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I feel people dont treat me like i think i deserve, i dont want to sound ego or anything, i analysed this too much but its like i worry about people when they dont worry bout me the same way and im just so tired of that, i dont know if ill find anyone that makes me feel like i deserve. I dont know if im asking for too much, this makes me think my concept of friendship/any kind of reliationship is too much idyllic

True friendships and relationships should be a two way street 100%. It is possible that some relationship/friendship goals can be too idealistic, because nobody is perfect. However if you just want someone to give back the same amount of effort you’re giving, that isn’t asking too much at all.
• You deserve someone who worries about you too
• You deserve someone who listens to your problems and respects your feelings.
• You deserve someone who doesn’t take advantage of you.
So of that’s what you’re asking for, it isn’t egotistical at all. :)

I relate to Keith cause

  • hasn’t touched a hairbrush in 5+ years
  • he flirts by purposefully going where he knows his crush will be, only to ignore them when they try to talk to him
  • on a similar note stares intently at his crush when they aren’t looking and feigns surprise when they approach him (oh i didn’t even notice you were here)
  • tries to be an emotionless husk but has a million feelings and the worst poker face
  • mixed race/nationality and he emo about it
  • hates doing what others tell him to do. but hates the idea of himself telling others what to do even more (still manages to be low key bossy tho?)
  • does something stupid on impulse. *consequences happen* ???????
  • his feelings dictate 99% of his actions
  • crusty af
  • paranoid as hell
  • that kid in class all the other kids hate because he’s homies with the teacher
  • naturally inclined to be good at school
  • but then grows up and doesn’t even know how to like do taxes or like… socialize
  • horrible fashion sense
  • dumb, really niche sense of humor
  • has to have normal jokes explained to him
  • even when he thinks stuff is funny sometimes he doesn’t laugh and he can’t fake laughter so he just sits there smiling to himself
  • high key a hermit
  • only has like 6 friends
  • gets attached to friends really quickly and gets bummed out when they don’t seem as attached to him as he is (so he masks it behind his emo so they don’t notice but they all know)
  • would protect them with his life in a heartbeat but play it off later like it was nothing
  • easily jealous but just pouts and broods on his own instead of doing anything about it
  • horrible case of one-track-mind like the dude cannot multitask
  • a shack in the desert is like #dreamhome
  • hates admitting he’s wrong
  • doesn’t like when people make fun of him but when he claps back it only makes ppl tease him more
  • easily riled up and goaded into doing stupid shit
  • crosses his arms all the time because he doesnt know what else to do with them
  • once his head hits the pillow, it’s lights out OR stays up until 4 AM obsessing over something someone said to him in passing earlier that day
  • constantly having existential crises
  • wants to fight everything he sees but severely overestimates himself
  • voice cracks when he’s emotional (which is always)
  • (oh and loVES LANCE. WOULD DIE FOR HIM.)

please stop reblogging this post

i made this post, and i never expected it to reach past like … 20 notes which wouldve been just all my friends who actually know about charm

im very uncomfortable with the amount of reblogs this post has gotten. i am very uncomfortable with how it has spread to places that i do not, to people who i’ll never know.

do you know how many people have asked me to use charms name for their npc/dnd character? too many

do you know how many people have used charm’s name without telling me they have, resulting in me probably never finding out about it? i dont and that makes me so fucking uncomfortable.

first and foremost, before charm dimeshore is a punny name, he is MY character. i made him lonnggggg before i came up with his name. charm dimeshore is just charm to me, and he is a character who i have poured my heart and soul into. he’s one of my favorite characters and his story means so much to me.

and i dont want anyone taking that away from me

i DO NOT want charm dimeshores name to be stripped away from him by people i dont know, to be used for their own characters by people who know nothing about charm or how he came to decide on his name as a trans man

i have given like…five people permission to use his name for npcs but ive given them very specific guidelines, because otherwise? it just feels fucking disgusting. it just feels like stealing. 

charm dimeshore is more than a name to me, and i dont like how likely it is that someone could steal him from me and ruin him without my knowledge

and dont you dare tell me that im overreacting. dont you dare tell me that “its just a name”. because its not. its not

so unless youre matt fucking mercer or some bullshit, do NOT come to me and ask to use his name for an npc

and if you do it anyway? im disgusted by you. you disgust me, and you honestly dont understand how painful it is to me to have charm become much bigger than myself and risk losing him

please stop reblogging that post. instead, if you want to, reblog this one.

recovering from top surgery

-flannels/button up shirts (flannels if youre doing it in the winter, youll get cold)
-sweatpants (easy to take off by yourself)
-slippers (you dont want to have to tie your shoes trust me)
-dry shampoo, sensitive skin soap (you cant shower for a week this helps)
- laxatives and stool softeners (i started taking stool softeners 2 days before surgery and laxatives 2 days after surgery, you dont want to have to strain)
-something to scratch your back (under your compression vest gets really itchy and youll want to die)
-Benadryl helps with the scratching too^
-a cup with a straw (helps if you dont want to move your arms too much after surgery bc you will be sore)
-oil blotting sheets (my pain meds made my face super oily and its annoying so if you have a problem with that these will help)

i guess the 12th house is like a silent scream and the 8th house is like courting death like a seducer 
the 12th house doesnt know where it hurts, i think the 12th house is like a message in a bottle, that just like, lost in the oblivion of the blue ocean and you have to search to find it but its so hard because its dissolvable amongst its surrounding but you dont survive unless you find it. i think its as demanding as saturn. and materialises in that same intangible, indwelling shadow like an emptiness that is so full and overbearing its an everything-ness that is interpreted as nothingness
i dont think the 8th house cares to be or can be ‘found’ or ‘explored’ in the same sense, it will just erupt out of nowhere and inflict chaos and people remain oblivious but its had its effect and thats all it cares about. the 8th house is like the moments the skin and organs atrophy from the body after death, the chemical purification process, that nauseas unappealing breaking down of what is the illusion of us the 8th house like self harming trying to gash away the bad parts of you
12th house people i know are quiet and when i have tried to talk about their astrology with them struggle to communicate their feelings, they respond with a lot of ‘i dont know’s  but really express a lot more intrigue than 8th house people. the 8th house people can be casual in their play with death and flirting with madness. sometimes a little reckless, sometimes indulging in what scares them, sometimes they can identify too much with the demons. but the 12th house people just wither away slowly with an eating disorder like 12th house people are swamped incrementally unless they relieve the pressure but the 8th house at risk if responding to the urges. its like the 12th just descends into psychosis and the 8th is like fuck you dying is taking too long
12th house people also have the remorse consideration of loved ones 8th house people dont, because anyway, so much of their life has lead up to death. on one level, death is sad for these people, its a loss, on a deeper level, its more of a graduation. for the 12th house how can this be salvation when they are already there?? drenched in it anyway and  they don’t know where they want to go because in essence they are already there but nobody else there. theres no where else to go. i would feel desperate too.
at least the 8th goes in conviction of safety
the 12th contemplates the realisation its them. i guess both are exploring the unseen. they are both an access point for contact with the dead.  
what the fuck is dying going to do.
12th house is so full the fullness dissolves into nothing and creates the illusion of being empty

Anonymous said Headcanons on how the S boys sleep alone and how they sleep with their S/O? Like sleeping positions

 A: hiya! I honestly feel like this will be a bit comedic (maybe) I hope you enjoy!

 Shuu: {alone}: laying on his back, arms behind his head, kind of simple. 

 {with s/o}: he’s still laying on his back (creature of habit) but you’re laying on his chest. His arms cage you in so there’s no chance of escape. You can hear his slow breathing, and the rise and fall of his chest lulls you to sleep. 

 Reiji: {alone}: he lays on his side, one arm behind the head, the other to his side.

 {with s/o}: typically, you laying in the spooning position. He’s at your back, and there’s barely any space between you two

. Ayato: {alone}: he kinda lays there on his stomach, head to the side, drools on the pillow, snores loudly.

{with s/o}: You know how he’s super possessive when you’re awake? OOOOH BOY hes got you pulled so close that youre often pushing yourself off of him because its so swEATY, even though you get away it doesnt last for long because he reels you back in. 

Laito: {alone}: he cuddles EVERYTHING, typically whines in his sleep, not because of sexual dreams, no laito has extreme night terrors and struggles with them often. he wakes up 2 or 3 times a night and has a hard time falling asleep. 

{with s/o}: usually it starts out with casual cuddling, but as the night goes on he holds you tighter and tighter. This is rare but often times he wakes up crying, its typically silent, but you can still manage to hear the sniffles and you take him in your arms and rub circles into his back to help him fall asleep.

Kanato: {alone}: restless, hot, sweaty, “GOD DAMN IT TEDDY FUCK OFF ITS TOO HOT I DONT WANT TO CUDDLE”, He never really sleeps, he mostly just lays there or walks around the mansion.

{with s/o}: i still dont think he would sleep much. he would pretty much be the same alone as he would with an s/o. although he would stay with you to make sure you didnt leave in the night.

Subaru: {alone}: perfectly calm, sleeps like a rock, has a lot of wet dreams, can sleep all night long 


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What do you think?? A. Niall likes Harry more. B. Harry likes Niall more.

LISTEN! I know it’s been a wild ride over the years..

I MEAN.. remember when Harry seemed oblivious -

to doofus Nialler’s advances-minus-a-preamble?

AND THEN Harold seemed to get the hint?

AND both of them seemed to be on the same page?

BUT THEN Harold seemed to be wanting for MORE -

AND his PDA sorta seemed TOO MUCH -

for dear nialler to handle?

BUT THEN there came a time when Harold’s silliness was too cute to resist and Niall simply rolled with it?

AND THEN Harry decided to take it up a notch -

to such an extent that Niall seemed indifferent about it?

AND THIS became the new normal?

SO NORMAL that later WE were the ones who got SHOOK by their PDA?

AND although we dont see it these days, their love saga still continues..

Your question is SO UNFAIR @victorianblush ! L O O K at these lovebirds -

AND you tell me- A? or B?


Hey guys If you are looking to help get markiplier to play HOME for Felix, there is a person who is planing to meet him at PAX and give him a copy of HOME and a letter explaining what happened. But this is where you can help out too! We are collecting signatures from fans, friends, other fangame creators ect, to add to the letter. We have already gotten signatures from some fans but we are still looking for more! We want to get as much as we can before time runs out. So if you are a fan are friend of Felix or are just looking to help out you can send me you’re signature or reblog it with this post.

Some other things!

-It does not have to be your real name if you dont want to! Screen names are just fine.

-The size does not matter too much just dont make it really tiny.

-Yes you can add small drawings to it or small notes.

-All the signatures will be printed in black and white so any added colour wont show up.

-Dont worry about too many signatures! there will be as much pages of them as we need!

!!We are taking as much signatures as we can but only till the 10th!!

what your favorite dont starve character says about you
  • Wilson: makes too many dad jokes and laughs before the punchline
  • Willow: likes really hot showers and eats spicy food to prove their dominance
  • Wolfgang: watches wrestlemania for the sweaty men in skimpy clothes
  • Wendy: jokes about their own emotional problems through shitposts
  • WX-78: sends memes to their friends at 3:07am and surfs the weird part of youtube
  • Mrs. Wickerbottom: drinks hot tea when stressed and loves scented lotion
  • Woodie: actually enjoys going outside and has breakfast food for dinner
  • Wes: has no soul
  • Wigfrid: eats too much and fantasizes about being punched in the face
  • Webber: never kills the spider and wants their friends to be happy
  • Walani: listens to chill music and laughs at weed jokes
  • Warly: is someone just trying to get by and stay positive in this terrible world
  • Wilbur: can never watch movies where the dog dies
  • Woodlegs: wants the old spongebob episodes back
  • Maxwell: reads nsfw fanfiction in crowded places
  • Charlie: loves movies that have sad endings and generally loves to cry

where is the mortal!au or whatever where Person A  cares wayyyyyyy too much about their appearance, like it’s kinda crazy, and Person B literally once wore the same sweatpants for two weeks (obviously they were washed) (…maybe) and Person B meets A and teaches them how to care less and live more instead of caring more and living less. 
“Girl what the fuck that’s like an hour of makeup why dont we take it down to about, I dont know, half that? Okay, can you at least rock a pair of sweatpants for like, two hours? Maybe?”

I want one that’s insecure and one that hasn’t given a fuck since 1492 is that too much to ask for

How To Gain Muscles

Yeah yeah there will be a million articles out there but this is the one which will point out the things others rarely do. 

1. Don’t stress -  You might find it hard to believe but your mental health contributes a damn lot to your physical health and body. Stay away from negative people or those who make you sad. Get out of that bad relationship. After years of ups and down, I’ve seen the difference it makes to your physical body. To give you the latest stat, I gained 11 pounds of muscle in 6 months after cutting off with someone negative which is pretty much the MAX a human body is capable of. I suggest you also take a 15-20 minute break each day during which you should just have some tea (or literally whatever else you like) and listen to calm music and not thing of anything negative.

2. Sleep - Your sleep is as important as your workout, if not more. You workout in the gym but you gain muscles in your bed when you sleep. I try to sleep for atleast 10 hours a night for atleast 5 nights a week. Don’t think much about the numbers, just know that if you gotta wake up early, go to bed early. If not then go to bed at your own pace and just sleep for as long as your body may want. If you don’t do this then simply kiss your muscle gain goodbye, it just wont happen no matter how much you workout at the gym.

3. Diet - As someone who goes to a Uni to study nutrition, I know some shit and I found out 2 ways to gain muscles via your diet. I wont give you any plans to stick to because I dont like those. I don’t want to live everyday calculating around how much I ate and stuff. I am not a professional bodybuilder, I dont want to go through all that everyday so what I did instead was - Calculate how much I actually eat on average per day, then adjust my workout according to what I eat. The normal way of doing this is that you workout and then take a surplus diet. I live alone and am too busy with work to alter my diet and I’m sure many others have the same problem so instead just take an average of how much you eat and adjust your workout amount accordingly. Workout less if you have to because of your diet - you’ll still gain more muscle this way than the other way around. The second thing I want you to do is, eat a bowl of porriage with every meal. I’ve tried many things and I think porriage is the fastest and best thing that works. I don’t take any protein shakes. Porriage is cheap and so is oats and bananas in which I throw in the porriage. That’s all I need with occasional chicken breasts every once a week or maybe once in 2, whenever I feel like going to the shop to buy it.

4. Skip Gym - Yes you heard that right. Pay close attention to how your body is feeling. If you’re still feeling the pain from the other day, don’t workout. Specially, don’t workout the part which hurts. I try to workout every body part 2 times a week. So if my arms are still hurting from the previous day’s workout, I either take an off or workout my legs the next day without putting any load on my arms. I wouldn’t do chest or back either since indirectly your arms are working as well while doing those. I would give priority to proper rest for my body parts over another workout always.

That’s it. That’s all I gotta say, don’t wanna make things much complicated. Just follow these tips and you will gain muscles. 

If you’re somone who dont have the time to go to the gym and still wanna gain muscles, here a thing for you:

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can you explain why being an artist on tumblr is difficult? Because I really want to open my own art blog but I'm scared ;;, lov you

It’s been 1 year now that I post my drawings and I noticed some things so I’ll try to explain! Also I will only talk about the kpop fandom!

  • the lack of reblogs

This is the worst, and this mainly affects writers and fanartists (but writers are the most affected by this). People love to like, but they dislike to reblog, and that’s why new artists can work very very hard but never gets attention.

For example, a drawing can have 20 likes. If 3 people reblog it the drawing can gain +50 notes or even more, and just thanks to 3 reblogs. Only 3 reblogs. Reblogging means sharing! By reblogging, the artist gets more attention, meaning more people enjoying their drawings, meaning more confidence for the artist and more drawings etc… Without reblogs it’s impossible for the artists/writers to evolve. So they stop doing what they love and it’s really really sad.

I think the reason why people don’t like to reblog is because of the “blog aesthetic”. If I take a fic as an example, some people might think that this long paragraph isn’t going to look good on their blog. So they just like it. It’s the same for drawings. If the drawings doesnt fit the theme or the aesthetic of the blog they wont reblog it. That’s why I think editors are less affected by this (doesn’t mean that they aren’t affected by this at all). Because edits are pics/gifs of the boys, it’s not words or a drawings. 

  • tumblr users are picky

Before reblogging or liking something they need to enjoy the content. And damn boy thats even more difficult. So:

 It needs to be beautiful ofc, aesthetic is always great, it can be funny but not too weird or they wont reblog it but weird memes are ok. Tumblr users love ships, but you need to draw their ships like THEY want or they will report you for “offensive content: bich im sorry but when jikook have a date, jimin takes a BLACK COFFEE NOT A CAPPUCCINO, get it rite”. Realistic drawings are the best but if an eye is too much on the left, and by too much I mean 1 millimeter then it’s good for trash. Give them the aus: astronaut!jimin au, dora the explorer!yoongi au, potatowolf!jungkook etc… AND OFC DONT DO SOMETHING TOO ORIGINAL, THEY WONT LIKE IT.

Like do you see how  its hard to produce something that people will like? At the end of the day a majority of artists wont do something that they like. Mix that with the lack of reblog and it’s harder than fire choreography.

There’s also other reasons, like the lack of networks for fanarts. or because there’s a lack of help between artists (even if it’s getting way better now) or the fact that tags aren’t tags anymore and you can tag a “jimin smut” under a screenshot of a funny twitter post about Yoongi. 

If you want to begin an art blog, do it, and dont give up, it’s not because you’re not good, it’s because sometimes tumblr sucks. 

Yep, there’s a lot of problems who can’t really be solved. So if you see a fanart that you like, maybe try to reblog it. It won’t change your life, for sure, but it might change the life of the artist.

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whats your favorite underrated game grumps quote/interaction mine is "really??? one hit thats all it takes???" "yeah thats what bullets are arin" (btw i have a google doc i periodically add to thats just 4 pages of great underrated game grumps quotes that dont get as much attention as say mark zuckerberg,,, if u would like me 2 share it)

i can’t really think of any underrated quotes at the moment, but i’d love to see the google doc you have! i could probably turn some of the quotes into grump aesthetics if you want me too

so a friend died super suddenly recently and? apparently he had a kitten and there’s no one that can take the lil guy and i’m allergic *and* my house isn’t supposed to have cats/pets in general but?? fuck 

i hope you go clubbing but dont think that will make you stop loving me or make you stop missing me deep down you know you just want to hold me. 

in reality i was just scared, scared of losing myself in someone, scared of not loving enough or loving to much 

you are exactly what i feared you become a mirror image of everyone else you dont live for yourself and you dont go with what you want you kinda just tilt yourself side to side and go with the wind and listen to everyone but yourself. 

because right now if you were to listen to yourself you’d come put me in your arms no matter how scared or confused or even if you think i’d shut the door on you

you are not a baby anymore you are a man. getting with girls wont numb me off your mind or get the touch of my skin off your body 

you always said weve been together for so long that its written in the books for us

i wanted you but not youre world because we come from different ones but somehow we always met in the middle

i dont even know why im writting to you but you reached out and i said if you reached out id hear you out

dont make this your halloween #2 

wether you see me everyday or not for a month then run into me or maybe youll just see me in a year 

the love you have for me is still there 

i hope at the concert yesterday you saw foggy images of me through each line he sang and it hurts it really hurts for you i know it and maybe i didnt ask how you were doing because i knew 

when you were sad or when you were mad or when you were happy 

sometimes you just know and i am always there for you, you know that 

take advantage of that 

i used to always ask if you were doing okay and you said it got annoying so i stopped 

you said things to me that i dont even want to think were true and im hoping they were just out of anger but it got too much it really did 

the thing is you could trust me im the only person you can trust

i had to get rid of everything you got me because its just memories but i think we both know that memories can be erased or taken from us but never knocked out of our mind

think a little you say im the type to just go clubbing and go for any guy im not the one who is going clubbing 

it was always better when it was just us two no outside world

i dont usually make text posts

but i want to give you guys a heads up that i’m taking a break from FF for a bit. ill still be making it here and there, it just wont be the primary focus. its nothing personal or anything of the sort, in fact i love everyone here so much and im surprised such a positive and supportive fans come out of such..,.,
f i l t h. basically, id like to make other things too, and i have a bunch of other projects im excited to share with u guys and i just want to give you the headsup before everyone is like BRING BACK JOJIVLOGS. so yeah, ill still be making some ff and cc comics and things,, just with a lot of other works as well,, thats all. so yee,, ty guys for literally everything, and im excited for the future !!

much love♡

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bruna omg I love the Kara x RPDR headcanon. More pleaseeee

O SHIT ok so… all of these were discussed w kat @allybroke so credit for her as well for these ! 

this is kind of a mess to be honest cause i got v excited abt this so, ,, here we go ! 

  • lemme start w a few things that ive already mentioned in tha other ask: kara’s fav season s8 bc its the least catty of all, but she also loves s6 bc its when alex got into the show (def bc bianca del rio) & bc she really loves adore.
  • adore is her fav drag queen bc adore is the underdog and shes kind and sweet and lovable and so talented and kara is always repeating adore’s catch phrases like “im a freaking libra !” and alex is like “ur not a libra” & whenever j’onn is like trying to b serious and telling her abt a mission or whatever shes like “party!”
  • kara saying “LETS GET SICKENING!” before every mission
  • kara answering “absolutelyyy” w her best gia gunn voice to every single fuckin thing alex asks her 
  • kara at pride and shes endearing everyone to her bc shes saying all these drag terms in a normal conv and sometimes shes not even using them right but shes so cute and sweet to everyone talking to her that they dont care
  • kara going to a gay bar w alex and people take one look at kara and theyre like o honey shes lost…. but then by the end of the night shes attracted every single fuckin rpdr fan & the drags from the club and theyre all passionately discussing the show and kara is jus tryna calm alex out bc shes drunk and YELLING about how katya was ROBBED
  • kara connecting w the queens bc they have “secret” identities too 
  • alex getting into rpdr bc of kara and at first she doesnt want to admit it but actually fucking loves it so much and she 100% repeats the stuff bianca del rio says in normal conversations
  • after kara listens to alaska’s songs whenever she is gonna say anything she either starts with “my name is Kara Zor-El and i have something to sayyyy” OR shes always like “Greetings Earthlings my name is Kara Zor-El from planet Krypton”
  • kara thinking that alaska is deadass an alien and shes like “omg alex can u like search planet Glamtron for me i dont kno tha one !” and alex is jus like “omg….”
  • kara’s guilty pleasure is loving willam so much bc she doesnt want anyone knowing she laughs at some of the mean things willam says
  • kara seeing the queens out of drag for the first time and shes like “this is like.. MAGIC!!!!!” bc theyre so different
  • kara loves trixie mattel and this is just a fact.
  • kara and alex binge watching the show together and theyre watching season 4 and kara is like “i rly dont like phi phi… shes not very… nice” and alex going “u can say shes a bitch its ok”
  • kara getting genuinely upset watching season 5 and watching roxxxy be mean to jinkx for no reason and being like why is she SO MEAN alex !!!!!!!!!
  • kara and alex competing to see whom does alyssa’s tongue pop better???????
  • kara would def be friends w every single drag queen in national city btw
  • when she finds out cat grant is ACTUALLY friends w rupaul bc one day she enters catco and what the fuck is that rupaul sitting on cat’s couch…..
  • kara meeting rupaul while shes supergirl and completely geeking out and telling her abt how much she loves the show and why she loves it so much and ru is just endeared bc its impossible not to b endeared by kara???????
  • kara deadass being a judge @ rpdr as supergirl im yelling can u IMAGINE that??????? she wouldnt b able to say anything mean and shed be like “i think ur so great. u did amazing. u invented-” and she jus goes on and on
  • kara finding out a little boy in national city wants to do drag for his halloween and wants to be supergirl but his friends are teasing him and kara is deadass like “alex im going” and alex is like “sis im not stopping u” and kara deadass shows up at his house w a supergirl suit that she got winn to make and she goes w him to halloween and flies him home 
  • it actually becomes a thing like every year kara spends her night helping little boys that want to dress up for the first time but their friends tease him or their parents wont let him like kara just makes sure shes w them at all times and supports them and introduces them to her friends and shes jus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! about it all
  • kara introducing lena to rpdr and lena’s fav drag queen is deadass alyssa edwards like dont fight me on this.
  • lena and kara sending each other gifs of rpdr back and forth
  • whenever lena feels herself being extra or losing her chill shes like: “the five G’s lena. Good God Get a Grip Girl” 
  • when lena and kara are watching season 5 of rpdr lena makes kara go back on alyssa and coco’s fight bc she just loses it all the time coco says IM NOT JOKNG BITCH and does the head turn
  • ok but my fav! the gang is all hanging out at the bar or something and rpdr comes up bc of course it does and then alex and lena are at each other’s throats bc alex is team katya and lena is team alaska and kara is just in the middle bc she loves both. lena is like “a person who was at the top the most should win” meanwhile alex is like “THAT SHIT WAS RIGGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • kara just enjoys the show and thinks everyone is a winner at the end of the day.