because she knows you will destroy entire empires to find her.

Dont worry my humble Arin, a Khentimentiu will always find his counterpart.

Search harder my son. You will find her.

—  Khentimentiu verse from the Everlasting Shaman.

kkuzon  asked:

hey did you bleach your hair urself?? cause i want to bleach mine but idk how to do it really idk im just a lil wary, do you have any tips?? ty!!! (also the pink looks so good!!!!!!)


sorry i didnt see this until now!

i got a friend to help me bleach it just so i didnt miss any parts, and if you’ve got a friend willing to help i recommend it, it makes it easier to section imo

but anyway, here’s a bunch of stuff that i learned while doing my hair~

1. use coconut oil in your hair at least three hours before the actual bleaching. it stops the bleach from killing your hair, but it still beaches it just as well. this goes especially if you originally have dark hair.

2. go without washing your hair for a few days before you bleach your hair. your natural hair oils will also help protect your hair. 

3. if you need more than one bleaching, don’t bleach twice in one day. at most, i bleached two days in a row, and if i needed more than that, i would wait about another week until going at it again.

4. get a vegan dye like manic panic or special effects. they’re basically like conditioners that give colour to your hair, so there’s no danger in leaving it in for too long, and it makes your hair soft, so it’s great after the bleaching.

5. get towels/shirts you dont care about for the bleaching/dyeing process. you dont wanna stain anything nice.

6. don’t use anything more than 20 volume beach on your roots. it depends how sensitive your skin is, probably, but for me, 20v was fine on my scalp. 30v will probably burn (i didn’t try it, but i didnt want to risk it) and 40v will definitely burn. since i have dark hair, i used 20v on my roots and 40v everywhere else.

7. if you get bleach on you, don’t worry. have a wet rag ready to wipe it off. it’ll sting and the part of your skin that got burned will look paler, but it goes back to normal in just a few minutes (this was how it was for me and my friend anyway). bleach dissolves easily in water so just keep that wet rag close by.

8. buy those cheap shower caps for when you’re waiting for bleach/dye to settle if you’ve got hair that can get in your eyes or sit on your neck and such.

9. if you want lighter colours, mix your dye with white conditioner. note that you need very little dye if you want pastel colours, but even if you want something bright, just use less conditioner - it makes the application process easier.

10. speaking of application process, make sure your hair is wet (but not dripping) when you’re putting the dye in. it also makes it way easier = u=b

taking care of your hair afterwards

1. deep conditioning is awesome, even if it’s only for a few minutes. whenever i wash my hair it goes like this: shampoo > wash out > conditioner > body soap > wash conditioner and body soap off. it gives time for the conditioner to sit in your hair and it helps keep it smooth :D

2. coconut oil once every one or two weeks probably helps too, but i personally never kept up with that ‘cause i hate the smell of coconut l-lol

it’s a little tedious, the entire process, but it’s totally worth the hair = u=b if you have any more specific questions feel free to ask! mind you this is just based off my own personal experience, but hey, it worked  \ o /

oh also in case this helps, i used Ice Cream brand for all the bleach stuff!