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helloooo! could you write a scenario with tsukishima? his s/o has a tendency to bottle up negative emotions and it gets to be a bit too much and they just have to cry to let their feelings out?? this is kinda sad and rly specific so ignore it if you want to! have a good day!! take care!!!

AN: I’m wasn’t really sure what you meant by negative emotions, so I just assumed she was very stressed out. I’m sorry if it wasn’t what you meant!! Also sorry it’s so short !! ; ~ ;

The skies were gray, the clouds felt heavy, and your mind was foggy. You eyes were weighed down from restless amounts of sleep due to all of the school work that has piled up. You failed a quiz, kept on forgetting your homework, haven’t studied for the upcoming exam, and you weren’t pulling your weight in club activities.

You wanted to scream, cry, pull your hair out, anything that would make you feel anything other than just weighed down. But you held everything in. How childish would it look if you just broke down?

You wanted nothing more than to be with Tsukishima, so after school you asked to hang out. Maybe being with him would make you feel better. You wanted him to hug you and hold you and tell you that everything was going to be ok as you cried until you filled the seven seas.

“If you keep your face like that, it’ll be frozen forever,” Tsukishima teased. You settled in the dining room as he made an after school snack.

“Sorry, Kei. I just had a bad week,” you sighed. “I failed one of my quizzes.”

“Really? Let me see.” You handed him the quiz that showed a bright red 65 on it. He clicked his sharp tongue. “_____, you missed all of the easy ones.”

You furrowed your brows. Now was not the time to argue with Tsukishima, so you bit your tongue.

“Did you even try to study?” You wanted to slap the smirk off of his face. “If you needed my help, you could have just asked.”

“I didn’t need it,” you whispered.

“That’s not what this paper says,” he tisked. “Just ask me next time -”

“I said I don’t need it!” you snapped.

Tsukishima narrowed his eyes at you. It was clear he wasn’t liking your attitude, but you couldn’t help it. “Don’t get mad at me because you were being dumb and irresponsible.”

“God, will you shut up for once!?” You stood up so fast that the chair almost tipped over. “I’ve had a really bad week and I don’t need you belittling me like you always do!”

Tsukishima didn’t say anything as he watched the tears stream down your face. His lips formed a flat line. All of your weight had finally crashed down and you felt so tired and a bit broken. He’s never seen you break down before, in all your months of being together. Guilt was building up in his chest as you continued.

Your lips quivered as you struggled to pour out your emotions. “I don’t need you teasing me and telling me how stupid I am all of the time…. Don’t you think I already know that? Why can’t you just be a good boyfriend for once and hold me and kiss me and tell me that I’m worth something?”

The house was silent except for your soft sobs that echoed. It ached Tsukishima’s heart to see you so vulnerable and hurt, especially by his own words. Yet his body didn’t move and he just stood in his place and watched you cry.

You searched in his eyes for any sign of remorse and you found nothing. Maybe you really were stupid.

“I’m going home,” you whispered.

Before you could even gather your things, Tsukishima grabbed your wrist and pulled you in. He held your face close to his chest while his other arm wrapped around your waist tightly. You felt him rest his chin on top of your head.

“Don’t think I’d let you go that easily,” he sighed. “I won’t let you.”

You didn’t even bother one bit to fight back. Your eyes closed shut as you poured your heart out into his chest. You were so incredibly tired of holding everything in and it was liberating to let it flow freely. You weren’t even mad at Tsukishima, and yet you yelled at him like it was all his fault. It hurt your heart even more, and your sobs became louder.

“I’m new to this whole relationship thing,” he whispered. “I’m sorry for making you more upset.”

You sniffled and hugged his waist tightly. “I’m sorry for taking it out on you.”

“Stop saying stupid shit, ok? You’re worth something to me,” he sighed again. “More than you could ever know.”

You buried your face deeper into his chest, covering your blushing face. “Don’t say stuff like that so easily, it’s embarrassing!”

“You told me to tell you that!”

“Yeah, but not like that!”

“Make up your mind.”

You grinned as you tip-toed to press your lips against his. Tsukishima was a pain in the ass but he kept you grounded to the earth and you were so thankful. The feeling of his lips lingered after they left to kiss your forehead.

“Don’t leave, ok?”

You nodded. “Ok.”

namjoon truly doesn’t deserve the shit he gets from the world he takes everything to heart and thinks too much and just wants to do good by others and to be able to love himself. he’s earnest and genuine and has so much love in his heart, he just wants to be a good person. he really takes in all criticism and really turns it over in his head for ages, asks mentors about it, goes out of his way to educate himself to avoid hurting others. it’s dumb bc i dont really know but i can just kinda feel it from the way he talks, the things he talks about things, the way he carries himself? he’s just a good person. the world needs more people like him.


Part 4 of Yuri on Ice but with bad CG voices and poor writing (with the additional benefit of mediocre editing)

Part 3: Pip Pip Yurio // Part 4: Eye of the Tiger // Part 5: Where I Take This Seriously?

Unnecessary Lotor Meeting Headcanon

Imagine this:

• Lotor first meeting the whole crew planning on attacking but immediately lays his eyes on Lance (I been seeing fan art i needed to jump in, okay??)

• Keith is jealous by how much this guy is paying his full attention to Lance because that’s his what the heck???

• Lotor wanting to take him as a prisoner with intentions of stealing Voltron too

• Lotor dissing Keith everytime he talks or butts in and is a sass king (i just have a feel)

• Uncomfortable Lance, Flirty Lotor, Fuming​ Keith who is ready to fucking explode

• It became Keith vs. Lotor so fast that everyone else just kind of doing their thing and beating off anything trying to attack

• Lance would tease Keith of going to Lotor if he didn’t do something Lance wanted

• It immediately back fires and turns to being Keith pinning Lance to the wall

• Do not mention Lotor


• He cradled Lance​ in his arms and it wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t him even if the little shit denies it

Honestly Im of the opinion that AT has just gotten better and better, and I think a lot of that can be attributed to how the crew seems to handle critisism. Much of AT is improvised as the creators respond critically to feedback and figure out how to make the best show they can moving forward.

They dont pander- they know what they want too, and arent afraid to experiment and take the show in ways one might not expect

Basically, they realized that while the show had its charms in the early seasons, to keep going that direction would ultimately hinder the show and creatives staff potential, and so they slowly waded into more complex character dynamics and themes, and the show grew both with its writers and with uts audience

i dont usually make text posts

but i want to give you guys a heads up that i’m taking a break from FF for a bit. ill still be making it here and there, it just wont be the primary focus. its nothing personal or anything of the sort, in fact i love everyone here so much and im surprised such a positive and supportive fans come out of such..,.,
f i l t h. basically, id like to make other things too, and i have a bunch of other projects im excited to share with u guys and i just want to give you the headsup before everyone is like BRING BACK JOJIVLOGS. so yeah, ill still be making some ff and cc comics and things,, just with a lot of other works as well,, thats all. so yee,, ty guys for literally everything, and im excited for the future !!

much love♡

  • me: *purposefully avoids one of my rituals/obsessions bc I don't feel like doing it*
  • OCD: no
  • Me: *mentally whines and throws mini tantrum* but wHY
  • OCD: bc you gotta, you dont make the rules, i do
  • Me: but it takes so much time i'd really like to not just this once
  • OCD: aha, cute, you think you actually have a choice
  • Me: but-
  • OCD: no buts, if you dont that bad thing you've been thinking about lately will most definitely happen
  • Me, as i reluctantly begin to do the ritual/compulsion: uGH
I collect things people give to me
I have my whole life
The dresser in my room is brimming with birthday cards from when I turned 11 years old
You gave me a Christmas present the last time we spoke
Said “I don’t want to keep it it reminds me of you I bought it you should take it”
A notebook on my bedside table
You gave me a song last time we spoke
Said “I stayed up all night learning this I was too nervous to sleep it reminds me of you why don’t you listen I learned it just for you”
I tucked it away that song echoes when I think of you
Did you know I count my calories in the Christmas present you didn’t want to keep
Did you know I play the ukulele now I play your favourite songs I stay up all night to learn them
Did you know I kept your laugh and the way your nose scrunched up
Did you know I look for it in everyone
Did you know I kept your profile in my head like a silhouette necklace
Did you know I look for it in everyone
Did you know I kept the things you gave me in a box in my dresser
It’s covered in Christmas cards by now
—  Already collecting dust, anyways
SHADOWHUNTERS season 2 episode 2 review:



  • good episode
  • had a nice plot 
  • poor Clary i feel kind of bad
  • SAPHAEL!!!!
  • Poor Alec
  • ooohl Aldertree  is really pissing me off, but he pissed me off in the books too
  • Lol sassy Magus taking back stuff from Camille
  • Simon was so funny this episode
  • I have a feeling well have Maia and other werewolves next episode, hopefully.
  • okay but when Izzy said she couldn’t lose Alec too, um where is Max??? he’s your brother too missy. Love you tho. 
  • Joceyln oh boy she really grinds my gears
  • Luke was in this episode and his mom’s orgins got revealed!!! that didn’t happen till like book 5??? I was fangirling so much.
  • I hope we get Sebastian soon, but not too soon bc i dont want the show to end.
  • VALENTINE IS GREAT. I hate him tho.
  • DOT!!!!! OMG
  • This whole episode was good tbh!!!! I can’t wait for more episodes! 

i guess i’m their “ideal tenant” which is nice but like im tired and people are mean. im gonna move to this place far off in the corner of the building and its like a maze to get there and the hallways are dark and nobody will come talk to me or be mean and it will just be me and my plants and my animals. and nobody else. im just gonna hide. everybody says too many mean things about each other without thinking bc theyre projecting and i just hate it so much. i dont want to be a part of it. i like housesitting cause im away from the world. even if i get bored i dont have to deal with this. and as soon as i step back into the world its like this whirlwind of people projecting their pain and i dont know what to do with it and i dont want to take any of it personally. but like can everybody just leave me alone. 



someone buy this stuff off of me

ive got madoka’s casual figma too but it’s in the psp bundle box so pics per request

aside from the bottom set pretty much everything i’d be able to get rid of for under $40 + shipping and some have miiiinor damage or missing pieces that’d knock off the price even lower (everything is in generally really great condition though) so 

basically hmu if you’re interested and i’ll take more pics of individual items. there’s more (swimsuit mami/homura, doujins, and the banpresto figures) that i can dig up on request

consider this spring cleaning i dont want any of it and am definitely open to offers

Just a message to my friends/followers

I’m sorry if I’ve been unable to Reblog posts you tagged me in, or reply to your messages or asks. You see, I’m trying my best to respond but there’s too much going on , on tumblr and in my life, so it gets overwhelming at times . So pls don’t take it personnal if I don’t respond sometimes ! It’s not because I dont want to talk to you or anything personnal, in fact I LOVE PPL WHO ACTUALLY TAKE A SECOND OF THEIR LIVES TO WASTE IT ON TRASH LIKE ME LOLL 😂 I just want to take things slow and do it at my own pace ❤ I’ve been getting a little busy an I hope you guys can understand 💕💕💕 I love you more than the stars and jungkook combined 😙😙😙😙

Let love take you higher, BD/Daily JJBA

((I am not taking sides here on all the drama that has been going on. I am not looking for trouble. All I have is a very simple message for every member of our community. 

Please don’t let this drama tear apart our community. 

I’ve seen good friends leave the community because they no longer have fun here anymore, because it’s too much for them and they simply don’t want to be part of something that is slowly turning toxic. That’s not OK. We’re supposed to appreciate each other, stick together, and if we have problems then we discuss them privately. Because it’s OK to have issues, but when it escalates like this then we need to do something rational about it. 

So let’s show some love, OK? 

Send your favourite blog a nice message, make fanart of your favourite muse, do fun memes, have a laugh interacting with friends! 

Show everyone the best in our community, not the worst!)) 

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Can you help me with your wisdom?? I don't know what to use to make Sims edits like how you do the lil sim bio pages and make it so theres a color background and the sims doesnt look crappy? Do you do it with Photoshop?? Sorry if Im asking too much, Im new to this simblr thing

hey dude dont worry ur fine!! ive never made a sim bio page so im not an expert but if ur talking about editing a picture of a sim i recommend this tutorial, this one, these actions, as with backgrounds u just take the cut out of ur sim and u plop it onto an image that is the color u want! u can get patterns online or do it urself (thats a gradient tho but u feel me) if ur talking about html im not the person to talk 2 :l

Lets all take this moment to stop and appreciate Kitana’s amazingly soft and fluffy ears and sideburns. It’s a shame that her mass of hair covers it all up.

Fun fact: Her sideburns aren’t like regular troll hair, it’s very fine and soft. It feels like you’re petting a chinchilla. 

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What do you think is the reason why Dee sleeps in between Mac and Dennis? Dont you think Mac would rather Dennis sleep in between them since he hates Dee so much? It's such a small thing but I've never seen anyone's take on it

so i’ve wondered this before myself, and i wish i had a better answer, but honestly i just think it would be too easy to have mac and dennis sleep next to each other? especially if they ARE building up to something happening between them, they probably don’t want to be that obvious so early?

alternatively, they started sharing the bed before mac was out of the closet, so i wouldn’t be surprised if mac didn’t want to sleep next to dennis due to his own internalized homophobia/as a way of avoiding his feelings for dennis (which, after tonight’s episode, are pretty clearly canon)

Guess who’s sick lmao.. ahh this sucks. I’m still gonna draw as much as i can tho, even if i should take it easy. A certain someone will definitely get onto me for pushing myself too hard but I can’t help it!! oh and my tablet/drawing software has been acting up so I need to troubleshoot that problem lol I’ll fix it and then draw all the things!!

Aye y'all I gatta question.

So in a relationship do you mind receiving gifts OR do you prefer to just spend quality time with each other?

My thing is my boyfriend buys me gifts but I hate having him spend money on me. Why? Because I DONT want one day in the future he tells me he’s always buying me shit. Don’t get me wrong I buy him things too, but I don’t like receiving gifts.

I truly believe this feeling I have is stemming from our generation always putting down women for receiving gifts or wanting things in a relationship. So I try to just stay low-key and love him and show him as much affection as I can but I truly just want love and affection in return.

So what’s y'all take on relationships?