dont want to lose my two months

Diet end today… At 80kg . Let´s gainz begin. One meal a day to 2 or 3 meal a day + isolate of course… I never bulk… Oh why? Want to stay shred 365 days a year! I can’t See my packs means i’ve to train more than insane and Earn my food! I dont Eat Just for pleasure… Food si a kind of tools for me… I use It with precision, I’m always thinking about quality… Density . Symmetry. Details. Every time I’m at the “workshop” I use all that tools to reach and achieve a dream: be closer to My ideal of “perfect body” … Even if I’ve to lose some weight and look less thicker for a months or two. #animalshadow I’m my own architect… || it’s simple: dream . Work hard. Sweat as a pig. Achieve. Repeat. || #xtremotivation #teamXtremtotivation #ebonyfitness #animalshadow.

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So whats the whole situation with TribeTwelve? (As long as you don't mind me asking.)

my pharmacy job is working me into the ground. its part time, but theyre working me nearly full time hours. im making decent money but at the cost of my soul. i dont really have all that much free time anymore, and the free time i do have i tend to just be so exhausted i sleep for hours and never get anything done. the two days that i dont work i have class/lab/tutoring. my motivation is a flickering flame in a snowstorm. im in an emotional coma from the loneliness as well as losing a few close friends since new years. im trying my damndest to get the next ep out by the end of this month, i know how much people want it. its so hard to enjoy things when you feel this way. being alone isnt good for me anymore, its pretty painful and i failing at finding someone to lean on in my town is taking its own toll. i dont really expect people to understand and youll have to excuse me for being so ranty and personal but i want people to know that even though im kind of half not myself anymore im still working as hard as i can to get tribetwelve updating again. thanks for being patient my friends.