dont want to be possessive but its mine


She could kill me with one hand and caress me with the other,

She could drink like a madman and wake up with no hangover,

She could be independent on some days and needed validation on others,

She had the best poker face but couldn’t stop from crying during Up,

She was everything,

but mine

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It weirds me out how so many people say they want to date Jim to you. Like, you two are an adorable couple, and a strong relationship that a lot people strive for, but you two are so perf for each other why do so many people want to get rid of that? I'm happy knowing there's such a nice couple in the world that help people out so much with understanding themselves. I hope you and Jim stay happy and that people stop sending weird messages. (like this one, I'm sorry.)

Nah this one is great

honestly a lot of people have lost boundries being on here. they forget that people like my boyfriend and i arent just attractive faces on the internet, but real human beings with a real relationship also (i lapse into second person after this i am sorry i didnt mean to!! im not talking directly about you anon)

they have a twisted idea that saying like “i want to date you boyfriend” “i want to fuck your boyfriend” “omg your boyfriend is so hot can i have him” is a compliment, when in reality it’s super creepy, super obnoxious, and super rude. would you ever go up to someone in person and say “wow your boyfriend is hot, can i have him?”

i dont care if its joking or not, there are MUCH better ways to compliment my partner. ie: “your boyfriend is so cute!” “your boyfriend is really hot!” “your boyfriend seems like a really great guy to be with!” and, though this one could be iffy, “Omg your boyfriend is so great im so jealous you get to have him” that one can be super iffy if worded that way, but if worded “wow im jealous, your boyfriend is cute/is hot/is really great” then its a bit better

coming to me and stating that you want my boyfriend kinda also feels like youre saying im not good enough for him. i know you dont intend it to, and i know you think youre just complimenting my partner, but it puts me into a more protective mode of “no stop, he’s mine” (which happens with my boyfriend also, we are very protective and i guess possessive of each other in the way of “you’re mine and no one elses.” I can promise it’s in a healthy way and we are only that way when it comes to other people wanting us!) 

TL;DR: don’t say shit you wouldn’t say to someones face. recognize that we are REAL PEOPLE in a REAL RELATIONSHIP and we REALLY DONT APPRECIATE when people come to us and talk about wanting our partners.

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Can I have your confidence? lol you seem to always keep your head up and love yourself do you have any tips for me ?

just dont listen to what anybody has to say about you, decide how you feel about you by yourself. if you just believe what others say about you, sometimes youll feel really good about yourself but a lot of the time youll feel pretty bad bc people are assholes and they say rude shit regardless of whether its true or not.

sometimes i have bad days where i feel really down on myself but then i realize its bc im projecting other peoples thoughts onto myself and when i let go of what everyone else is thinking and separate their feelings from mine i realize i really love myself bc when it comes down to it, why shouldnt i? this body that i live in is mine, the life that i have is the life that i create for myself, and any attitude i possess is of my own. if i dont take care of myself, love myself and treat myself well its going to reflect on every area of my life and although its hard at times and i have days where i just bash on myself and want to throw myself away and i cant even bear to deal with myself, i have to pick myself up from that and be my biggest support bc i am the only person that i am guaranteed to always have by my side forever in this life and i really want to take advantage of that, i really want to believe in myself and fight harder for myself than anyone else is capable of bc if i dont do that for myself im not being the best self that i can be.

its hard, it takes time, strength and perseverance to get to the point to be able to do this, and its not even something that ive mastered yet. its just one of those things that you have to be very forgiving with and take it one day at a time. if you dont treat yourself as best as you can on one day, dont beat yourself up for it, you need to be patient with yourself and understand that youve gone through years and years of being told its not humble to openly love yourself. when you live in a society that tells you not to love yourself, youre not going to be able to defeat that over night. itll take time and effort to reinforce the love that you really deserve to give to yourself, but its worth it and will be the one thing that changes every aspect of your life, i promise.

what it really comes down to is that you are worthy of love, and you deserve to be able to love yourself without feeling guilty or wrong about it. i believe in you and i know that you can get to the point that im at, everyone just goes at a different pace and it takes different things for different people to be able to get there.

I’m really happy that Iain de Caestecker is doing so well and featuring in all these amazing films and expanding his career.

But also I don’t want him to become super famous because he is mY PRECIOUS SCOTTISH DORK AND I DON’T WANT TO SHARE HIM

i know aos is really popular but i feel like its not and i dont want everyone to fall in love with him because hes mine i tell you mine