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Shiro and Matt for the otp ask

I love this ship so much I’m gonna cry, it’s closely tied with Latte for my favorite Matt ship

  • Which one sexts like a straight white boy?
    • Matt, but only ironically it never actually works.
  • Which one cried during a fucking disney movie?
    • Shiro, that boy has such a big heart for smol animals and Matt has no soul apparently.
  • Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?
    • Both of them, it’s an epidemic in the Shatt household.
  • Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing?
    • Matt, but, ironically.
  • Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?
    • Matt starts the battles but Shiro finishes the war he is always really cold for no reason, actually there’s probably some reason having to do with the unexpected space arm but we dont talk about that
  • Who had that embarassing Reality TV marathon?
    • No they only watch quality TV like Games of Thrones and Walking Dead. 
  • Who laughs more during sex?
    • Matt cause they always forget his glasses exist and they fog up or fall on Shiro’s face or smash up on Matt’s nose and it’s kinda really hilarious 
    • My main man Matt, who wouldn’t want to be spooned by Shiro the beefcake??like???

some self indulgent yooran for my deprived self


This fighting scene is a gem from start to finish.

Yes. I literally wasted my time editing this trash last night. I just thought some of you VLD fans out there should enjoy the quality stuff that is Voltron Defenders of the Universe. 

Watch in amazement as all the characters you know and love get shit on by a petty Allura, a hot-headed Lance, and the whitest Keith you’ve ever heard.


Some good Josuke faces

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I love your drawings but some of your characters aren't very accurate. Especially with Lin you should pay more attention to his features.

oh no i cant believe ive been subjecting you all to low quality lins this entire time 

from now on my blog will be only the most accurate high quality lins dont you worry


I watched all of the shrek movies recently. Memes are fucking immature so this is going to be kind of an uninfluenced review. I dont feel like the tim and eric or what have you style comedy where you pretend to like shrek a whole lot got into me when we were doing this as its a little dated. I decided to take the films at face value. What are they worth?

Shrek 1 - Shrek was written and created by some people who work on movies over at Dream works. Its still pretty good. The graphical quality holds up. Shrek doesnt appear in the movie but eddie murphy does make up well for the eerie silence brought about by the vanishment of each other cast member. Its so good that Will smith remembered every line of it in that other movie.

(Five tiny scream guys out of five) 

Shrek 2 - This one is still good but the DVD went to autoplay when I was microwaving popcorn and my gf made me make it go back to the root menu and the popcorn caught fire and we nearly died. The premise shows wear but the wit is still alive. The last great shrek story as simon cowell viciously tore Shrek to pieces with his fangs at the end. PS: The dvd (issued 2005) of this i have said on the back it was the “highest rated animation of all time”. Which isnt true because it gets one less tiny scream guy than the first one.

Shrek 3 - They made a whole movie but forgot to put any jokes in it. Eric idle is in it becuase john cleeses character died. Do u think they passed in the dreamworks corridor and looked awkwardly at one another? If the best your movie has to offer is referencing monty python and the holy grail then you have to do better because in the first place that movie isnt actually that funny. I loved it when i was 10 but the only jokes i can remember now are the knights of the round table song and the killer rabbit. Its better than this though.

Shrek 4 - what the hell. ok id seen the first three before in the past but this one was totally new. Reality gets erased and Shrek is unborn. A world of warcraft race struggle plays out on the screen. For some reason the graphics are worse. The acting is also worse. Everything is worse and yet i also kind of loved the mayhem of the writers deciding to create an alternate timeline where shreks insidious legacy is erased and where a cool battle happens instead. I dont know who in the office they got to voice the little man but it was scary.

Puss in boots - No this isnt a joke. This is a real movie that was in theaters. No one watched it until I did so this is actually the first review! A bunch of good animators were forced to waste their time making a movie based off a script generated by a neural network. This whole thing is a mess. In the first thirty minutes the only joke is puss in boots says “leche” instead of milk. The next hour will reveal that in every moment of puss in boots’ life he is being watched in the corner by an egg person, like a bad slenderman arg. The dartboard they use to pick fairy tale characters to be the villain must have broke halfway thru because who the hell is “kitty soft paws”? This movie genuinely may be an industry test to see if the audience will be satisfied with anything they put on the screen and I kind of love how callous it is. Its about a cat fighting an egg.

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stingy sweet and amazing? i've watched like 2 seasons of lazytown and i dont see evidence of this. maybe i'm missing something? can you inform me? i wanna like him, i wanna believe theres some good redeeming quality to him

here’s an incomplete list off the top of my head from seasons 1&2 on why i love stingy:

•in Crystal Caper stingy feels genuinely guilty for stealing sport’s crystal and while he could have traded it to robbie for all that other stuff he was being offered he instead returns it. additionally, as reward for returning it he could have wished for anything like a lazytown holiday in celebration of him or to rename the bank after him or something but he!! wishes to never steal again. Pure Boy
•in Robbie’s Greatest Misses in pixel’s house when stephanie leaves and stingy keeps playing the game and gets excited that he’s beating stephanie and trixie needs go tell him that she left?? that was adorable???
•in Swiped Sweets when they’re investigating and he’s just in his car wearing a lowered hat and drinking (probably not) coffee
•speaking of his car in The Lazy Rockets when robbie bumps into his car and sends it flying off in the beginning of the ep and the entire time sport’s saving bessie from it stingy’s just telling robbie off and when it pans back to them he’s saying smthn like “i’m just a little guy who drives a little car with a piggy on the hood!”
•in Rottenbeard when he sings “me and my bird and my bird and me!”
•also in Rottenbeard when he gets sad about sport stepping on his toy shark? the fact that he dressed his piggy bank up as a parrot?? love it, love him
•in LazyScouts when they tell him to go to sleep and he just puts his head on the steering wheel in his car
•all of Prince Stingy tbh
•in Miss Roberta when robbie’s trying to trick him into opening the presents and he'a like “you’re toying with me!” “is there a hidden camera somewhere??”
•tbh?? also all of Secret Agent Zero
•in LazyTown’s Surprise Santa when he gives santa/robbie the huge book that is his wishlist and he’s like “you’re getting older and my presents are getting heavier, so you might need a wheelbarrow” (some might argue that this was bratty/annoying of him but i thought it was really cute)
•in Trash Trouble when robbie spits his gum on the ground and stingy scrapes it up all upset and says very seriously “don’t. do that. a-gain.”
•any interaction with robbie if i’m being honest
•any time he wears glasses (i’m thinking of school scam but i know he does in other eps? it’s like me as a kid when i only wore my glasses selectively aww)
•in Energy Book when he’s like “if i put the stickers in the book then they aren’t mine anymore?? they’re in the book permanently??” Extremely Relatable™
•in The Lazy Genie!!! he feels so bad about “accidentally wishing everything away” and wants to fix his “mistakes”!! and then when he gets the Actual Real Wish from the genie!! he wishes for robbie back bc lazytown isn’t the same without him!!! listen that was the sweetest thing ever i cried about it, i’m Still crying about it
•in Once Upon A Time when they’re first scanned into the story and he says he’s gonna build the straw house and realises that he’s..well gonna build the straw house and he goes “ugggh, think before you talk, stingy!! think before you talk!!!” all upset
•also in Once Upon A Time how scared he is of robbie/the wolf? i wanna protect him, the poor boy :(
•in Dancing Dreams when stephanie’s leaving and they all give her presents and he gives her this small replica of his piggy bank and says “it’s a baby piggy”
•and then really just look at him. his little vest and bow tie and his neat hair and he’s like 6 or 7 years old but he’s got cufflinks like?? what a cute and dapper little kid

in short he’s an adorable kid and this blog is a Stingy Appreciation Zone

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Would you like TI adaptation from BS crew in like 10 years? I'm not sure I want it. If they'll make it clear that Flint has been alive, OF COURSE, I would want it! But if they'll leave him out altogether and the map Billy has is not actually Flint's map... that will make me sad. I don't want supporters of Devil Theory to have even more ammunition.

only and ONLY if the adaptation is like a 5 hour long movie about all my kids having a reunion in nassau. everyone is still alive and happy, flint has brought thomas and everyone falls in love with him, silver and madi are there, he’s still a little shit and she’s beautiful and regal as ever, max is officially proclaimed the queen of new providence island and everyone worships her (she’s more popular than the king of england), jack, anne and mary read are rich af and basically own the sea (jack cant shut tf up about it so he has to pay for the party), idelle and featherstone are married with kids (augustus is still very stressed), woodes rogers is dead and billy bones is still wandering the skeleton island while ben gunn is probably rowing out to save him

basically it’s a huge party on the beach, they’re catching up on each other’s lives, there’s drink and laughter and music and dancing and bickering and someone accidentally punches jack in the nose (seriously stop bragging), someone (flint) probably at some point sets at least one (three) british ship on fire, silver swears he can walk without the crutch, nearly loses the other leg, jack starts a philosophical issue that catches thomas’ ear and everyone has to listen to a 2 hour long rant about the virtues of stoicism and hidden meanings in bible verses, literally no one understands what he’s saying but flint (anne is disgusted by flint’s hearteyes), max and anne disappear for some actual quality time, silver dances around flint all evening not sure if he’s still mad, madi not at all subtly pushes him into flint and they end up cuddled for the rest of the evening, literally no one questions it. israel hands is sitting 20m away from them sulking in silence and keeping watch like a big angry pupper… anyway treasure island? dont know her

so like.. do SU stans think that we sit there, watching every episode, steaming with anger and frustration?

cause honestly, i know a lot of SU crits dont even directly watch the show anymore. and on the flip side, a lot (like me) actually enjoy many moments of it! room for ruby was on the whole a good episode, lion 4 had pretty good art quality, even cursed episodes like gem harvest and the zoo had some cute lines and interactions between the characters. 

i see so many ‘dont like, dont watch’ posts and its like… bro. i do like. i like the show quite a lot actually. i just liked it even more in earlier seasons and want it to improve.

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tell us about the chinese androgynous "boy"band

theyre called FFC acrush and a producer put them together by finding girls who already dressed that way through auditions and they are all super cute! they havent released any music yet but they debut this month (idk the date) but theyve done some stages and their dancing is super good!! defs check them out when they debut!!

links bout them:

articles: x  x and a stage and them being cute w/ a fan (best quality vid ive seen so far)


*********************UPDATE AT THE BOTTOM*****************************

im honestly. 


who tf throws shit at artists. people throw plushies, bras and other stuff but??? a glass bottle??? are you serious? what the actual fuck 

some people cried and others mocked Beiber when he had a plastic bottle thrown at him

but to throw a glass bottle? at a guy that literally has a heart of gold? at a guy that has haemophilia??

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This Zelena gif is my new favorite to describe my feelings.

When your show could have a hot lesbian power couple but choose to make it subtext. 

When your show could have an amazing storyline but chooses something that lacks actual quality. 

When your show takes the strong lead female character and turns her this weak, fragile, hopeless, love chasing supporting character.

When the show lacks so much continuity you question why you still watch it but figure that it’s some new game to pass time.

if you’re into anime and drama/romance can i highly recommend a show currently airing called Kuzu no Honkai (Scum’s Wish) because omfg i love it

some fuckin quality realistic teenage drama with great LGBT characters (sorry for the bad cap it’s a poor representation but i don’t want to spoil much)

some really beautiful art

and some all-around awful awful emotions and very human characters that, if you went to a pretty normal high school, the stuff that they get up will hit disconcertingly close to home (though i dont want to spoil quite what)

pls pls watch it

Okay so

holy shit okay so ive recently hit two thousand followers and holy fucking fuck thats fucking insane i dont understand how thats possible bu to k
So ive been thinking of things i could do to celebrate? Okay so some of the options are:
A) i arrange three ( so people from different timezones can watch as well!! ) movie streams so i could spend some quality bounding time with you guys!
B) i can hold a contest?? So like you write or draw something for one of my aus and i choose like five or so winners and they get a drawing !
C) riffle??? (3 winners! )
D) idk i make a master post of a bunch of questions that you guys can send me??? If anyone is interested??

Ill probably do more then one option but still! What do you guys think??

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I'd love to get into it by seeing it, but I am but a sad teen living in America... But I've heard talk of a movie, so maybe I can see that! How do you feel about it?

im always so sad more people can’t see the london production, it really is one of the best things ive ever seen and i want to see it all day every day but it shuts next month and thats even sadder D: (also and im whispering now so that the lin manuel police dont find me talking bout bootlegs - its not the most bootleg-able production because the layout of the stage (which i could talk about FOR DAYS) is unconventional — if im wrong and there is one please tell me id be so happy)

I AM SO PUMPED FOR A MOVIE THOUGH like sure itll be different and the cast will probably take some adjusting to but a high quality version of in the heights that i can watch whenever I want???? sign me UP


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hey blaine! i haven't watched SU in a while but theres a lot of hate towards it now (and lapis n peridot?) could you please explain? :0 im not rlly updated on the drama ahha..

u should check my ‘su critical’ tag bc ive rb’d / posted some stuff that might explain it better

but basically im personally not a huge fan of it bc the quality went down, the writers dont care about garnet or amethyst anymore, and the art is..bad now…

n tbfh they just. ruined poor peridot. i have a popular post explaining why im uncomfortable w/ periodot [search ‘peridot’ and ‘autistic’ and it might come up] and lapis is just borin 2 me