dont wanna get any shit for this either

Hey so listen

if you keep getting these Crosa Rosa videos sent to you

or if you just dont wanna deal w/ that shit at all you can go to

your blog settings and then under the Privacy header find “allow logged-out users to see this blog” and toggle it off. because these video submissions are happening via email spambots that aren’t connected to any tumblr accounts. so they can’t send you messages if they don’t have an account. 

it may be a virus or it may just be obnoxious, either way, you can turn it off without very much effect from anything else. It just means people will need to be logged in to tumblr to see your blog. 

tbh a permanent goal i want to work on is to just be nice to people for the sake of being nice and not expect any specific treatment either way because of it… like free myself completely of “kindness is weakness” rhetoric & that martyr shit about making sacrifices for everyone but getting nothing in return, or ending up being taken advantage of for being too nice… life is hard for everyone and i just dont wanna be one of those people who makes it more difficult