dont work for free

@qcatter spoonboy intermission with a message to mogami: cut that shit out 

also literal spoonboy

seems like I cant let go of my armor days huh

“youre lucky, you get disability benefits and insurance to help you financially! that free money that you dont have to work for!!”

lmao you mean the money that i have to fight constantly to get, that almost never pays fully for something?

or do you mean the types of money ill probably have to pay back at one point in my life because no money is free money?

oh wait, do you mean the money that i need because as a disabled person in a world where things i need to live are seen as accomodations and not necessities, so i have to have help paying for it, because it costs me thousands of dollars more to have a fraction of the normal, healthy life that you, an abled person, get for free?

get this right, disabled people dont get free money, they arent mooching off of anything or anyone

we just have to pay for things that youll never have to pay for, so we need money that you will never need, to live a life that youll never have to think about.

fuck off with this shit seriously.


favourite shadowhunters episodes (1/?)

1x12: malec

well i made a ball-jointed Sans doll template

but as it turns out i cant get my hands on materials and tools to make this as of now (and probably wont anytime soon)

so idk maybe someone can make use of this since i already made it???

if you do make anything using this whether it is a drawing or a doll please credit me lmao, and maybe show me cuz im curious

hey if i like livestreamed some animated movies for my birthday (march 23rd) can you like this post if you would uhh. show up for it?

i have very few friends in general and exactly none that live anywhere close to me so a livestream would probably be the closest thing i could have to a birthday party

I was tagged by @shoujomomo to list “10 songs I love that are about love in like several different genres!” Thank you so much (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

1. Waves by GAD

2. Alive by Adelitas Way

3. Take me to church by Hozier

4. Marry you by Bruno Mars

5. Say you like me by We The Kings

6. Counting stars by OneRebublic

7. Tip Toes by Jayme Dee

8. Jet Lag by Simple Plan

9.As Long As You Love Me by Justin Bieber (my highschool self is judging me so hard rn)

10. Πόσο σ'αγαπώ - Σταμάτης Κραουνάκης (I kinda wonder if this sounds good to people who don’t speak greek too?)

Well I don’t think i have a lot of different genres in here and half the list is filled with mainstream songs? But that’s what i like what can I do ;.;  and tbh finding 10 happy love songs was a bit hard?? And i feel kinda worried about myself??

Anyway i am gonna tag  @grumpy-frog @satyr-syd @shockandlock @dicks-out-for-aizen @cheetahleopard @sacrasm

i guess i really need to add some new songs in my playlist  ╮ (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) ╭


i’m creepin in ur heart babe ♡

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its She,,

so i finally got around to makin a sparklecare oc n i love her so much

her name is yuni z corne n she works w patients whove lost hope, literally, they dont have hope anymore, but she also works with the children in her free time!

she’s been rumoured to taste like skittles and rainbows

she’s 31 years old and because of her lack of mouth she speaks to the others in the hospital via telepathy! owo

her mane n eyes change colour (as seen below th cut) n people say it induces headaches and illusions if you stare at it too long 

so yea!!!

sparklecare © // @sparklecarehospital

yuni © // me

(warning for eye strain n slight flashing below!)

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SouMako week day 3 : “jet lagged” long-distance relationship or a getaway trip/vacation for two

beach soumako for the vacation thing ! ft Sou’s swag bag and pimp glasses yo holla  (́◉◞౪◟◉‵ ) 

I work at a movie theatre chain and we offer a rewards card for people who come in often. You can build up credits to get a free small popcorn or something like that. I don’t know how many times I’ve had someone come up and say they have a free popcorn, and when I ask for their card they say “oh, I gave it to my spouse. They went into the theatre.” I ask if they have a phone number I can look it up with, but all the phone numbers dont work and I can’t just GIVE them a free popcorn, our inventory is fucked enough. They start screaming how bullshit it is and this is awful customer service; I had an old woman ask for my manager over it.

Another big issue we have is our alcohol sales. We’re a family company so it’s hard for us to serve alcohol at all, and we jump through about a million hoops to be able to serve it. We can serve 5 oz wine cups and 16 oz beer cups, with the exception of our two 22 oz beers. You can only have three a night and I need to see your ID everytime, no matter how old you look. I’m also one of the only ones who can serve alcohol, and a lot of Sunday or Saturday nights I’m the only one back there who’s certified. If someone has an alcohol sale I have to run from my register to theirs and do the ID check, and get the beer/wine and give them their wristband. The most common interactions are:
-“Are you kidding me? I’m 43!”
-“This is so little wine. I want a refund.”
-“I don’t have my id. Can’t you just serve me?”
-“Can I have two beers?” “I need to see two people and two ids.” “What? I just want two for myself. I have to come back here in the middle of my movie? Seriously? This is bullshit.”
I also have people make some bullshit excuse about sick parents/grandparents, demand to see a manager, etc. I had some guy stand at my coworkers register while he downed his three beers at 11:30 AM in succession, then claim he was gonna have someone come up and get him another one

Chapter 1: Jack

eyyy! im on time!

but news! so as many of you who actually give a shit might know, the whole two day a week upload thing has not been happening. its been late, or just barely once a week and im sorry, i got school, life, and a job, and drawing is hard, but give this i have decided

uploads will now be back to once a week, on thursday 

and damn it i will upload on this day. as of rn i dont have like, work or school on thursday, it is a free day, so it is prime uploading time and will probably be way less stressful than twice a week uploads,s so yeah, thursday, before midnight hopefully (i however firmly stick to the idea that its not tomorrow until i sleep gdi)


trying to get particular references of the whalers like

im trying to do research so i dont have to during my free but the wifis not working in conclusion i have to die right now