dont wanna ship anyone with anyone but i cant help it

Splinter’s Death, April Fault? And apparently Apritello is dead...What?

So apparently the death of Splinter is April’s fault….and Apriltello is dead….oh the people in this fandom….

Okay, since Im calmer, I can rant more appropriately.

Lets take in onto why April didnt save Splinter…shall we?

Remember back in the chompy episode they talked about the Aeon made April’s powers a little weak? ((I cant really remember what exactly was said.)) Well theres one of the reasons. 

Another reason is, she used up most of her levation during the Shredder fight.

Oh and after you just witnessed your Sensei getting gutted, then Im pretty sure you’d be paralyzed and shocked. After Splinter had fallen, April summoned enough of her last bit of powers to try to end Shredder once and for all. Hear me out, when you see someone die in front of you, something just snaps inside you making everything you do is beyond your bounds. Meaning when April blasted Shredder off the roof, she wasnt in her right mind. That or she didnt know she could even save Splinter, let alone shove Shredder off the roof. 

In the second part of the Finale, SPOILER ALERT!

She stopped Donnie from falling probably to his death since he was gonna land on his head, when he was on his feet, he told April he needed to get back up there. She told him she couldnt levitate him. Which makes me think she has limitation to these powers of hers.

Shes not an all magical goddess who can save people just whenever. She’s also still young, the death of splinter shocked her, she tried to save him by warning him, but sadly that wasnt enough. I mean look at these faces!

 These two were witnesses to this

Now of course she’s not gonna think “Oh let me use my unlimited use of powers to levitate this heavy pound rat to saftey” Plus even if she did, she wouldnt of saved him from death. Look how deep those blade are?

Those blades come out of his back!! They went into his stomach and out of his back. I may not be a doctor but Im pretty sure that would kill anyone. 

Not only the stabbing, but Shredder holds Splinter high, making the blades go deeper into the body. Making the wound worse.

Then theres the fall.

That fall was in slow motion for us audience so we could grasp what was happening. But in reality, it was in a blink of an eye moment. There was nothing April nor anyone could of done. Knowing April, she would of used up so much of her powers to save Splinter. But with those wounds, and the impact a fall can have, he was already dead. That fall from a building that high would of killed him during his falling Im sure. ((Dont quote me on that))

Now lets talk about April’s sudden powers when she puts down shredder.

Right here is where I think she’s gathering all of her powers that she can, her eyes becoming murderous in the process, 

You can see it in her eyes, shes going to take this guy down, shes gonna avenge her sensei, shes gonna make him feel pain and die for what he’s done. You see that murderous look as I pointed out above.

This is probably her last bit of power she has in her before she collapses from using up so much of her powers already.

And dont forget again, the crystal weakened her. So this might be at her most powerful? Maybe. I could be wrong.

With Casey’s help she, they achieved something, at that time. They  avenged Splinter, their teacher, so they thought.

Lets talk about the wound.

Yes, Leonardo’s hand is soaked with blood. It this was on another network, this would be the gory. Im glad this show doesnt show much blood cause I wouldnt be able to stomach it. But Splinter’s top half of his robe would be covered in blood. Mikey probably would have some on him 

As the picture says, notice how Mikey is positioned, he isnt on top of Splinter like he was back in season three, hes holding his father’s hand and laying his head on it, it could be that theres so much blood he doesnt wanna get closer to it. That or, something else I cant really theorize it properly. 

What Im trying to say is, blood. LOTS of it.

Donnie and Leo would at least be sitting in the pool of blood of their fathers, meaning levitation or not, he would of died from the amount of blood. And the impact of that fall.

I do close this subject with this… APRIL IS AND WILL NEVER BE AT FAULT FOR OUR PASSING SENSEI. So whoever started this frenzy need to just really speculate before just blaming.


So is this why April is being blamed? Cause she’s apart of a ship that some dislike? If so, thats obserd! This person who started this was obviously a Capril shipper.

Because gosh forbid, one cant comfort another and not be tied into stupid romance.

Is this why Apriltello is dead? Cause he comforted her? I mean, I dont care either way, Capril is adorable and I do like them, Like all ships. I honestly dont care. What Im getting at is its pretty immature that you try and rub this in Apriltellos face claming that ship is dead.

Apriltello will never die, as long as it has shippers, it wont ever die, just like the ship Capril. That ship wont die cause it too has fans. Do I ever claim that its dead, hell no, cause that would be incredibly rude to the Capril shippers, like its rude to Apriltello shippers.

Most of dont like Caprils cause fans like the ones who are immature ruins it, well atleast that goes for me, I dont mean to speak for all. Its just….incredibly offensive is all.

Ships never die. Canon or Fanon, EVERY ship will live on. Cool it with the immatury, it makes you look like spoiler kid. 

I know im gonna get a lot of flack from this, but this needed to be said before this crap grew worse and more irritating.

If you wanna discuss you can 


Be mature, please, I dont babysit. Also feel free to add onto this. But be respectful to one another. I dont condone with jerks.

Hi I'm Kate

I still ship Klance, bacause I dont only see whats on the surface.

Im not forcing anyone to ship it, or forcing you to keep shipping it, because thats your decision.

I still love Voltron, and if you for some reason start to hate it because of its fandom and not because of the show. I’m sorry for saying this but that is just shallow.

Can we please let that blackmail thingy die down? Because honestly it wont be a big deal unless we make it a big deal.

Hi, once again I’m Kate and i will still be the same as i was before all of this happened.

Have a nice day. :) Oh and for anyone who might think I’m saying this because of Klance, honestly I support all ships but it cant be helped if I like one more than the other. Bye

Why the narusaku shippers think than naruto should have ended with sakura and why they are wrong.

For starters we need to see different points of view, im triying to be neutral and give both shipps what they deserve, because opinions work better in that way.

i know there is gonna be a lot of people like this

but im not saying you cant ship the ship you like or do fan arts or everything you want, im just exposing arguments of why you should not be blinded and diminish the work of a life just because you didnt liked how it ended, there is 7 billion people in this world off fucking course not anyone its gonna like it, and its fine because thas how we are, but rant and be assholes doesnt do anything good for you, and im talking about every pairing there is including naruhina and sasusaku.

ok so let me begin, if we do a lot of research and look at the core of every pairing we are gonna end seeing things in may ways, like the character you like the most and how do you spect it to end, thats a common given and the most and i repeat common thing i see in narusaku, its than they like Sakura and A LOT, way more than naruto, and than most of their fanbase are girls and womens, they have many points looking for why sakura should have ended with naruto and the first and in almost 100% accuracy their are gonna say development, but thats not true, the only reason of why all of this girls and womens like this pairing its because they fell atatched to her character and feel identified with her and try to be in her place, like if were an evolution they are going trough the series with her, thats why most of them said than sakura its a strong character, good personality and etc. but surely they have been feel identified with the character mostly because the way sasuke treats sakura, and how independent you say she is. well if we see the “development”

you see cleary than naruto just after hear than sakura wants sasuke acknowledgment he realize why he likes her, its because he doesnt wanna loose to him, not even in love, and thats from chapter 3 and most of narusakus are gonna be like

or just ignore the fact than naruto doesnt like sakura in a love way, and probably are gonna stop reading by this point and look at me as 

and block me.

well anyway for the ones who are here still with me lets continue, so we reached the point i wanted, after read the manga you realize by anyway you try sasuke has been an asshole with sakura 697 chapters of 700, and remember the part where i said narusakus want to sakura end with naruto ? thats why, its because they put in sakuras position and dont wanna accept the fact than that asshole ended with here after all that “Development” she had with naruto, but for give a good opinion you should be in naruto’s place to see this from his perspective,

twice she had the chance to get over sasuke and let him go, but she preffered the one who almost killed her more than twice and we have a point here, so lets see the other possible relationship, its the relationship of naruto and hinata, ok you could say they dont have any development, but i ask you, did that matter for sakura when she chose sasuke ? NO, but look and even if you dont wanna admit it hinata was always there, and naruto have been always a good guy, NEVER in his life said anything bad to hinata and always has been respecting her, he always admired her and she was his wall in the worst times, thats why narusakus want naruto to end with sakura, because he its the kind of guy who never will hurt sakura, but the narusakus need to realize to than sakura isnt the protagonist, its NARUTO the only protagonist of the story, and he deserved someone who make him happy, he always lived a life of shit, was alone and was seen as a monster, but only 3 people looked at him as a kid, hinata, sasuke and iruka, they never looked at him as a monster, and always they has been in naruto most important times in life, im not talking about development, im talking about who realy could have made naruto happy, put in his possition in the Naruto one not in the sakura one, and pretend you now “like some girl” and you have been always a good guy and always triying to make her smile just because you like her, but she likes someone else, and that person treated her like shit, but you cant do anything because he its the one she likes, and you like her enough to support her because thats whats make her happy, now you see its hard to be naruto and knowing the truth about sakura better than anyone hurt to, but remember you put sakura as if was his life the most important one in the series when its not.

if you put yourself in naruto’s place and imagine if he ended with sakura, tell me something, you will be happy ?, knowing than with the women you’re spending your life she its still loving someone else ? for the love of God

its hard right, well another thing i wanna talk about its some people in tha narusaku fandom they are another kind of shipper the ones who make this images

and they say “oh my god look how sakura its screaming naruto with love” i give you an answer of why she is doing that,  because she cant do anything to save anyone, thats why, first off all at that time she could have used the byakugo to help tsunade in save anyone, but no she just was waithing to be in a war and show sasuke how she isnt useless anymore, and then, naruto the one she was screaming for, gets his ass beaten and leater she didnt do jackshit but look, and the only one who risked her life was hinata, why sakura (the one you call that isnt useless) didnt made anything to save naruto just to see him die by the hands of the one WHO DESTROY HER VILLAGE, killed both her sensei and her sempai and thousands of people in his town probably her parents, and many of the arguments i got from this its “Naruto said he wanna fight alone” so your best friend its figthing to death and he cant move and there its no hope for him to beat the enemy and its gonna die, and you’re just gonna watch ?

i could go on but i dont wanna turn this in a TL;DR

my point its dont see in the eyes of sakura the end, try to see it as Naruto, we know naruto have been trough a pretty harsh and horrible life, alone and missunderstood, allways doing pranks to call the attentiond and remember he was alive at least when the adults where scolding him, and i ask you to see this picture now

he didnt deserved it ? as far as i know all that its important for narusaku shippers its sakura but think in naruto, he deserved someone who was with him since the begining, the development doesnt matter shit if sakura its still loving sasuke and its important to get over it, Kishimoto worked on this more than 15 years, was his prime archivement, his life every week since 1999, you still think he was paid to change the ending ? WHY ? he has all the money he could have wanted in his life, this its his son, his life work, just because you didnt liked its lame to think than he selled himself tho change the end, for the love of God Hinata was created before the manga started way before than sakura and was created to end with naruto, and if as you say the development betwen both “doesnt exist"  its because he didnt wanted to put that in a SHONEN MANGA a love story, this its not SEINEN like Fairy tale, how much development had goku with milk before married him ? just because he had development with bulma he wasnt gonna end with her, its just happen and thats it, this is a manga about the struggle and the important that its create bonds and what a better way to end the story with the protagonist after live a shitty life since he was born, to end with a Happy Family where he its smiling, where he have two sons who love him so much, a wife who love him even more, fullfilling his Dream to be hokage and where HE ITS NOT ALONE ANYMORE

i dont wanna start a flamewar and

if you are gonna be mean with me at least put arguments and be polite as i was.

i dont hate narusaku i just see the thing trough naruto because as you narusaku see the thing from the perspective of sakura i do the same with naruto and i dislike how most of you just pretend naruto its the one who its gonna forget everything and live happy knowing his wife will be loving someone more, and i cant accept it. so open your mind and look from other perspective and dont be blind and think than insulting a man who worked on this 15 years doesnt hurt him or the ones who liked his work, if you enjoyed the ride you have no rights to call him sellout so be cool and dont be an asshole with the one who create this worldThanks for Reading and Sorry for My Bad english im not native english speaker so i hope at least you can understand :)