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Could I ask a for a cute letter from Midoriya where he's just making sure I'm not over-worked/stressed out and that he's always there for me? Oh! Also, he accidentally confesses too, if that's not too much! Thanks!

Please try not to stress yourself so much lately! I know school can be tough, but I dont you want you to push yourself too much. I care a lot about you. You know that? I probably show you a lot that I truly care. Did I also mention I love you too? Oh wait… I MEANT LIKE YOU. No wait that means crush? I MEAN A FRIEND. Obviously you don’t see us more I think… AHH nevermind haha. Just take care alright?! - Izuku

I relate to Keith cause

  • hasn’t touched a hairbrush in 5+ years
  • he flirts by purposefully going where he knows his crush will be, only to ignore them when they try to talk to him
  • on a similar note stares intently at his crush when they aren’t looking and feigns surprise when they approach him (oh i didn’t even notice you were here)
  • tries to be an emotionless husk but has a million feelings and the worst poker face
  • mixed race/nationality and he emo about it
  • hates doing what others tell him to do. but hates the idea of himself telling others what to do even more (still manages to be low key bossy tho?)
  • does something stupid on impulse. *consequences happen* ???????
  • his feelings dictate 99% of his actions
  • crusty af
  • paranoid as hell
  • that kid in class all the other kids hate because he’s homies with the teacher
  • naturally inclined to be good at school
  • but then grows up and doesn’t even know how to like do taxes or like… socialize
  • horrible fashion sense
  • dumb, really niche sense of humor
  • has to have normal jokes explained to him
  • even when he thinks stuff is funny sometimes he doesn’t laugh and he can’t fake laughter so he just sits there smiling to himself
  • high key a hermit
  • only has like 6 friends
  • gets attached to friends really quickly and gets bummed out when they don’t seem as attached to him as he is (so he masks it behind his emo so they don’t notice but they all know)
  • would protect them with his life in a heartbeat but play it off later like it was nothing
  • easily jealous but just pouts and broods on his own instead of doing anything about it
  • horrible case of one-track-mind like the dude cannot multitask
  • a shack in the desert is like #dreamhome
  • hates admitting he’s wrong
  • doesn’t like when people make fun of him but when he claps back it only makes ppl tease him more
  • easily riled up and goaded into doing stupid shit
  • crosses his arms all the time because he doesnt know what else to do with them
  • once his head hits the pillow, it’s lights out OR stays up until 4 AM obsessing over something someone said to him in passing earlier that day
  • constantly having existential crises
  • wants to fight everything he sees but severely overestimates himself
  • voice cracks when he’s emotional (which is always)
  • (oh and loVES LANCE. WOULD DIE FOR HIM.)

Countdown to Xingtober: Week 5 - Fav Yixing Friendship(s) - ChanXing

“There’s also another member I am thankful for and that is Lay hyung. Lay hyung really thinks a lot about the team. He has many solo activities scheduled in China, but is continuously thinking about EXO. He is an active team member. Everyone else thinks the same way, but we all want to tell Lay hyung that we are thankful. While I have confidence that I won’t lose to anyone in having greed to progress in work, I may lose to Lay hyung. He works hard to the extent where you really want to say ‘you should take a break’.” - Chanyeol about Lay

bonus: chanyeol reacting to lay’s lose control mv (lol!)

recovering from top surgery

-flannels/button up shirts (flannels if youre doing it in the winter, youll get cold)
-sweatpants (easy to take off by yourself)
-slippers (you dont want to have to tie your shoes trust me)
-dry shampoo, sensitive skin soap (you cant shower for a week this helps)
- laxatives and stool softeners (i started taking stool softeners 2 days before surgery and laxatives 2 days after surgery, you dont want to have to strain)
-something to scratch your back (under your compression vest gets really itchy and youll want to die)
-Benadryl helps with the scratching too^
-a cup with a straw (helps if you dont want to move your arms too much after surgery bc you will be sore)
-oil blotting sheets (my pain meds made my face super oily and its annoying so if you have a problem with that these will help)

please stop reblogging this post

i made this post, and i never expected it to reach past like … 20 notes which wouldve been just all my friends who actually know about charm

im very uncomfortable with the amount of reblogs this post has gotten. i am very uncomfortable with how it has spread to places that i do not, to people who i’ll never know.

do you know how many people have asked me to use charms name for their npc/dnd character? too many

do you know how many people have used charm’s name without telling me they have, resulting in me probably never finding out about it? i dont and that makes me so fucking uncomfortable.

first and foremost, before charm dimeshore is a punny name, he is MY character. i made him lonnggggg before i came up with his name. charm dimeshore is just charm to me, and he is a character who i have poured my heart and soul into. he’s one of my favorite characters and his story means so much to me.

and i dont want anyone taking that away from me

i DO NOT want charm dimeshores name to be stripped away from him by people i dont know, to be used for their own characters by people who know nothing about charm or how he came to decide on his name as a trans man

i have given like…five people permission to use his name for npcs but ive given them very specific guidelines, because otherwise? it just feels fucking disgusting. it just feels like stealing. 

charm dimeshore is more than a name to me, and i dont like how likely it is that someone could steal him from me and ruin him without my knowledge

and dont you dare tell me that im overreacting. dont you dare tell me that “its just a name”. because its not. its not

so unless youre matt fucking mercer or some bullshit, do NOT come to me and ask to use his name for an npc

and if you do it anyway? im disgusted by you. you disgust me, and you honestly dont understand how painful it is to me to have charm become much bigger than myself and risk losing him

please stop reblogging that post. instead, if you want to, reblog this one.

  • CERSEI: Oops, I ended the Reach alliance by killing most of House Tyrell, loosing the assurance of food for winter. Better focus on taking Highgarden so that I can take all the food reserves to Kings Landing and ensure the loyalty of the people because I hold all the food
  • DAENERYS: Oh No, we lost Highgarden. Now Cersei has all the food that I needed to feed my armies and also the people through the Winter, better burn it all with my dragon so that no one can have it. Such a practical and benevolent leader :)
  • SANSA: How much food do we have? How long will it last? What is the worst case scenario for how long winter will last? Okay, we need to make sure we have food enough for everyone that comes here for shelter. We need to organise surplus food to be sent to our stores. Make sure we don't take too much though!

Anonymous said Headcanons on how the S boys sleep alone and how they sleep with their S/O? Like sleeping positions

 A: hiya! I honestly feel like this will be a bit comedic (maybe) I hope you enjoy!

 Shuu: {alone}: laying on his back, arms behind his head, kind of simple. 

 {with s/o}: he’s still laying on his back (creature of habit) but you’re laying on his chest. His arms cage you in so there’s no chance of escape. You can hear his slow breathing, and the rise and fall of his chest lulls you to sleep. 

 Reiji: {alone}: he lays on his side, one arm behind the head, the other to his side.

 {with s/o}: typically, you laying in the spooning position. He’s at your back, and there’s barely any space between you two

. Ayato: {alone}: he kinda lays there on his stomach, head to the side, drools on the pillow, snores loudly.

{with s/o}: You know how he’s super possessive when you’re awake? OOOOH BOY hes got you pulled so close that youre often pushing yourself off of him because its so swEATY, even though you get away it doesnt last for long because he reels you back in. 

Laito: {alone}: he cuddles EVERYTHING, typically whines in his sleep, not because of sexual dreams, no laito has extreme night terrors and struggles with them often. he wakes up 2 or 3 times a night and has a hard time falling asleep. 

{with s/o}: usually it starts out with casual cuddling, but as the night goes on he holds you tighter and tighter. This is rare but often times he wakes up crying, its typically silent, but you can still manage to hear the sniffles and you take him in your arms and rub circles into his back to help him fall asleep.

Kanato: {alone}: restless, hot, sweaty, “GOD DAMN IT TEDDY FUCK OFF ITS TOO HOT I DONT WANT TO CUDDLE”, He never really sleeps, he mostly just lays there or walks around the mansion.

{with s/o}: i still dont think he would sleep much. he would pretty much be the same alone as he would with an s/o. although he would stay with you to make sure you didnt leave in the night.

Subaru: {alone}: perfectly calm, sleeps like a rock, has a lot of wet dreams, can sleep all night long 


i guess the 12th house is like a silent scream and the 8th house is like courting death like a seducer 
the 12th house doesnt know where it hurts, i think the 12th house is like a message in a bottle, that just like, lost in the oblivion of the blue ocean and you have to search to find it but its so hard because its dissolvable amongst its surrounding but you dont survive unless you find it. i think its as demanding as saturn. and materialises in that same intangible, indwelling shadow like an emptiness that is so full and overbearing its an everything-ness that is interpreted as nothingness
i dont think the 8th house cares to be or can be ‘found’ or ‘explored’ in the same sense, it will just erupt out of nowhere and inflict chaos and people remain oblivious but its had its effect and thats all it cares about. the 8th house is like the moments the skin and organs atrophy from the body after death, the chemical purification process, that nauseas unappealing breaking down of what is the illusion of us the 8th house like self harming trying to gash away the bad parts of you
12th house people i know are quiet and when i have tried to talk about their astrology with them struggle to communicate their feelings, they respond with a lot of ‘i dont know’s  but really express a lot more intrigue than 8th house people. the 8th house people can be casual in their play with death and flirting with madness. sometimes a little reckless, sometimes indulging in what scares them, sometimes they can identify too much with the demons. but the 12th house people just wither away slowly with an eating disorder like 12th house people are swamped incrementally unless they relieve the pressure but the 8th house at risk if responding to the urges. its like the 12th just descends into psychosis and the 8th is like fuck you dying is taking too long
12th house people also have the remorse consideration of loved ones 8th house people dont, because anyway, so much of their life has lead up to death. on one level, death is sad for these people, its a loss, on a deeper level, its more of a graduation. for the 12th house how can this be salvation when they are already there?? drenched in it anyway and  they don’t know where they want to go because in essence they are already there but nobody else there. theres no where else to go. i would feel desperate too.
at least the 8th goes in conviction of safety
the 12th contemplates the realisation its them. i guess both are exploring the unseen. they are both an access point for contact with the dead.  
what the fuck is dying going to do.
12th house is so full the fullness dissolves into nothing and creates the illusion of being empty

tips to stop binge eating

my personal experience, it’s been a couple months since i stopped and i just wanted to share it.

here are my tips that helped me stop binging:

- realize why you do it. in my case i went three years barely eating and definitely not getting the nutrients i needed so my body caught up to me and demanded i stuff my face. there are many other reasons why you may be binge eating it could also be emotional, i won’t go into much detail here.

-realize, it’s a habit. like all habits they are hard to break but once you do after a while you wont have to worry about it anymore. if youre like me youll worry about the future. “so what if i do overcome it for a while? what if it just comes back again?” and you think very negatively. youre going to need to keep your head up and stay positive!! now that youve established this is a habit and you WILL break it, more tips:

-drink water!!! for me whenever i had the urge to binge i would drink water. after i ate if i still wanted to eat more i would pour a whole pool into my mouth. of course too much water is bad though so please be mindful! i have around a gallon a day and it really does come with extra benefits that i wont get into. water will make you feel full. in my case it also helped replace the habit to just drink water slowly and go do something.

-ONLY EAT AT YOUR DINNER TABLE!! this is actually really important!! for me binges were ALWAYS in my room. i would sneak food into my room and just go crazy and stuff myself then the feeling of guilt came. everyday that i brought food into my room i felt guilt. now just like if you do your homework in your room (which i kind of dont reccomend well because) youll subconsciously ( depending what type of student you are ) attach your room to relaxation and laziness and end up not wanting to do your homework; or attach your room to stress making it a bad environment. well anyways what i was saying, same goes for eating. for me i felt way to comfortable in my room and thus when i ate i felt nothing no need to stop no one was around just me and my bed. when i started eating only at my dinner table so much changed i was aware people were around in my house i felt more productive and mindful.

- now this goes with that^ EAT WITH NO DISTRACTIONS!! stop eating while watching netflix, tv whatver youre doing. maybe youre on your phone and youre on instagram or snapchat while eating, dont do that! youre disconnecting yourself with your food, you become unaware that youre eating and that will cause you to lose touch with your stomach and the mindless eating wont stop. just sit down at your table and eat.

- eat slowly!!! gosh this helps so much. you have to wait at least 20 minutes for your food to reach your stomach so eat slow with no distractions!

- after your finished stay seated for a while and just wait i usually watch tv or netflix at this point but i stay seated for 30 minutes afterwards and drink water and the feeling of wanting to eat more will usually not be there for me.

- eat frequently but small meals! for me i eat every 2 hours but VERY small meals usually a small 300 calorie meal with a 100 calorie snack inbetween every small meal. this really helped the urge to eat. 

-track your food. this was kind of a trigger for me but it actually ended up REALLY helping me. i use the app fooducate to put down what i eat before i eat any meal or snack. in the app you can see the total calories of the day, processed food vs real food you ate, macro nutrients, sugars; all of this made me aware and made me better at food eating decisions.

-stay strong. the first week is THE HARDEST after about a week of being able to control yourself and realizing you can, i started to just think of what i was doing as normal because i mean it was. i didnt worry about relapsing after a week i just kept doing what i was doing and had the mindset that i was all better and that i was just i dont know a way to say it but ‘normal’ you know? a person who doesnt think about food all day who eats because theyre hungry and eats normal sized meals. after the first week i just thought of myself as normal because i knew i would have constant stress and worry and be thinking about the next meal if i didnt.

-you can eat what youre craving. this was kind of hard and it was definitely a trust game with my mind and body. once youve seen that you can control your binges for at least 2 days feel free to just have a little bit of what you crave, just learn to eat it slowly and distraction free, take it all in.

- replace your junk food! junk food is a trigger it really is. i dont eat it AT ALL. it is waaayy too much of a stressor for me. be mindful of your eating habits and how healthy they are. replace your chips for vegetables or fruit!

* for me: veganism. it was such a great help and made me feel better and made me only binge on ‘healthy foods’. i would start to binge on some sort of fruit or veggie and halfway through just stop because i didnt really want to. i put a little star on this one because it’s optional but i super duper recommend going vegan it’s so good for you and the planet. i wont go into this because this isnt a ‘why to go vegan’ haha


that is all my tips that helped me get over binges. i went though my whole journey super positive no matter how hard it got, and that’s what really got me through this. i really do hope this helped. youre not alone remember that, you are strong and can do anything you set your mind to <3 

Domestic Minseok

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-this man is Captain Relationship 

-he knows it All 

-he makes you feel like you’re the only person in the world 

-he makes you breakfast almost every morning 

-i need to find an order to this 

-okay so 

-when he first found out he liked you he was actually very confident 

-he knew you knew everyone knew but he. wouldn’t. ask. you. out. 

-so y’all just flirted for months and then one day while y’all were out he out of nowhere asked you to be his girlfriend 

-”listen we’ve been talking for months and I’m getting tired of acting like i don’t wanna be with you, will you please be my girlfriend/boyfriend?”

-you were blushin he was blushin but you agreed 


-not a huge supporter of pda but he likes holding your hand in public because he wants people to know that you two are together 

-he likes grocery shopping in the morning and WILL drag you with him 

-he talks during movies and if you get onto him he only talks louder 

-saturdays are meant for grocery shopping in the morning and cleaning for the rest of the day 

-sundays are for napping and only napping 

-hes a cuddler 

-he nuzzles his face into your neck and will sleep for days 

-he really likes to cook with you 

-you two will sing at the top of your lungs and dance all while trying not to burn the food 

-sometimes he’ll come home to you cooking and his heart melts fifty times over 

-he’ll walk over to you and backhug you and be all cute and shit you know 

-he cooks shirtless almost all the time because he likes it when you kiss between his shoulder blades 

-he gets really sad when he has to leave for tour or he has long schedules but he gets so happy when he comes back because you are always sosososo happy to see him 

-he lives for when you two get up at the same time and brush your teeth and wash your face together 

-that sounds weird but he thinks its Prime couple things 

-when you refuse to kiss him before you brush your teeth he waits outside the bathroom until you come out and then gives you the sweetest kiss 

-if you haven’t noticed he likes kisses 

-this is gonna be a little nsfw

-hes a rough dude 

-he likes biting 

-and scratching 

-you always know when hes turned on

-he bites his lip and sticks his tongue in his cheek 

-probably into light bondage 

-he leaves kisses up and down your body 

-loses his mind when you leave hickeys on him 

-smirks when the other members notice them 

-he can be sweet too 

-but most of the time he gets shit done


-hes a hard worker but he loves to come home and just chill with you 

-when he writes he always writes about you 

-when he works late he likes when you come and visit him and bring him food 

-when you go to the studio and just sit with him he works so much more efficiently 

-sometimes he turns around and he finds you pass out of the couch he smiles and feel his heart grow 1000000 sizes 

-but he also feels a little sad because you’re there with him asleep on the hard ass couch 

-so he shuts down all his work and cuddles with you on the couch 

-those are the nights he sleeps the best even though hes on the hard ass couch 

-one night you went to visit him at the studio and he was having a Mental Breakdown 

-you got really nervous and tried to talk to him 

-he was crying really hard and you could barely understand him but you somewhat understood “the comeback is really challenging” and “i feel so worthless because” and you got nothing else 

-you somehow made your way onto his lap and he had his head in your neck and was just crying his heart out 

-he fell asleep soon and you somehow got him onto the couch 

-yall slept until well into the next morning 

-he woke up first the next day and when he saw you asleep on his chest he knew he wanted to marry you 

-so you two stayed together the whole next day and his urge to propose became stronger 

-so when you went home he RAN to the ring store and bought you the most beautiful ring 

-he spent the next couple days calling your parents to make sure he had their blessings 

-when he proposed it was in the morning when you were cooking him breakfast after he had a long day the day before and he just dropped to his knee and asked you to be his wife while the bacon burned 

-he still ate it because he loves you and your burnt bacon 

-he was so invested in the wedding he helped plan everything except the dress/tux

-he was so excited to see you in a dress/tux

-when the wedding day came he was so excited and all smiles 

-when you walked down the isle he smiled so big 

-he held your hands so gentle and his vows were so softly spoken and beautiful 

-he slid your ring onto your hand and he cried a little 

-when you two walked down the isle everyone had tears in their eyes because everyone could see that you were in love 

-yalls first dance made everyone including you two cry 

-if you wore a dress

-he wanted to do the guarder 

-he spent a little too much time underneath that dress 

-you had a few bruises and he came out from under the dress with the guarder in between his teeth and a HUGE smirk on his face 

-when its time for you two to go you GO 

-yall end up going to Hawaii and its so nice 

-the first day yall dont go anywhere;;;))))

-but AFTER that yall go everywhere and have a great time 

-yall take cute pictures of each other 

-instagram lookin real good for the next couple weeks 

-he wants to have kids soon 

-about six months into the marriage you’re pregnant 

-and hes sososososo happy because hes gonna have a BABY

-your pregnancy goes pretty easy and hes super supportive the entire time 

-whatever you need hes got it 

-when the baby comes hes super calm 

-he holds your hand the entire time and helps with your breathing 

-when he holds the baby for the first time he cries so hard 

-hes such a good dad 

-he makes sure the baby is taken care of 

-has no problem with getting up in the middle of the night to feed the baby or change their diaper 

-wowowow minseok is such a good dad and husband you really lucked out;;)))

going on vacation with tom would include

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  • he being so excited he starts packing months in advance
  • he has to take out half of his stuff out of the suitcase ‘cause the weather changed and his clothes are too cold
  • taking as many extra batteries and memory cards for the camera because he wants to document everything
  • and with everything I do mean everything
  • ‘‘hey y/n do you think this would be a good angle for us when we get there in the airport, I thought slightly up with-’‘ ‘‘tom I am on the toilet, can you do this later?’‘
  • having almost three full suitcases eventhough you’re going for a week
  • ‘‘should I bring the spiderman suit’‘ ‘‘no tom’‘
  • you throwing the spidersuit out of your suitcase cause he thought ‘you wouldn’t notice’
  • you getting all the important stuff like pasports and chargers for in the bag in the plane. 
  • saying goodbye to tessa like 3000 times before actually leaving
  • enjoying the airport food eventhough it is expensive as hell but whatever you’re going on vacation
  • sleeping on the plane exept for tom because he is hyper af
  • harrison face timing you two when you get there to ask if the flight was good
  • you wanting to take photo’s of your surroundings but tom keeps popping his head into the frame 
  • heading the wrong way because you two read the map wrong but ending up in a beautiful place with the best sunset ever
  • pillowfight in the hotel
  • planning out the next day because you don’t want to get lost again
  • ordering way too much roomservice
  • tom wanting to watch spiderman but the only spiderman movie they have is the one with toby maguire
  • tom calling the front desk why they dont have spiderman homecoming
  • taking hundreds of photos of eachother next to monuments and pretty places and asking strangers if they can take some of you
  • tom freerunning around the place like the kid he is
  • ending up finding the spiderman mask at the bottom of the suitcase 
  • tom vlogging a whole day in the spiderman mask
  • being tired at the end of the week but it was amazing so it was worth it

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//whispering let it get out of hand

(referencing this post)


SEE MICHAEL ISN’T ACTUALLY A SPY!! i like to think he was recruited as a handler after hacking into university files and erasing student loans. he became a bit of a name on the deep web, successfully stealing shitloads of money and distributing it cleverly over various charities, never getting caught. well. almost. 

director Jenna Rolan basically breaks into his shitty apartment flanked by two scary looking beautiful individuals (aka agents Jake and Brooke). apparently he’s been put on a hitlist for being a high profile goodie goodie, and she offers him protection on the condition that he start working for them. Michael, not in the mood to die and kinda in the mood to being an awesome Q, accepts.

so he gets accepted under the handler division of the organization led by Chloe, and he does incredible work alongside other fellow handler Rich and weapons expert/lead equipment engineer Christine. he does a fantastic job yelling in brooke and jake’s ears about what to do while simultaneously hacking into cctv cameras and encrypted connections to keep his agents alive. no, michael didnt expect that hed end up with this job, but he helps put the bad guys behind bars and he does his job WELL.

ENTER JEREMY HEERE. the only son of a wealthy but evil woman looking to sell state secrets/nuclear launch codes/[insert evil thing] to the highest bidder.  suspecting that jeremy might have important intel, they convene at a dinner/auction/[insert thing rich people go to in spy movies]. michael is in a van outside with at least eight screens while brooke and jake are decked out in fancy clothes, shmoozing their way through rich people, until finally, they find jeremy.

it’s a classic honeypot maneuver, simple and straight to the point. or so they thought, because Brooke goes in for the kill only to get stammers and apologies. prepared for this possibility, they send in Jake who michael would gladly sleep with if rich wouldnt kill him, but Jake is turned down.

(“Think he’s ace? Does he ping on your acedar?” Michael asks Christine as he frantically hacks into CCTV, keeping an eye on Jeremy while Brooke and Jake figure out another gameplan.

“Acedar?” Christine says, unimpressed. “He could be. But, do you want my honest, professional opinion?”

“Go for it, Chris,” Chloe says, also on the line. “If we lose him tonight, that’s another month of nothing. Any opinions at this point are essential.”

“He seems–nervous,” Christine says. On Michael’s screen, he sees Jeremy by an extravagant potted plant downing flutes of champagne like it’s nobody’s business. “You know how Brooke and Jake are beautiful but a little intimidating? Yeah. I think he’s nervous.”

“We need this intel now,” Jenna sighs. “Do we have any beautiful, non intimidating agents who can take one for the team?” 

“I have–” Rich says. “An Idea.”)

which ends with Michael in a suit (”Why do we have this?? Why is it perfectly my size??” “You’re the one who always says to have at least seventy backup plans, M.”) tailing after Jeremy at a party thats more expensive than all the money Michael has stolen over the course of his life.

i dont want to go too much into this because then thatd mean id have to just buck up and write a fic, but by the time michael gets to jeremy, the poor kid is hammered. and a crying a little bit. they end up sitting on the floor of this fancy fancy bathroom while jeremy maybe pours his soul out to michael about how this always happens. he Knew brooke and jake were spies because this always happens. it’s always beautiful people who want to sleep with him not because he’s anything, but because his mom is gonna destroy the world. and he’s totally up for thwarting his mom!!! but his self esteem is just shit tonight and he couldnt take it and oh god, michael, im a bad person. im a bad person and i dont matter, really, and nobody would care at all. nobody.

(“Hey,” Michael says. His heart is breaking because Jeremy seems like an great guy stuck in a horrible life. “I’ve only known you for three hours, not including where I pulled up your entire existence from everything you’ve ever done on the internet, but. But I think you’re a good person. I care.”

“No you don’t,” Jeremy sniffles, head pillowed against Michael’s shoulder as he takes a swig from a bottle of champagne, though his nose wrinkles when he remembers that Michael had emptied it and replaced it with water. “You just want the intel. Which, you know what,” he fishes something out of his pocket. A USB. “Here. Take it. It’s what you guys are looking for and more. I’ve been compiling a record of every transaction my mother has made in the past year. Put her away, for fuck’s sake.”

“Shit,” Michael says. Everybody in his earpiece also says it. “Jeremy. Thank you.”

“Whatever,” he grumbles. “Time for you to go now. Go and save the world. Bye, bye.”

“Fuck that, do you have a phone?”)

and thus begins the friendship between jeremy and michael. so much more happens after this, but if i think about THAT. this will get so out of hand im going to need eight hands.

GOT7 When They Mention You In An Interview


He was doing a “we got married” season and just as they were both eating from a tub of icecream his co-star asks
“Isnt y/n the jealous type?”
He takes the spoon out of his mouth and smiles at the thought of you, “She is the jealous type, but I dont think I’ve given her a reason to be jealous”
“You told her about the show and everything then?”
“Yeah, she’s understanding about a lot of things, I’m the one that gets more jealous actually.”

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“Comebacks take a lot of time, how do you manage?”
“All of the members really spread the work so it doesn’t become too overwhelming” he smiles a bit “It’s good to have a support system”
“I dont mean to pry, but y/n does seem to be a good support, recently we even saw her bring all the staff coffee”
“She really does lighten the burden” he sincerely answers.

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Jackson has never been known to keep his mouth shut, and management knew it - so when they told him precisely to try and not mention you - they expected nothing promising.
“Y/n really loves sport” he says, taking the mic from Bambam, who starts laughing. “Hello Counselor” episode was dealing with an overexcerising case and Jackson knew about the passion to work out physically because of you.
The interviewers bursted out laughing because they were expecting to pressure him to mention you, but it seems he did that on his own
“but she always takes a break during the week, so maybe if you are passionate enough you should at least take a break. Your body will thank you for it”

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Jinyoung starts to laugh as the interiewers begin drilling him about his recent vacation that he took with you.
“many people are as speculating you two are serious, but i would like to hear it from you.”
“We did take a trip and I was expecting a lot of speculations. Y/n is a very good friend -”
“Ayyyy” the Interviewers whine causing Jinyoung to smile more
“..and an amazing partner - and that is all i will say.”

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He goes on vlive, telling Jinyoung to hold the camera for him as he answers questions from the fans.
“I am doing well, you guys will have to wait for our comeback but we promise to work hard to make all of you proud”
He laughs as your name fills the comment section, searching for a question that doesnt contain your name
“Um - i’m healthy guys, dont -”
“Yah, they don’t want to know how you are they want to know how y/n is” Jinyoung starts inutrupting and smiling as he sees Younjae laugh nervously and throw his head back.
“You guys are very persistant on it. She’s fine, she cant be here because of the tour dates and practice but im sure she misses you guys too.” he smiles not beliveing how supportive his fans were.

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“So the fans found a female figure recently taking all of your pictures” the interviewer jokes “any comments on that?”
“I’m impressed at the eye sight of our fans and the quality of photos nowadays” Bambam answers half laughing.
“Y/n takes a lot of our social media pictures and it’s nice to have a friend like her” Jackson replies.
“Yeah she’s a great friend” Yugyeom adds with a bit of teasing for Bambam,
“Y/n takes really good pictures, I asked JYP to hire her our photographer. Plus it’ll mean more time with-”
“Bam, dont you think you’re saying too much?” Youngjae asks.

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“So yugyeom being the maknae is it easy to just ask your hyungs about things?”
“About what things?”
“Like shaving and how to flirt and girls”
“oh girls” they other boys muse on.
“You want to get me in trouble” he laughs looking at the interviewer, “The hyungs help me with a lot of stuff but not things like girls, i dont think they’re that experienced”
*savage maknae mode on*

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How To Gain Muscles

Yeah yeah there will be a million articles out there but this is the one which will point out the things others rarely do. 

1. Don’t stress -  You might find it hard to believe but your mental health contributes a damn lot to your physical health and body. Stay away from negative people or those who make you sad. Get out of that bad relationship. After years of ups and down, I’ve seen the difference it makes to your physical body. To give you the latest stat, I gained 11 pounds of muscle in 6 months after cutting off with someone negative which is pretty much the MAX a human body is capable of. I suggest you also take a 15-20 minute break each day during which you should just have some tea (or literally whatever else you like) and listen to calm music and not thing of anything negative.

2. Sleep - Your sleep is as important as your workout, if not more. You workout in the gym but you gain muscles in your bed when you sleep. I try to sleep for atleast 10 hours a night for atleast 5 nights a week. Don’t think much about the numbers, just know that if you gotta wake up early, go to bed early. If not then go to bed at your own pace and just sleep for as long as your body may want. If you don’t do this then simply kiss your muscle gain goodbye, it just wont happen no matter how much you workout at the gym.

3. Diet - As someone who goes to a Uni to study nutrition, I know some shit and I found out 2 ways to gain muscles via your diet. I wont give you any plans to stick to because I dont like those. I don’t want to live everyday calculating around how much I ate and stuff. I am not a professional bodybuilder, I dont want to go through all that everyday so what I did instead was - Calculate how much I actually eat on average per day, then adjust my workout according to what I eat. The normal way of doing this is that you workout and then take a surplus diet. I live alone and am too busy with work to alter my diet and I’m sure many others have the same problem so instead just take an average of how much you eat and adjust your workout amount accordingly. Workout less if you have to because of your diet - you’ll still gain more muscle this way than the other way around. The second thing I want you to do is, eat a bowl of porriage with every meal. I’ve tried many things and I think porriage is the fastest and best thing that works. I don’t take any protein shakes. Porriage is cheap and so is oats and bananas in which I throw in the porriage. That’s all I need with occasional chicken breasts every once a week or maybe once in 2, whenever I feel like going to the shop to buy it.

4. Skip Gym - Yes you heard that right. Pay close attention to how your body is feeling. If you’re still feeling the pain from the other day, don’t workout. Specially, don’t workout the part which hurts. I try to workout every body part 2 times a week. So if my arms are still hurting from the previous day’s workout, I either take an off or workout my legs the next day without putting any load on my arms. I wouldn’t do chest or back either since indirectly your arms are working as well while doing those. I would give priority to proper rest for my body parts over another workout always.

That’s it. That’s all I gotta say, don’t wanna make things much complicated. Just follow these tips and you will gain muscles. 

If you’re somone who dont have the time to go to the gym and still wanna gain muscles, here a thing for you:

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What do you think?? A. Niall likes Harry more. B. Harry likes Niall more.

LISTEN! I know it’s been a wild ride over the years..

I MEAN.. remember when Harry seemed oblivious -

to doofus Nialler’s advances-minus-a-preamble?

AND THEN Harold seemed to get the hint?

AND both of them seemed to be on the same page?

BUT THEN Harold seemed to be wanting for MORE -

AND his PDA sorta seemed TOO MUCH -

for dear nialler to handle?

BUT THEN there came a time when Harold’s silliness was too cute to resist and Niall simply rolled with it?

AND THEN Harry decided to take it up a notch -

to such an extent that Niall seemed indifferent about it?

AND THIS became the new normal?

SO NORMAL that later WE were the ones who got SHOOK by their PDA?

AND although we dont see it these days, their love saga still continues..

Your question is SO UNFAIR @victorianblush ! L O O K at these lovebirds -

AND you tell me- A? or B?

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2, 4, 8 for romantic prinxiety, please, if you wouldn't mind. maybe they have a fight and virgil feels anxious about it and roman doesnt understand why he's being distant again and at first he's confused and upset but then starts acting rlly soft and gentle once he realizes the reason? you dont have to write it if you dont want to

2. “Baby, you’re not a bother.” - “I’m too needy, you don’t deserve it.”
4. “Did you just hiss at me?” - “Are you judging me?”
8. “I just wanted an easy day with my boyfriend/girlfriend. Is that too much to ask?”


“God, Virgil! I just wanted an easy day with my boyfriend. Is that too much to ask?”

Virgil glared at the floor, and chewed his lip trying to bite back his snarky remarks.

Today was a particularly bad day, and he was taking it out on innocent Roman which of course escalated into a stupid fight. Now here they are.


Roman tried to step towards Virgil, but stopped once he heard a strange sound.

“Did you..Did you just hiss at me?”

Virgil finally tore his gaze away from the floor to meet Roman’s.

“Are you judging me?”

Roman stood dumbfounded for a moment.

“What? No, I just..”

Roman sighed exasperatedly, and knelt down in front of Virgil.

“Can you please tell me what’s wrong, love? I’ve been trying to spend time with you, but you’ve been pushing me away…”

Virgil turned to glare at the floor again as he mumbled,

“I don’t wanna bother you..”

Roman frowned, and hesitantly lifted Virgil’s chin up so he’d look at him.

“Baby, you’re not a bother.”

Virgil tried to look away, but Roman held him firmly in place.

“I-I’m too needy.. You don’t deserve it. You deserve someone more independent. Someone.. better. Like.. Logan or something. I don’t know.”

The words wrapped around Roman’s heart like a vise, and his harsh glare softened.

“Oh, baby.. There’s no one better for me than you. You are my one true love.”

Virgil scoffed, and pushed Roman’s hand away.

“Yeah, then that means you’re stuck with me. How unfortunate.”

Roman said nothing, and instead opened his arms.

Virgil stayed still so Roman prompted him,

“Come here, my love. It’s okay.”

Virgil hesitated, but eventually collapsed into Roman’s arms.

Roman held him close, and whispered sweet nothings to him until he relaxed.

After a little while Virgil pulled away from Roman’s embrace just enough to look him in the eyes.

“I’m sorry I’ve been distant..”

Roman smiled, and leaned forward to kiss his forehead.

“It’s alright, love. Just please remember that you are never a bother. I actually find your neediness quite adorable.”

Virgil blushed, and buried his face into Roman’s chest to hide it.

“Shut up, idiot.”

Roman chuckled, and pulled Virgil into his lap.

“I love you, my chemical romance.”

“I love you too, idiot.”


adfghjkl this is so bad im sorry