dont want to live

Last night I found this cat in the downtown Austin area after leaving my class. Hes v skinny and didnt have a collar- Im calling him gingersnap for now AND HE HAS REALLY NICE GREEN EYES If anyones been missing a cat for a long while hit me up I wanna find his home hes too sweet and clingy to be feral. I saw him laying in the street and parked to check on him- he ran right up to me and wanted me to pet him and then he jumped in my truck THE WHOLE DRIVE BACK TO MY HOUSE he was in my lap purring shes so sweet-

If hes not chipped Id like to keep her but my other cat so far isnt happy at all to share space and I dont want anyone hurt over territory issues so.. if u live in central texas and want him let me kno!! Im taking him to the vet later today

How the beta kids met

Jade on yahoo answers: Is it normal to not have a belly button??????
Hi I’m 7 and I dont live around a lot of people so I wanted to know, is it normal that I dont have one??????

Dave: thats a fucking stupid question of course no one has belly buttons thats just a lie that the Big Media pushes to make us all feel bad about ourselves

John: I guess its not TOO weird!!!!! I’m the same age and I don’t have one either :B

Rose: Hello, I’m a doctor and this is a sign of a terrible illness. Sad to say it but you are all going to die by age 10. There is no hope for you now. God Bless your young soul.

Bleed Out

How much of my blood do I have to spill before it’s no longer tainted?
How many more cuts before the sins I’ve done are erased?
Will I never be free of this darkness?
And most importantly, do I really want it all to end?

When interacting with police, its the POLICE who have been trained to deal with a myriad of potentially dangerous situations. Its their JOB to act and react in the best possible way to anything a person might say or do. People, especially black people, should not need to be on their best behavior when talking to cops if they want to live.

So I dont give a shit if someone is screaming profanity at them while holding a steak knife. Its never the cop’s job to kill them.

Killing people is not the police’s job. Ever.

So no. None of those killer cops was never “just doing their job” and they should be able to deal with high tension situations better than any civilian. There’s no excuse.

Ks said he wants to live quietly in a farm and be a farmer and I can’t but think Ks and Ji living in a farm in a little town when they retire from the idol life and just farming together with mongu, jangu and janga running everywhere, eating dinner together and laughing remembering good memories of their youth, kissing each other good night and live their love and lifes peacefully.

In celebration of the 1st anniversary of Koi ni Naritai Aquarium where Watanabe You is the center, I decided to upload this You-chan I drew!

This was supposed to be for her birthday but I wasn’t able to make it in time… haha… haha…

This was based off the fairy tale-themed line of Aqours acrylic keychains. You as Cinderella was so cute I decided to paint it~