dont watch the quality of some of these


Some good Josuke faces


This fighting scene is a gem from start to finish.

Yes. I literally wasted my time editing this trash last night. I just thought some of you VLD fans out there should enjoy the quality stuff that is Voltron Defenders of the Universe. 

Watch in amazement as all the characters you know and love get shit on by a petty Allura, a hot-headed Lance, and the whitest Keith you’ve ever heard.


while i’m in the art posting mood, here are some highlights from my les mis drawings i’ve been hoarding.. as you can tell i’m really partial to modern au ABC but aren’t we all? sorry about the quality of the photos i really need a scanner :,( also these pages are much older so they’re quite well loved !!! pls click each pic to get better details

if you’re screaming about R wearing that horrible ceci n’est pas un pepe shirt blame jamie and watch this vid of them in r cosplay wearing that very same shirt

also, it should be obvious but joly is my favorite amis and i would die for him so here’s a bonus drawing of him in plaid pants and a nyan cat shirt:

if you’re into anime and drama/romance can i highly recommend a show currently airing called Kuzu no Honkai (Scum’s Wish) because omfg i love it

some fuckin quality realistic teenage drama with great LGBT characters (sorry for the bad cap it’s a poor representation but i don’t want to spoil much)

some really beautiful art

and some all-around awful awful emotions and very human characters that, if you went to a pretty normal high school, the stuff that they get up will hit disconcertingly close to home (though i dont want to spoil quite what)

pls pls watch it

This Zelena gif is my new favorite to describe my feelings.

When your show could have a hot lesbian power couple but choose to make it subtext. 

When your show could have an amazing storyline but chooses something that lacks actual quality. 

When your show takes the strong lead female character and turns her this weak, fragile, hopeless, love chasing supporting character.

When the show lacks so much continuity you question why you still watch it but figure that it’s some new game to pass time.

cutiejea  asked:

Hey buddy, if u dont want to see any fish play stuff from me, please blacklist the tag 'talking fish play'. That way, u dont have to see any of it. I understand why u feel that way... but the music is good thou. Ps: who has the fish play in full? I wanna watch it

I don’t think there’s s full play as of yet.
I’ve just seen some relatively decent quality screenshots here and there

Guys, how come that some of you are “mad” because Taylor didnt host a Loft 89 for each show. I dont think you really get the point, me and thousands others are watching a 0:20 min part of you belong with me in shitty quality and being happy about it, and you don’t understand how lucky you are. You are lucky you attend a concert. I would love to. But im not mad, im just waiting in the side lines wishing for right now.
Please keep this in mind.