dont walk run


My friends dont walk they run / skinny dip in rabbit holes for fun

poppin poppin balloons with guns / getting high of helium

( more art for anotherjadewriter’s au because i cant stop thinking about it )

Signs are: In Fights GOD FINALLY I POSTED
  • Aries: *quietly murders in their head* imma do- *runs away*
  • Cancer: fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you. *punches reapeatedly*
  • Taurus: uhm..... i dont fight...? *walks backwards then runs forwards*
  • Gemini: i am not going to do this. i cant do this. not again. nope fuck this *beats everyone's asses*
  • Leo: *claws your face off* fuck you.
  • Virgo: *gets into a verbal fight*
  • Libra: *cries*
  • Scorpio: *brutally murders everyone* oh goooodddd not again... time to hide the bodies.
  • Sagittarius: imma do this! *trips and falls on their face*
  • Capricorn: *laughs nervously* heeeeyyy guyyysss... 8runs*
  • Aquarius: fuck this. *punches once really hard then walks away*
  • Pisces: can we... work this out?.... no? ok fine. *beats everyone up* you didnt want to talk.....

just fyi penguin is doing this thing where they’re selling super cute short books (i think they’re called little black books?) for 80p each and among them is the entire robert fagles translation of the antigone, trimalchio’s feast, socrates’ defence, the poems of sappho and catullus and suetonius’ caligula, also numerous books by people who wrote [fingerquotes] “"actual fiction”“ that’s ”“not in dead languages”“ but keep your priorities straight guys run dont walk

shoutout to the parents/guardians/adult figures who didn’t download pokemon go but are having a blast helping their kids and friends find pokestops, gyms, and pokemon! we love u and ur making exploring this game even more fun! the time you spend with us is appreciated! <3