dont want any one to feel uncomfortable

inclusionists: exclusionists sound like terfs. i mean they have terfs on their side and everything :/

exclusionists: other and bother any terf that shows up in the discourse making it well known they dont want terfs here

exclusionists: inclusionists sound like homophobes. there are so many homophobes on their side and no one adressing it makes me very uncomfortable

inclusionists: well its their business. and their feelings are valid uwu. dont fight hate with hate #NoNegativity


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Exo will arrive in NA in a few hours so here is a nice little reminder :)

So for any one greeting them or thinking about it, please dont lose your mind and do anything irrational, illogical, and hurtful to anyone!

Please be on your best behavior!

Please control yourself!

Please refrain from tugging, pushing, pulling, screaming bloody murder, causing a mosh pit (its a long flight its the last thing they want to have to deal with), hitting, obscene gestures, rude language, inappropriate language and/or gifts, enforcing delusional otp bullshit (im sorry but telling ur otp to “just fuck already” is so delu and ridiculous and you will probably make them feel very uncomfortable), making fun of them in any kind of way (please dont! I cannot stress enough…just dont like we get it they arent fluent in English and sehun has a lisp like let them live!), etc!

Dont follow them!!

Dont chase them!!

Dont sit outside of their hotel/hotel room!!

Dont be a crazy fan ok! They dont need that!

Its ok to show them that you love them but please dont do anything weird or anything to make them uncomfortable!

You have to remember that they are human too! They have feelings, emotions, etc. When they get off the plane they will most likely be jet lagged like a mofo! Its a 15 hour flight! Please dont be insensitive. Screaming and yelling and pushing and pulling is the last thing they want to have to deal with! Please, dont make them uncomfortable.

Remember to set a good example!


They are ppl and right now they are so far from home, just try to put them at ease! Theyve come so far to visit us and perform for us! Dont make them hate their trip and wish to go home!

If you want to give them gifts! Maybe even gifts that will aid them on their trip! (If gifts are allowed to be received ofc)
— heat packs for muscles, energy drinks or gatorade, hand warmer packets, blankets, small travel pillows, gloves/mittens, scarves, socks, (they will need warmth in chicago, toronto, and newark ok!), phone chargers (i believe our power plugs are different so if they dont have an adapter they are screwed :/) gift cards/coupons for food, snacks, city maps, all this may sound silly but its just some ideas to help ease their trip bc maybe they want to get out and explore?
— but remember that they have to continuously travel by plane which means luggage costs… If too many gifts are given then some things may be left behind thats why gifts that can be at least tucked in a corner of a bag or disposed of after use would be a great idea! :)

If you want to show your love!
— make a fan sign! Let them know that they are welcomed, loved, and appreciated! Try to keep them at a decent size to avoid causing issues for others :)

I dont know about yall but im so excited to see them! So lets try to make the stresses of their jobs a bit easier!