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Any abusive langst hc's? It could be parents, siblings, friends, past lovers, etc. and any kind of abuse, verbal, emotional, physical, sexual, etc (feel free to ignore and delete if it makes you uncomfortable or if you simply dont want to)

This doesn’t make me uncomfortable, because I’ve actually had one of these hc’s for a while, but if it makes you uncomfortable, PLEASE don’t read below the cut! Mentions of abusive relationships. I’ll put the nice gentle stuff above the cut, though, so everyone can see it <3

I headcanon Lance’s mom as a superwoman who is awesome, and he has sort of a non-nuclear family with a lot of extended family living with him–which is pretty traditional in Cuba. I headcanon that something happened with his dad when he was young–either death or divorce, and he doesn’t live with them anymore, and with so many children, he has an abuelo and an abuelita that live with him, and a few tias y tios. So I don’t headcanon any trouble at home.

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Any abusive langst hc's? It could be parents, siblings, friends, past lovers, etc. and any kind of abuse, verbal, emotional, physical, sexual, etc (feel free to ignore and delete if it makes you uncomfortable or if you simply dont want to)

Hey, so uh, while I was trying to find an idea for this (which let me make it clear I had a vague one, about him having an abusive girlfriend) it brought back…… really painful memories. I’m so so so so so sorry, but I don’t think I can write this. I’m sorry.

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I'm really sorry but I've been doing Monster May-hem on my blog without tagging you and @pictorch-art because I don't really want you guys to see my crappy art. Is that okay? I'm fairly sure no one even sees any of my posts and I don't have any followers so yeah. I know I should tag you but god your art is so good and my art is so bad and I don't want you to see it. I'm sorry. I really am.

aw! dont feel sorry! You don’t have to tag us if you feel uncomfortable doing that! Im sure your art is fine, have fun with the challenge and tag us if you ever feel like it, I would love to see something! :D

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why did you and sheridan copy the island network? they're like the exact same. you are so fake and you're not even nice people. The Island Unity was an original idea and then you just ripped us off. That's so rude and disrespectful and then you have the audacity to tell members that the admins are being petty? What the fuck is wrong with you?

Your funeral, okay: 

First off, they arent the exact same thing. I dont run a cult forcing members to choose between networks and kicking them out when they dont choose. I dont make my members feel small and pressured to participate in things they dont want to do. I dont make members feel uncomfortable when the purpose of a network in general is to grow and connect with one another. 

Second, “original” idea? There are countless networks what are tropical island based just as there are countless of networks that are disney based. You do not own any right to any concept that has been around for years. Also, while im on this, why did your admin try to fight me over me using the hashtag symbol? and had the audacity to accuse me of copying it when its literally a universal symbol. #petty. 

Third, Im nice until you cross me and when you cross me, I’ll drag you. I look out for my own and I swear it’s like you guys love to bring my into drama. You guys couldn’t just let it whatever insecurity and intimidation you have towards me go but instead make things 10x worse for yourselves then blame me for it. Makes no sense. Whats rude and disrespectful is how your admins treat you as members. I, on the other hand, treat my members like decent human beings not followers. 

“What the fuck is wrong with me”? ..That I have too much patience to deal with you. Be lucky I dont pull out the receipts of your admins basically kissing me ass asking for me to accept their apology for crossing me or of them trying to convince us to take down asks like this because we exposed how they really run, or how entitled they think they are to even dare belittle their members. 

Unlike the island unity network, us at DPN welcome anyone in with open arms and dont limit each other on what we can or cannot do. We dont talk each other down or make one another feel insignificant. We support each other and for it being the 1st week of our launch, the girls (and aj) are closer than ever. Can you say the same about your network? 

You’re dismissed. 

guysssss yurio is 15…… that’s so fucking young that’s only like freshman/sophomore year high school in america and him dating someone like jj or otabek is like dating a high school senior / freshman in college and i know the age difference is just 3-4 but the life experiences/maturity levels are so drastic and different. plus, yurio is obvs a minor while everyone else except minami and guang-hong are adults

let him grow up before exploring any possibility of romance w/ anyone. let him cultivate friendships bc as ep 10 suggests… no one has ever asked to be his friend. i know he has a strong and assertive personality and he can get what he wants but he is still growing up he is still a 15 year old teenage boy and his brain is still developing let him mature a bit

Exo will arrive in NA in a few hours so here is a nice little reminder :)

So for any one greeting them or thinking about it, please dont lose your mind and do anything irrational, illogical, and hurtful to anyone!

Please be on your best behavior!

Please control yourself!

Please refrain from tugging, pushing, pulling, screaming bloody murder, causing a mosh pit (its a long flight its the last thing they want to have to deal with), hitting, obscene gestures, rude language, inappropriate language and/or gifts, enforcing delusional otp bullshit (im sorry but telling ur otp to “just fuck already” is so delu and ridiculous and you will probably make them feel very uncomfortable), making fun of them in any kind of way (please dont! I cannot stress enough…just dont like we get it they arent fluent in English and sehun has a lisp like let them live!), etc!

Dont follow them!!

Dont chase them!!

Dont sit outside of their hotel/hotel room!!

Dont be a crazy fan ok! They dont need that!

Its ok to show them that you love them but please dont do anything weird or anything to make them uncomfortable!

You have to remember that they are human too! They have feelings, emotions, etc. When they get off the plane they will most likely be jet lagged like a mofo! Its a 15 hour flight! Please dont be insensitive. Screaming and yelling and pushing and pulling is the last thing they want to have to deal with! Please, dont make them uncomfortable.

Remember to set a good example!


They are ppl and right now they are so far from home, just try to put them at ease! Theyve come so far to visit us and perform for us! Dont make them hate their trip and wish to go home!

If you want to give them gifts! Maybe even gifts that will aid them on their trip! (If gifts are allowed to be received ofc)
— heat packs for muscles, energy drinks or gatorade, hand warmer packets, blankets, small travel pillows, gloves/mittens, scarves, socks, (they will need warmth in chicago, toronto, and newark ok!), phone chargers (i believe our power plugs are different so if they dont have an adapter they are screwed :/) gift cards/coupons for food, snacks, city maps, all this may sound silly but its just some ideas to help ease their trip bc maybe they want to get out and explore?
— but remember that they have to continuously travel by plane which means luggage costs… If too many gifts are given then some things may be left behind thats why gifts that can be at least tucked in a corner of a bag or disposed of after use would be a great idea! :)

If you want to show your love!
— make a fan sign! Let them know that they are welcomed, loved, and appreciated! Try to keep them at a decent size to avoid causing issues for others :)

I dont know about yall but im so excited to see them! So lets try to make the stresses of their jobs a bit easier!

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Yesterday one of my good friends asked me for nudes. I wasn't expecting it from him, and I'm feeling really pressured to send some. I dont know what to do and I just really need help. Please answer me. Xoxo

Do NOT send your ‘friend’ nude pictures of yourself. If you feel ANY amount of pressure then 100000% you should not be doing that!!!! Reply to him that you don’t want to and if he continues to pressure then very firmly tell him that making someone uncomfortable in this way is disgusting and that you won’t tolerate it. xxx

like even if you dont ship warren and max but still want them to be “friends” i’m going to be very real with you here.

warren is like that one guy friend that you have that never truly oversteps any physical boundaries and has never done anything mean to you but you always have to hold him at arm’s length because he makes very uncomfortable comments toward you and you feel bad telling him to fuck off because he’s “kinda sweet”. 

like im not gonna lie that he did me a solid by warding off nathan twice but the first time it was just so he could be like “YOU OWE ME” to max and the second time it felt really uncomfortable?? almost like he just wanted to be violent for the sake of being violent. so he might have been doing that for himself

so you tell me if thats really friendship bye

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I read your story on itsbetterthananal and I was wondering how u got to be so positive about your belly because im going through something similar

I stopped caring, truly. I stopped weighing myself, I stopped looking at myself in the mirror every second of every day, I stopped worrying about what people would think of me.

I used to swin in a tee shirt and shorts because I didnt even want to risk people seeing any part of me. but then I switched to this ADORABLE one piece, and it made me feel so free and so happy.

and then, last summer, I wore this. I wore this to the hot tub at a popular hotel. I wore this to a crowded part of the Saco River. and I wore this to the beach on Sebago Lake. I feel so beautiful when I’m in a bikini. I dont feel uncomfortable or awkward. I feel fucking beautiful and so should every other woman in the world. I was born with broad shoulders and a structure that doesnt allow for me to weigh any less than 140-150. and I’ve accepted that. and I am hot as hell.

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I missed the episode, and apparently all the fuckery. Can you give me a qucik recap?I just want to be a 100% sure that Olivia got an abortion, like theres no chance she didn't? I think i'm in denial because I don't understand what was the point of coming clean if they just ended. They could have stopped this seasons ago, seasons! I dont think I'm going to watch this ep, or any others. will you?

Basically the entire episode showed Olivia playing first lady and feeling uncomfortable and her and Fitz being super tense around each other. Then in one scene Olivia is watching TV in the residence (btw I can’t believe Fitz had the audacity to not volunteer to change rooms. I bet they didn’t change the mattress after Mellie left. As Karen would say disguting.) Anyway…on TV is ol Mellie girl doing this long ass filibuster and Olivia is looking at the TV with the same longing I get when I’m watching the microwave heat up some leftover pizza, not listening to Fitz as he goes on and on about boring stuff I didn’t listen to either (they argued about this), watching Mellie talk about - here’s the beautiful Scandal kicker/where it all ties in - planned parenthood. Mellie has been on her legs all day, and since that EW photoshoot I don’t blame here for feeling tired, and suddenly Olivia gets a brilliant plan.

Next thing we know Olivia somehow (don’t ask me the details, I have ADD) got Susan to interrupt Mellie’s fillibuster and take the floor to ask a question. Then Mellie runs like a squirrel to the restroom where Olivia is waiting when she comes out of the stall like a damn stalker (what if she had been doing more than peeing? Karen needs to take over here too). And they talk and idk what happens but Mellie wraps her filibuster and dips tf out of there.

Next scene we got Olivia sitting in a badly lit empty clinic where some lady calls her name to come back (once again Olivia is watching Mellie on TV - it’s her new hobby apparently). Sidenote: I think her watching Mellie work and being a boss bitch (or as much as she can muster) is what pushed her over the edge because during their argument later Olivia says she is not a housewife (paraphrasing here) but she’s one of the dogs.

Next we got commercials. But then we came back to Olivia in a hospital gown putting her legs up on the stirrups and then they show her face and we’re supposed to get a lot out of that.

She definitely got the abortion. I too had hope anon that she didn’t but then we see her run back into the residence like a maniac looking for Mellie’s left over alcohol so….I’m gonna go with yes. Fitz is all wtf and she’s ignoring him (again but whatever). He pushes, she pushes back (verbally not physically on both parts) and next thing you know Fitz is yelling and Olivia is monologuing about how she feels trapped and they weren’t ready and she doesn’t want this FL nonsense. And for a while I legit thought Fitz was gonna have a heart attack or a stroke cuz he just stood there breathing heavy, but then he starts yelling back about how she’s worse than Mellie cuz she hides/runs all the time and at least he knew all about Mellie’s bs. BTW this all started cuz Olivia didn’t show up to some dinner.

Then somehow it escalated to Olivia yelling about there being no Vermont (honestly I started blocking some of this out bc I too think I may have started stroking out from the shock - also I was writing some awfully heated tweets to SR/writers & company). Next thing we see they’re both seated on the end of that (say it Karen) disgusting bed drinking Mellie’s liquor talking about how we could’ve had it all rolling in the deep and basically breaking up.

Then these muthafuckas had the audacity to play Ave Maria as they show Olivia back in her apartment getting a new couch at an ungodly hour with Fitz still in his same damn suit drinking solo by the fire.

All in all this episode was

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idk if this is weird, but honestly i dont like shipping any overwatch characters? its like most of the popular/big ships have like 4+ age gaps and its kinda gross (excluding mchanzo, i think they're like 2 years apart)

That’s very understandable. I guess I personally don’t mind as, for example, my sibling is in a relationship that has a… 7? year difference. In my mind, as long as they’re both safe, not abusive, consenting and happy, it’s fine. But I see why you could feel uncomfortable! (If you want to ship something, Boombox only has an one year difference, TracerxLúcio only has 2 I think)

i honestly dont know how i feel about porn bc i believe in sexual freedom and everything but i feel like a lot of harm comes out of the porn industry and the more i read about it the more it makes me sick so im really on the fence about the whole situation like i dont know if i should support porn bc i dont want to shame porn stars like its not the act of them having sex on camera or w/e that bothers me its just like the violence and the affect it has on society

and i dont even mean to kink shame like that i think its fine when theres two participants that both actively want that but i feel like the violence in the bedroom could create a massive problem if only one of the people participating in it wanted it and the other partner either went along with it just to please the one who wanted it even though they were massively uncomfortable or if the person who wanted it didnt really care if their partner did or didnt. you know?

i really apologize if this comes off ignorant or makes any of you mad, i really try not to touch on this subject especially bc i dont know where i stand with it like theres arguments on both sides of it that i see completely valid and idk im just really confused on what to think i know i should further educate myself about it