dont wanna be a fool 4 u

Dear New ARMYs

Dear New ARMYs

Please take good care of our boys when you become an ARMY. Please don’t only love one member, as it’s a rule for all of ARMY to appreciate every single member no matter what.

First, there’s our leader, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster
He is brilliant. He’s in the top percentage of intellects in South Korea, and taught himself how to speak and write English fluently. He raps like no other and is secretly the actual visual of the band. I mean, he’s perfect.

Second is Kim Seokjin. He’s the oldest of the group, but acts like the youngest (maknae). His favourite colour is pink, and he loves food. He even has his own show called EAT Jin where he eats food live and talks to the fans. He’s the visual of the group and most definitely the most underrated, so we welcome new Jin stans with open arms!

Third is Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D. I’m honestly not sure where to start with Yoongi, as he is my idol, and a person who I look up to a lot. He is the main rapper of the group, writes all the lyrics, and produces the songs. He is a god send. he’s also the boyfriend of Jimin, though he won’t admit it. I don’t want to give a lot away, but you should look into him on your own, and read about his background, because honestly, he’s been through so much and deserves the world.

Fourth is Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope aka Hobi. He. Is. The. Fucking. Sun. Hobi, our hope, our angel, J-Hope. Hobi is the main dancer and actually makes a lot of the choreos for the group, so he’s just amazing. He’s very happy, energetic and honestly, you can’t help but love him. His raping voice is very unique but beautiful non-the-less. Y'all better Stan him as hard as ya can because he’s the real deal.

Fifth is Park Jimin. Honestly, there isn’t a soul in ARMY who doesn’t like Jimin. He’s so bubbly, and cute, and so much more. He’s a lil smol bean, and is the shortest of the group and is thus made fun of for that reason. But, we still love him no matter what. Despite his angelic, pure face, this boy is sin and I’d be surprised to ever find someone who didn’t like him from the off.

Sixth is Kim Taehyung aka V. Tae (my first bias) is honestly perfect. He’s the perfect blend of unique, cute and manly. This boy is O B S E S S E D with Gucci and he wears 100% Gucci only. One thing I NEED to point out: NEVER EVER GIVE HIM THE NICKNAME ALIEN. HE HATES IT AND ITS DISRESPECTFUL TO HIM. IM WARNING YOU RN. Anyway, he’s lovely, and his voice is very smooth and deep, and just amazing.

Last (and definitely not least) is Jeon Jungkook. My current bias, Kookie (his nickname) is the youngest of BTS and by far one of the best singers ever. He covers a lot of English songs which show his amazing voice, and he is referred to as the Golden Maknae as there is NOTHING he can’t do. When he debuted at 15, he could sing, dance, rap, and everything in between. Jungkook is honestly talent in a human but very awkward so please take care of him.

BTS stands for Bangtan Sonyeondan (방탄 소년단) which is Korean for Bulletproof Boy Scouts.

Now I’m gonna make this clear - if you’re a fan who ain’t gonna stay, please, please, just don’t hurt the boys while you’re a fan. I’m aware there will be bandwagon fans and I’m prepared for it, but please don’t hurt our boys. They’re so precious and what they achieved last night is something no Kpop artist has ever done. Please respect them.

If you’re looking for bomb-ass songs to get to know them, here are a few (or a lot) to get you started:

Cypher Part 4 - the newest instalment of the rap line ROASTING HOES
Dead Leaves - my favourite, and pretty much everyone’s favourite
Tomorrow - literally saved my life
Run - dasi run run runnnnn
I Need U - this is dope af
Dope - talking of Dope. This is the song that introduced me to the boys and I love it
Whalien 52 - a beautiful song that you should listen to
First Love These are solo songs. 100%
Reflection worth listening to
No More Dream - their debut song
War of Hormone - la la lalalalaaaa
Coffee - a metaphorical song wow
N.O. - because fuck rules and society
Cypher Part 3 - my fav part worth the listen because Yoongi talks about giving head kinda

The boys also release their own songs that are worth listening to.

Lost Stars - Cover by Jungkook
Fools - Cover by Jungkook and Rap Monster
1 Verse - J-Hope
Agust D - Agust D (Suga/Yoongi)
Tony Montana - Agust D
The Last - Agust D
Joke - Rap Monster
Do You - Rap Monster
Someone Like You - Cover by V
Eomma - Jin

That’s just a very SMALL selection of songs, they have a lot of amazing tracks to listen to so definitely just spend time listening to all their albums and mini-albums.

Please send love and respect, and understand that Kpop is completely different to western pop. It is absolutely amazing, as idols are trained for years before debut. It’s hard, backbreaking, and so different to western pop.

Don’t just Stan BTS either, there’s lots of other AMAZING groups to at least take a look at, as BTS are a third generation group, second gens like EXO, SHINee and Big Bang are phenomenal and you should definitely check them out. Other third gens like GOT7, Pentagon and Red Velvet are equally awesome. The girls are amazing btw. Just putting that out there.

There’s also a k-hip hop scene which I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE with the likes of Jay Park, Gray, Zico, Mino, Ugly Duck, Crush (kinda), CL, Hyuna and a shit ton more.

ARMY welcome you all to the fam, we will love you and take care of you and teach you everything you need to know, but in exchange, all we ask for is respect to BTS, that’s all. A lot of us are scared about what is going to come from the BBMAs so please, don’t let our worst fears come true!

Welcome to ARMY 💖💕