dont want to talk idk

shes done, Veronica out. time to pretend she never murdered anybody and watch a movie with Martha. then move on and work on stealing everyone’s girl. bye.


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Happy Birthday @trintownsentill (。・ω・。)ノ♡

I gave you parts of me that I never even gave myself.
—  r.s.

one of the weirdest… idk i guess leftover things i have to deal with wrt being hospitalized

you couldn’t re-organize your room… it was strict. you couldn’t swap beds. you could ask for a room change, but even with a grand amount of begging they would only do it if they felt like THEY could benefit from it. i had a roommate who would bully me and intentionally cause me to lose points/get in trouble cos she thought it was funny to see me upset and they just… would not care

anyway now to this day i have trouble like. justifying rearranging my room? my own bedroom. it should be my private space, my little safe zone and i should be able to do WHATEVER i want with it but i still get worried my family’s gonna come in and like. be upset with me for moving things around

can everyone stop acting like “strong female characters who are badass and can still be feminine!!!!” is somehow revolutionary…. i wanna see strong tomboy female characters, strong butch female characters, female characters saving the day with hairy armpits and dirty sneakers and ugly cargo shorts. of course feminine strong female characters are great bc theyre still strong female characters, but praising their femininity in particular is so odd when female characters have only ever been feminine, theyre expected to be and not accepted otherwise

im debating trying out discor.d?? but i dont know much about it so im conflicted tbh.

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Rules: List ten of your favorite characters from ten different fandoms and tag ten others.

🔅 One Piece: Monkey D. Luffy

🔅 Kare Kano: Hideaki Asaba (since I love YukiRima equally >.<)

🔅 Fairy Tail: Natsu Dragneel

🔅 Attack on Titan: Mikasa Ackerman SLAY QUEEN

🔅 Daily life of high school boys: Hidenori Tabata (I relate to him on a personal level tbh)

🔅 Ouran high school Host Club: Tamaki Suoh

🔅 Yuri!!! On ice: Victor Nikiforov

🔅 Tatakau shisho: Hamyuts Meseta

🔅 Death Note: Yagami Light 

🔅 Kamisama Hajimemashita: Tomoe

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hey all, me and patch are making a youtube channel! we’re going to be posting let’s plays, podcasts and maybe some drawing videos, nothing is up yet and won’t be for a little while because im moving back to california, but we should have something finished in a couple of months. 

for now we can only capture pc games, if you have any game suggestions go ahead and share them with us! 

@ other fandoms th\at aren’t BNHA : …………what up