dont watch if you get annoyed easily

Your teenagers angry


“You can’t do that Dad!” I hear my little girls voice scream from downstairs. “Watch me!” Harry thundered back. Just then a furious Darcy stormed past the door. “Darc?” I ask gently, but my only reply was the slamming door. I heard a loud groan come from downstairs as I walk down slowly. “What happened?” I asked, standing in the door way. “I want to go out and drink with my friends for the twelfth weekend in a row.” Harry replied, mimicking Darcy voice before groaning again and walking ovesayr to me and laying his forehead on my shoulder. I laugh lightly and bring my hand to the back of his head, playing with his curls. “You get where I’m coming from right? I mean, she only 17. Legally we shouldn’t even let her drink, but I worry about how much she does drink.” I nod in agreement. “Did you ground her?” I ask as Harry’s arms snake around my hips. “Mhm” he hums and I nod again. “It’s going to be a fun weekend in the Styles household.” I sing, as Harry laughs placing a quick kiss on my lips.


“I failed my science test.” Our youngest son states as soon as he walks in the door, before flopping down onto the couch by Liam and I. “Oh babe, I’m sorry” I mumble, running my hands through his hair. “It sucks, mum. I studied so hard for that test, and I still failed.” He says, raising his voice a bit as he stands up, and picks up one of the pillows on the couch and throwing it against the wall. “Do you think we could get a tutor?” Liam offers, watching your son carefully. “Its No use dad. I’m just dumb.” He says the last part in a mumble. I frown, upset that he was getting so angry at himself about it. “You’re not dumb” Liam insists, looking up at him. “You got that award for math last week” he reminds your raging teenager. “I still failed the test though dad! I’m going to my room” he says storming up the stairs and you wince as he slams the door.

Zayn: The front door opens to reveal your 18 year old son looking hurt, and just generally really pissed off. He storms into the kitchen where you were sitting on the counter, Zayn standing between your legs as you both watch him. He opens the fridge roughly, making most of the things in the door fall over as he grabs a beer and slams the door again, making you scrunch your nose up at the sound of everything falling over. This wasn’t how he normal was at all. “Where’s the vodka?” He asks, his voice cracking with emotion as he looks through the  cupboards, only getting more annoyed the he can’t find it. “Top shelf in the pantry” Zayn mumbles, as both of you still watch him carefully. He slams the pantry door open and easily grabs the bottle from the top shelf, opening it and taking a big mouthful straight from the bottle. “Alright, why dont you tell us what’s going on?” Zayn says, taking the bottle from him, while your too bewildered to speak. This wasn’t your son at all. “She cheated on me, dad. She fucking cheated on me” he yells, his voice be trying him as it cracks again. You both know he’s talking about his girlfriend of almost two years and you nod softly. Zayn seems to think about it for a second before handing it back to him again. “Just stay down here so we can keep an eye on you” he mumbles, before the broken boy storms out to the living room.


Walking into your daughters school, you thought there must have been some kind of mistake. There’s no way your little girl would ever slap someone else. Sure, she had Louis’s sassy streak, but she knew where to stop. Walking into the principals office, you see Olivia sitting on one of the chairs outside, glaring into the opposite wall. You had a big rant prepared, bit as soon as you saw her, you knew it wouldn’t help. Louis glances at you, confused because he can’t remember ever seeing her this mad. He then gently kicks her shoe with his to get her attention. “What’s going on kiddo?” He ask softly, as you watch her carefully. “It wasn’t my fault, dad. She was being so mean to this new girl, and she called her fat and…” she starts to rant. “Alright, we get it” Louis speaks up, putting a stop to her since she was only getting herself more worked up. “Let’s go talk to Mrs Benzy, yeah? C'mon” he says, nodding toward the door of the dreaded principal.


As soon as Lilly gets out of bed this morning, she’s in a terrible mood. You are cooking breakfast for Niall and your three kids, and Niall has his arms around your waist, with his chest pressed to your back, pestering you about how long it was going to be. You here heavy foot prints coming down the stairs, but don’t think much off it, presuming its one of the boys until your little Lilly appears in the kitchen, still wrapped in her duvet. “Morning Princess” Niall says, looking over at her as the side of his head is laying against your back. “Hi” is all he gets back, before the fridge is opened, then slammed again. “You feeling alright, Lil?” You ask, looking over your shoulder. Normally it would be hugs all round when she woke up. “Yup. Fine” she says shortly. “Is she on her period?” Niall whispers in your ear, and you only shrug. You turn your attention back to the stove, until you here a glass smash all over the floor. “Fucking perfect” Lilly lets out, and you turn to her, raising an eyebrow. “Launguage” Niall scold her as he unwrapped his arms from you, and walks over to the very angry looking girl. “C'mon love, you’re going back to bed” he tells her softly, before picking up the petite, barefoot Lilly, and carrying her out of the kitchen so she didn’t get glass in her feet.