dont work for free

“youre lucky, you get disability benefits and insurance to help you financially! that free money that you dont have to work for!!”

lmao you mean the money that i have to fight constantly to get, that almost never pays fully for something?

or do you mean the types of money ill probably have to pay back at one point in my life because no money is free money?

oh wait, do you mean the money that i need because as a disabled person in a world where things i need to live are seen as accomodations and not necessities, so i have to have help paying for it, because it costs me thousands of dollars more to have a fraction of the normal, healthy life that you, an abled person, get for free?

get this right, disabled people dont get free money, they arent mooching off of anything or anyone

we just have to pay for things that youll never have to pay for, so we need money that you will never need, to live a life that youll never have to think about.

fuck off with this shit seriously.


favourite shadowhunters episodes (1/?)

1x12: malec

drawn for pocky day (11/11) but i forgot to post it here

makoto initiated the pocky game but couldn’t finish, and haru was tired of wating so he did it for him


Guys…im not a fitness/health advice blog. I love helping sometimes but im an ART/personal blog. I would love to beat yalls asses and educate you on everything the media and ads tell you is wrong but i dont want to spend my free time doing that?????

I am working hard to get a degree to help people in school already. All my free time PER WEEK which totals to 2-3 hrs right now is used for streaming/drawing. Which is the only thing that keeps me sane lol.

This blog is for fun, art, meeting new people, and sharing my shitty doodles.

If you REALLY want advice then shoot me an email. Just realize i can only help with getting healthier. I cant help you cure anything.

@qcatter spoonboy intermission with a message to mogami: cut that shit out 

also literal spoonboy

seems like I cant let go of my armor days huh




Works in Progress

I was tagged by @dovabunny for this one (thank you! <3)

Do This: List 10 things you’re currently working on in as much or as little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, arts, gifsets, whatever.

  1. Caught Looking chapter 21 - probably about halfway done. Working my way through Beth’s side of the drama with as little “he said, she said” repetitiveness as possible
  2. Wouldn’t It Be Nice? chapter 4 - another chapter from McCree’s point of view, set right after the recall. About 2/3 of the way done (please let me finish it this weekend)
  3. Stimulus chapter 4 - fully outlined with some bits and pieces of dialogue written
  4. Untitled McHanzo fic - modern AU (do you still call it that if it’s technically their past but our present?) where Jesse and Hanzo meet in a diner. I don’t want to give a ton of plot away but I have about 3-4 chapters outlined and part of chapter one written
  5. Untitled CL one shot - Bark in the Park! Garrett brings Woofy to the ballpark on the theme night, Woofy sees Anders on the field and breaks loose. I really need to finish this one lol
  6. Untitled Fallout 4 fic - the “origin story” of (one of my two) canon Sole’s, Luke. I have about a thousand words written of the first chapter but it’s not outlined and really should be
  7. Untitled Fallout 4 fic #2 - the story of my second canon Sole, Asher. He’s the opposite of Luke and can’t wait to get into Maxson’s pants. Outlined, chapter one about 1/3 finished
  8. Untitled Fallout 4 fic #3! - idk if I’ll ever publish this one because I feel like 2 people would read it, but it’s my only female Sole telling her story to Sturges (also her LI). It’s almost finished, really depressing, and idk why I wrote it but I banged it out in an afternoon and I kinda feel obligated to finish it even if it never sees the light of day
  9. Untitled CL ficlet - Garrett finds a stray dog. Anders does not want to keep said dog. This is halfway done
  10. The crack fic/CL AU that I need like air - which I haven’t actually started on aside from jotting down random notes but Karl lives, he and Anders are both in a poly relationship with Garrett and Bethany falls for Justice, who falls for her in return. EVERYONE IS ALIVE AND HAPPY and I can’t believe I’m planning an AU for my already overly elaborate AU

I’m so shit at tagging people so: my fellow Keystrokes @earlgreyer1 and @ponticle , aaaand @therealmnemo , @becauseanders@evillyte , IDK WHO ELSE like seriously, if you want to do this just use me as a tag cause I’m doing this at nearly midnight after working 14 hours and my thinking skills are gone lol

well i made a ball-jointed Sans doll template

but as it turns out i cant get my hands on materials and tools to make this as of now (and probably wont anytime soon)

so idk maybe someone can make use of this since i already made it???

if you do make anything using this whether it is a drawing or a doll please credit me lmao, and maybe show me cuz im curious

fantastical777  asked:

You think Obama was a good president? Honestly after reading what you say lately and searching a little about it, i think i could hes not the best, BUT neither the worst, i think is really more far away of being the worst. Just asking your opinion, you are my one of my favourites blogs here because i know more of the issues thanks to you.

Take social issues out of the equation, and what is left over is the same person when you look at Obama, the Bush’s, and the Clinton’s, and Nixon. Their accomplishments are primarily this:

>Hand democracy, government, diplomatic decisions, bill proposals, and crime management away to corporate CEOs, especially banks, and unelected international organizations

>Enable manufacturers to take production and the job market from American citizens, causing mass poverty and crime to increase.

>Change policy to enable corporations to manufacture in US prisons (where work conditions dont need to meet the same standards, including wages).

>Through “free trade agreements” enable manufacturers to be able to manufacture in third world countries that dont yet have enough independence and power to stop our corporations from systematically exploiting them and their government, to stop them from violating their rights, or to stop them from hijacking their governments indefinitely thereby preventing them from having protections of their human rights which dont serve the interests of unlimited neo-liberal profit.

>Increase policing, and mass surveillance and/or prohibitions for victimless “crimes”, in order to increase the prison population for the prison lobby that pays their campaigns to keep them in power

>Excuse Saudi Arabia for all human rights violations, political acts of aggression, and military operations, so that our corporate/political class can middleman their oil (been happening since ). Excuse them for pumping billions of dollars into radicalization mosques that they “charitably” build in their surrounding nations and any nation with growing muslim populations (whether due to already existing populations or due to immigration and refugees) including European countries, all while Saudi Arabia takes on exactly 0 refugees in their massive empty refugee camps. Buy weapons from the private military industry who lobbys for you to do so, then arm the Saudi-radicalized groups and have them fight eachother in order to destabilize the region, and help them along with drones and US military invasion. Destabilize the oil-rich neighbors of Saudi Arabia so our corporate/political class can middleman their Oil, and sell weapons in the process.

That’s Obama. That’s Bush and daddy Bush. That’s Hillary and Bill. That was Nixon. The list of politicians is much bigger than that, but those are the ones I can give you the most elaborate details about (if you were to ask for them and need sources), their exact policies on these matters, and the effects of those policies as they relate to mass systemic violations of human rights nationally and internationally. But essentially, that is neo-liberalism, crony capitalism, the force that will ultimately obscure liberal values and human rights. It is the systematic replacement of liberals & protected people with masses slaves. That’s it. The end goal of neo-liberalism is slavery, and they have the technology to do it, but not quite the will and guts to outright take aggressive action directly for it. All of these things are intwined and there is no wall between what is a political issue vs business issue.

And I’m not arguing it’s a grand conspiracy, it’s not, there is no single inner circle of people conspiring, it’s just the nature of power at work, it’s multiple sects and many powerful people working their own common interests and justifying what they can get away with and trying not to suffer the grave consequences of rocking the boat. Regradless of whether it is the intent whenever they make a decision, that is effectively what the ruling class is doing. Many of them likely dont even know what this system is heading toward for everyone. People are sheep, even the shepherds. Justification on top of justification buries the truth, even from the liar. It’s called a shut-eye (1:45). Good intentions pave the road to hell.

I wanted to add more about how religions and identity politics and neo-marxism plays into things, how the media is a propaganda machine, and how the media plays both sides of the chess board and essentially plays the role of divide and conquer toward the people who take it willingly and unwittingly, how the media is controlled by (literally 6 families) the same people who actively work to maintain as much control of the government as they can, how the two parties effectively work against all interests of the American people and people of foreign nations, both parties do so in the exact same ways as the other party, how both parties support corporations and banks the exact same ways, some stuff about the environment and food supply and energy industry, how Nixon’s free trade deal allowed China to sustain itself as a totalitarian state at the expense of the Chinese people and american workers (sorta covered that already), some side notes about Nixon’s reason for the drug war as well as corporate lobbyists who wanted to crush their the hemp industry competitors, some info about specific weapons deals, info about Saudi Arabia’s money in the US, some stuff about the “Federal” Reserve Bank, and some things about the drug war and private prisons and the Clintons in particular, some more things about Reagan’s similar involvement with these things, the history of our relationship with Saudi Arabia, and specific authoritarian bills that are typically blamed on one party but were passed with a ‘yes‘ by Bush, Hillary, and Obama. And on and on and on, but I could go on forever.

So instead, in short, I’ll just say that the position of President of the United States has been almost solely a racketeering business for a long time, that social issues are a carrot on a stick leading us this way and that for the interests of someone who does not care how it affects us, and politics are swayed more by a single corporate CEO or former CEO -on a state and federal level- than many entire states combined, especially if we started naming names of specific influential people. And also, things are not all black and white either, there’s a lot of nuance to all of these issues, and also also, don’t just take my word for everything or anything.

Also, on Barack Obama specifically, here is a list of his accomplishments:

-He is the first Nobel Peace Prize winner to bomb another Nobel Peace Prize winner

-He is the first US president to bomb a charity hospital, and with 100% collateral damage no less, killing 42, injuring over 30, with 33 people missing.

-He dropped 26,171 bombs in one year, in a war he was elected on the promise of ending

-He is the third president in a row to bomb more nations than any other president since WW2, and was ongoingly bombing all 8 of them at the same time at one point

-He is the 5th president in a row to have increased government debt to a massive new threshold. He raised the government debt from 10 trillion to 20 trillion. Tick tock

-Before presidency, Obama voted ‘yes’ to a bill written by a Bush administrator -who was a former Wall Street banker, btw- written to give themself the authority to spend 700,000,000,000 dollars on banks who were going to fail due to their own illegal business practices that had just destroyed the economy. The banks pocketed most of the money. And don’t forget the 800 billion dollar stimulus bill on top of that, passed when he made it to office.

-He is the first president to hire a private advertising company as a PR team, yes, he is the first president to have literal propagandists telling him and his circles how to be in order to keep a fals image of who they are to the american people. This is was brought to Hunger Games level on the Orwellian meter when he slowjamed propaganda about how wonderful the TPP is on a late night talkshow. Yes, the TPP, the most imperialistic bill that has every been conceived by corporations (and Hillary Clinton).

-Also, first black president, and he didn’t do shit to help black people, he often made them more upset. And just look at race relations now.

So yeah, fuck Obama.

He did everything the left hated Bush for. And for some reason, they praise him for it when he does it, because politics is fucking football apparently, and football is apparently politics. Did I mention Obama bombed an award winning charity hospital with 100% collateral damage, 0 targets in the building, and people literally burned to death? OH, and fuck me, I actually DIDNT mention the torture that the military is still doing. I’m just going to end this here for health and mental stability reasons.

Remember, with great power…. comes


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astrology is so fucking validating to me.. i know a lot of ppl think its fake but thats honestly bc they dont understand tjat astrology is so vast and theres A LOT to learn. its extremly complex. ive been into it for a while now n i know more than the average person for sure but ive barely scratched the surface
its rly helped put a LOT of my feelings into word though. its really helped me understand why and how i am the way that i am. like my 12th house stellium in aquarius.. i have the sun, mercury, neptune and jupiter all in the 12th and bitch lemme tell u it rly fucking sucks but its helped me understand why i feel the need to isolate myself and why i feel like an outcast. my libra moon in the 7th has helped me understand why i can be dependant and clingy but it also makes me a wonderful friend and i have the ability to immediately walk a mile in someone elses shoes and see both sides of a story and its Nice. its helped me see the good and the bad in me a lot more clearly its. amazing.

pyro-zurket  asked:

Hi, I commissioned you about a month and a half ago for a drawing and I haven't heard back from you, you also haven't responded to the email I've sent you. I just wish to know if you are still working on it.

Oh hey. I havent seen any email? though that could just be my error, I dont know why but sometimes I wont get notified when I get emails that arent spam for some dumbshit reason. I’ll definitely double check. and Yes I am still working on every commission I have backlogged at the moment.  I just dont have as much free time to work on them at the moment since I can only work on them during the weekend cause of prior obligations and personal matters. Rest assured, I attend on finishing all the pieces people commissioned me for.