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Do you think the AoT fandom is dead?

well it sure as shit wont be as active with season two lost in the void of the animation studios butthole that’s for sure

#169: He's your personal trainer


Sweat makes your whole body glisten while you run on the treadmill, your lungs and legs burning with the want and need to stop. Ashton stands beside you and watches the television that’s on the wall, no sweat on his body or ache in his muscles. You glare over at him and hit the emergency stop, getting off and suddenly feeling dizzy. He looks over at you and holds out his arms to catch you.

“Fuck you,” you say, out of breath. He chuckles and helps you stand straight.

“You ran for 45 minutes and I didn’t tell you to, I just wanted to see how long you could go for.”

“Worst. Personal. Trainer. Ever.”

“But best boyfriend ever, right?” He smirks and hands you a clean towel.



“100 what?” You furrow your eyebrows, hands on your hips as you stare at Calum.

“Who wants a nice ass?” He arches a brow and drinks out of your bottle of water. You snatch it from him and take a long sip before handing it back.

“I wish I never met you,” you shake your head and begin 1 of 100 squats, Calum watching you with bemusement because he loves it when you do everything he says.


“Thanks Luke,” you smile as you pull your hair into a tight ponytail.

“For what?” He smiles nervously as he peers down at you, walking out your front door alongside you.

“Helping me get in shape,” you clarify and he blushes nervously.

“Oh, no problem,” he pushes his flat hair back and licks his lips. “Ready to run?”


“Wait,” he chuckles and kneels down to tie your shoe for you. “Go on a date with me tomorrow night?” You stare down at him and furrow your eyebrows.

“Why are you-so you won’t think I wanted you to lose weight or tone up when you do.” He speaks as he ties, “I like you just the way you are and-” he begins as he stands and you nod your head quickly.

“Sure, I’ll go on the date with you.”


“Michael!” You yell impatiently and he chuckles, a sly smirk on his lips. “This is not working out!”

“Um? Yes it is? You lost two pounds ever since we started this.” His eyes are shining with amusement as you sit astride his legs and look down at him. “Sex is a proven work out.”

“I hate you so much,” you push your hair back and trace imaginary pictures on his bare chest. “But seriously, I want us to go to the gym together. Not to lose weight but just because we eat too much pizza.”

“Double the slices, triple the sex, and the weight loss will come easy,” he winks and sets a warm hand on yours.

“Okay then, I’ll ask Ashton to train me.”

“No!” He objects. “We’ll go to the gym dammit.”