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TMNT 2018

Guys we have just very little information. 

We dont know who the cast will be, or how the animation will be too, etc …. 

So dont worry for the moment, and wait until new information comes, ok? 

Do not give up on the show so fast for just read a summary. Because maybe you have imagined something, but it not turn out to be what you really think it will be.

In my case I’ll wait until they upload promos, trailers, pictures, more detailled info, etc … 

anonymous asked:

I made up an asexual blog and aphobes are harassing me on it lately when it got more popular. I didnt do anything wrong I dont harass or look down on non aces or other lgbt people or anything (I get messages like "You aces are ugly ugly ugly homophobes and transphobes!!!!") . I seriously lost all my inspiration for the blog and they suceeded in making me feel bad about my sexuality and mae me feel like I am unwanted and unworthy because of it.

Hello, Anons!

I’ve been waiting until I had two messages on the same subject, and what do you know, it’s asexuality!

First of all, your Slightly Aggressive Affirmer is asexual. And I’m super cool, in multiple ways, like a fucking sun smart polar bear who surfs the ice floes in sunglasses and sensible but stylish freakin’ hats. Therefore being asexual must also be ultra-cool. I am a scientist, and this is science fact I have decreed it!

Okay, but seriously though:

You are not a bad person or unworthy or unwanted. Having pride in your sexuality and trying to help others feel that pride too is awesome! It doesn’t mean that you’re “looking down” on anybody. Getting unprovoked messages saying that you’re homophobic or transphobic doesn’t make those things true. I’m sure there are some asexual people who are, because there are SO MANY different people in the world with different opinions. But your sexuality doesn’t automatically mean you hate anybody. If it did, there’d be no straight allies.

Also, there are asexual people who are trans (I personally know three) and there are asexual people who also identify as gay, because of their romantic orientation. And they can have asexual pride too. Some of them even run asexual blogs! So your attackers are coming at you with no fucking logic whatsoever, and it’s okay to ignore them.

Which brings me to a second point, and this ones for ALL THE BLOGGERS out there, not just the asexual ones:

You do NOT have to listen to or respond to hate. I know how it feels to get hateful messages, both here and on my personal blog. It really hurts and it’s so hard to ignore what people say. Most people have it built into us then when someone criticises us or our actions, we need to apologise or try to fix the situation. I think that’s why online hate hurts so much. It makes you feel that you have done something wrong, and your brain’s response to that is to try and fix things. And if the thing you’ve been told is wrong is a part of who you are, like your sexuality, it’s very hurtful because you know you can’t fix it.

But when someone sends you abuse for being who you are, it can help to remind yourself that you DO NOT need to apologise or fix yourself. They are the person who is doing something wrong. The fact you are being told you’re a bad person doesn’t make it true.

Imagine I’m in the supermarket, shopping for chocolate milk and cheesecakes, and a stranger came up and yelled in my face that I’m useless. That would be very distressing and frightening for me, but it wouldn’t actually be true. This total stranger doesn’t know me or anything about me (except maybe that I make poor dietary choices). Without knowing me, how would they know whether I’m useful or not? They don’t know that I’m always there to offer my friends a ride if they need one. They don’t know that I helped my friend move last weekend, driving my car and helping make sure each box went to the right place, because I wanted to make up for my physical inability to carry heavy boxes. They don’t know that I volunteer. Or that I run a blog dedicated to slightly aggressively affirming people.

The fact that the random stranger says I am useless does not mean that I am. Sometimes I feel like I am, so it might be difficult for me to deal with being told that. But strangers do not have any right to comment or make me feel bad.

The sad thing about the internet is that people CAN say these things, and they feel like they can do so, safely and anonymously. They feel much safer going to someone’s blog and accusing them of something than they would feel approaching randoms in a supermarket. This is true, even when they’re using their real name and identity, such as on Facebook. Studies into social media behaviour have found that people will say things online that they wouldn’t say in public, such as using racial slurs or making violent threats.

What this means to me is that people who attack you online are cowards. They won’t say these things in the outside world, but will say them if they feel there aren’t consequences.

So, to recap so far:

a) Being proud of your sexuality doesn’t make you a bad person.
b) Just because someone tells you you’re a bad person, doesn’t make it true.
c) People who attack other people on the internet are cowardly.

As for being asexual, well, here’s a little about that:

a) Asexual people are fab. I have decreed this.
b) Asexual people are not broken, damaged, inhuman or wrong.
c) All identities on the aro and ace spectrums are real and valid.
d) There’s all different kinds of people who are asexual. It’s as diverse as any other group. Some like sex and some don’t. Some like polka dots and others prefer stripes. There are aro-aces and panromantic aces and loads of other orientations in the middle. All of them are valid.
e) Because all aces are so different, no one can EVER make a judgement about who you are on the basis of your sexuality.

And f) because it’s important:

All your feelings about your asexuality (or any other orientation you might be) are valid. Asexual pride is great, but if you struggle to feel good about your asexuality, that is okay. If you wish you weren’t asexual, that’s just as valid as being full of pride. You’re not letting anyone down. It’s not your job to represent all asexual people. You can even have mixed feelings. Maybe sometimes you’re proud of who you are, and other times you feel lonely or useless and wishing things were different. That’s okay. Your feelings about your orientation are ALL valid.

YOU are valid, your sexuality is real, you’re not wrong or broken, you DEFINITELY DEFINITELY DO DESERVE LOVE (in whatever form you prefer, romance, friendship, etc). And being proud of your sexuality does not mean you look down on other people’s.


- The Slightly Aggressive Affirmer

(ps. if you don’t know @theasexualityblog, check it out. full of pride but also has the reassuring answers to your questions. and is super nice)

(pps. anon #2, i’ve queued some ace-pridey type affirmations for you and I hope they help)

Looking to... Wait?

So Storblood is coming soon and with that will be the opening of a whole new housing district. That’s great! I’m really excited for everyone getting the chance to be a part of the Doman district especially Au Ra players. However, what I want and have wanted for nearly two years now is a small house in the Goblet.

Since people who already have homes get first pick to move to Doman districts (if that is still correct), I’m hoping to find someone who is lives in the Goblet now but is planning to move. The only way I can get my dream home in the Goblet (what will end up being IC a Fortune Teller’s shop and Sky Pirate hideout), is if someone who already has one moves.

Please, if you or someone you know is planning to move from the Goblet to the Doman district (or just selling/leaving their small home), send me an ask or a message.

I am happy to wait until Stormblood for you to move, I just want a chance to snag your empty plot when you do.


Summary: The most notorious mafia gang in the city, and you’re at the heart of it…quite literally!

Based off of this request - “All of BB - MADE trailer. All hitmen. U r like a sister to them. All live together in a safe house (love ur cooking/adorable family). U get kidnapped & fucked up badly (ANGST!), they r PISSED. People get fucked up, killed while they save you. Fun ;)”

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

Part 10 - Finale

‘Hey, Jagi!-ugh!’

You crash your whole body into him, jumping into his arms and wrapping yourself around him, whispering ’ohmygod’ over and over again as you burrow your face into his neck.

'Jagi, its okay-you’re safe.’

'No i’m not, Ji! How THE HELL Are you here?! They’re coming back for me any second- they told me i’m getting sold, I-’

'Hey! Heyheyhey! Jagi, calm down. I’m here now, you’re safe. Its okay.’ he hushes you, walking over to sit on the bed with you still wrapped around him, gently pulling your head away from his neck to look at you, and even though you know you’re a snivelling, tearstained mess, you still latch your lips to his when he presses his to yours, running your hands over him frantically to make sure he was real as you try to get as close to him as possible.

'How? How?’ you breathe against his mouth, grabbing his jaw with both hands to make him look at you, as you take in the sight of him again, his flawless skin, the dangerous curve of his eyes that made him look like a cat, the perfect pout of his lips that you constantly wanted to taste and the overall perfection of his cheekbones and jawline that made him look as if he was carved by angels.

'Didn’t you trust me?’ he asks, a devilish smirk stretching across his lips as he holds you close, but you dont notice how tight he was holding you until he suddenly removes his arms from you and your body tingles with the relief. Its only when he’s delicately pulling your hands from his face that you realise his attention had moved from you to your wrists, his brows pulling close together as he looks at the light bruising surrounding them.

'Who did this?’ he asks quietly, not taking his eyes from the marks as he inspects them until you dont answer him straight away, which is when he peers up at you with an angry/upset glance and pulls you in for a brief kiss.

'Jagi, who did it-’

'Ji, I have to tell you something…’ you whisper, not entirely sure how to explain to him that it was two of his own men that had taken you, having to grab onto his hands tightly as you prepare yourself to say it.

'It was Seunghyun and Daesung.’

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anonymous asked:

I'm seen a ton of people do MCs that are a little chubby/have a bit of a belly but I've never really seen any with like, a borderline obese MC? Like, they have to wear 4X clothes at least and it really upsets me bc I love body positive posts but I've rarely ever seen one for bigger than a little curvy and well tldr: can I request RFA+V+Saeran with an MC who is obese and really insecure about it?

A/N: I know I said before when I wrote one about MC with a tummy and freckles that it was me but like yo i was wrong this one is me ;A; tho my clothes are usually bigger to fit my shoulders and bust way more than anything else fucking rip i hate clothes Also!!!! Body positivity!!!! Yes!! ~Admin 404

I hope this isn’t too repetitive to the other one I’ve written but??? It’s basically the same thought process??


           -Loves your body so much!

           -You’re always so warm to cuddle up with!

           -He really doesn’t care what you look like, he loved you for your personality before he even saw you in person

           -You’re so kind-hearted and amazing, why would your looks matter?

           -Reminds you all the time that you’re amazing and absolutely perfect to him!

           -Will buy hoodies that are way too big for him because!!!! He wants you to wear them!!

           -Love love loves to lay his head on your tummy and you play with his hair

           -If you get insecure over it, he cuddles you close and literally refuses to let you go

           -You can get up and try to walk away but he’s literally attached to you

           -When you get tired of dragging him around and give up, he’s ecstatic and peppers your face with kisses- Just wants you to feel good about yourself!!!!


           -His job relies heavily on looks (and of course talent but shh)

           -But literally does not care what others say about you?

           -Again, you’re so kind-hearted!!! So nice!!!!!! So amazing!!!!!!

           -Personality > looks

           -You look past his looks, so why should it be any different for him?

           - Body worship

           -Tells you there’s no reason to change! Don’t fight him on this MC, he will shut you up with kisses real quick

           -10/10 will straight pick you up and carry you everywhere if you’re insecure

           -“But Zen! I’m heavy!” “Nonsense, you’re as light as the feathers on your wings my angel!”

           - BLUSH BLUSH BLUSH


           -She has to buy bigger clothes as well, to fit her bust!

           -SHE CAN WEAR YOUR CLOTHES!!!!!

           -Really doesn’t care about your body size

           -Judges you by the size of your heart, not your clothes!!

           -Cuddle time is the best!

           -Wants nothing more than for you to love yourself!

           -Will curl up with you, sipping coffee, and watching one of Zen’s DVD’s!

           -When you’re insecure, she will marathon these DVD’s, talk about your guys day, or bring up literally any topic of conversation

           - this lil shit makes you lose your train of thought

           -Once she knows you’re too preoccupied to think about your appearance, she visibly relaxes and puts all of her love into her words and actions


           -He’s looking for an emotional connection

           -He doesn’t care what you look like

           -Loves you for you!!! You helped him emotionally!

           -Always holding you close!

           -And??? Elizabeth the Third loves you?????

           -She’s always laying with you! And he loves it!!!!

           -If he notices you’re insecure, he will sit you down and tell you how beautiful you are!

           - will full on make a powerpoint presentation on why he thinks youre amazing

           -Seriously, you’re sitting there for hours upon hours until he believes that you understand his point

           -Enjoys all of the blushing he causes, and at the end of his talk, he’ll drag you to the bedroom to show you just how much he loves it eyebrows wiggling, wink wonk


           -You were the one who was able to look past the fake personalities he’s put up

           -You’re the one who’s been through everything with him

           -So he really does not care what you look like

           -You’re so important to him!!!! Looks don’t matter to him!

           -Plus, he loves cuddling with you anyway! More to love! MORE TO LOVE!!!

           -Feels so so so bad when you get insecure!!!

           -He’s insecure as well, so when he sees that you’re insecure he reFUSES


           -Can and will kiss every inch of you to show how much he loves you

           -Literally lays across you until you give up and admit defeat. Afterwards, he will spend hours upon hours telling you every little thing he loves about you



           -How could you talk bad about yourself!!!!

           -He can’t believe it!!! You’re amazing!

           -Why couldn’t you see that?

           -So, you’re plump? Who cares? NOT HIM

           -He thinks you’re soooo beautiful!!!!!

           -You’re his favourite subject matter for pictures!! ALWAYS TAKING PICTURES scream

           -Holds you close every time you’re insecure and makes you go through all of his pictures of you as he tells you every single thing he likes about the picture

           -The moment he has you in his arms though, you will not be leaving. Nope. Not until he knows for sure that you’re accepting of yourself

           -Realizes that it takes a very long time to actually accept yourself and your body, so he promises to help you as long as it takes!! Wants you to love yourself as much as he loves you!!


           -Why do you care what you look like?

           -He doesn’t care about what you look like, so why does it bother you?

           - Team Insecure featuring the Choi twins and this MC

           -You’ve helped him through so much!

           -He loves the personality and heart that you possess, so why would the size of your shirt matter?

           -When he catches you being insecure, he will immediately drag you to some place where he can cuddle you

           - saeran i dont wanna cuddle on the floor its cold omg why

           -Will hold you completely against himself, and won’t let you go

           -He lets you get all ranting or crying out while he holds you close, and runs his hands through your hair

           -Waits until you’re almost asleep to whisper how much you mean to him regardless of what you look like, hopefully putting a smile on your face



in fact there’s a whole lot of “here is how people racist” and “here is how to ally without being a smug prick about it”

there is ALSO ALSO ALSO a lot of beautiful black men who are initially douchey but CLEARLY ALSO LOVE THEIR WOMEN AND WANT TO DO BETTER

Taraji P Henson is courted by FINE AS ALL HELL Mahershala Ali *STARS IN EYES* and you know those moments which are like IMAGINE YOUR OTP except THIS IS YOUR OTP YOU DONT HAVE TO IMAGINE IT and her daughters being all into the new man in her life and AAAAAAAAAAAAA IMAGINE YOUR OTP NO WAIT IT’S ALREADY ONSCREEN

buncha white characters have this complete thoughtlessness, this “that’s the way it is” until they are inconvenienced and then that’s how they go out of the way to make things better which is so utterly real, of course that’s how it goes

other buncha white characters who just hate being upstaged and their hostility is shown really subtly, like it’s clear they’re not even AWARE of how fucking racist they are

then there’s that John Glenn astronaut guy who’s like a complete ALL AMERICAN WHITE BREAD BOY and he has this looks-natural-is-it-really way of being an ally that’s just completely innocuous except it’s exceptional like yes good that’s a really awesome way of alleviating the AWKWARD in the room

Janelle Monae as the plucky wannabe-engineer

Octavia Spencer as the long-suffering but determined to help not just herself but EVERYONE in her department of human computers by getting ahead of the game learning computers


hxhmood  asked:

Wait how do you know which blogs are run by shitty crusty ass ppl I feel like you're super knowledgeable on this like I legit had no idea who that grellrose person was until you called them out,,,,,,if there are any other blogs you know that are run by Those™ ppl please share, I wanna avoid them At All Costs

i saw some drama posts about them on my dash then i was like “wait…that binch follows me!!!” and i called them out LOL ASOFNOSOAN i dont rlly keep up with drama that much tho!!

chanyeol body appretiation

i was inspired to do this by this post; check it out before reading this (or after, you do you) and enjoy the goodness that is about to consume you ;)

so lets start with yeollies hands, and let me say they are calloused and big af ; just look at those fingers; i bet baekhyun loves those fingers as much as we do ;) 

this is cute af

i adore this picture

feat. veiny hands

next his neck and more specifically his adams apple, its so fucking prominent (especially now as he is older) and looks so freaking delicious uhh

babyeol days

save me

like look at that; and now look at baekhyuns neck

see the difference? yea me too

next is of course his ears ; they give him character and make chanyeol chanyeol; plus theyre adorable 

next on the list are dem lipss!! they are so fucking plump it makes me jealous but seriously guys those lips are the work of the very generous devil who is trying to make us all go crazy with thirst

f*ck yes

next are his eyes. yes. his eyes! especially his aegyo sal; like omf its soo damn pufffy and cute so you wouldnt even think yeol is a sex god deep voiced rapper and when he smiles they scrunch up and its the cutest thing in the world

so puffy ;;

feat. eye twitch

yes. it is time. what you all have been waiting for. his arms/biceps; those arms are once again a creation of satan who once again has blessed us with the chanyeol 





he fucking knows hes killing us what hes doing

feat. veiny arms

bet baek knows exactly which other part of yeols body is just as veiny ;)

so i guess this concludes channies body appretiation post!

and dont worry guys, one day i will update this post just you wait and see ;)

so until then have a good time ^^

– annie

What did I get myself into?

I originally posted this on wattpad, thought I should post it on here as well.

“Ok class, for homework complete chapter 6 on page 31,” said my math teacher, Mrs. Cambell. Then the bell rings and everyone starts to pack up. I put my stuff away and quickly walk out of the classroom. Finally it was the last period of the day, I just had to go to my locker and get my science notebook. On my way there I hear a lot of yelling and see a huge crowed of people.

“FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!” everyone yells.

I push through everyone and get to the front, there I see the head jock Brandon, who I used to date beat up robbie kay who everybody calls loser, geek, coward ect. Probaly because he never fights back when he gets beat up. I feel bad for him…he doesn’t deserve this…

“STOP!” I yell

Without thinking I jump in between them and push Brandon off. Not expecting that to happen he loses his balance and falls. He gets up and glares at me. If looks could kill…

“What the hell Y/N!” He yells taking a few steps closer to me. Now I remember why I broke up with him, he would always beat up the the boys he thought were week. Hes such an ass sometimes.

“Im stopping you from hurting someone who did nothing to you. I dont even know why you feel the need to do this…….wait I think I do, you do it to get attention, and to get people to follow you around and do what you say…..but do you want to know the truth? They’re only being your friend because they’re scared you’ll beat them…so you really dont have any friends do you? Your just a bully who think its funny to hurt people, and thats pathetic…” I’ve been wanting to say that to him for a while, I was just to scared to until now.

He just stares at me with a mixture of facial expressions that I think are pissed,hatred and upset. Hes about to say something when the bell rings. Then he just turns around and walks away getting lost in the crowed.

Then my mind goes back to robbie, I turn around and see him sitting against the lockers. I walk towards him and sit next to him.

“Are you okay?” I ask him. He has bruises on his arms and probably more that are hidden under his clothes. His lip is bleeding and theres a cut on his arm. He would have had a lot worse if I haden’t stepped in.

He nods looking down and then looks up at me with a confused look on his face.

“Why did you help me?” He asks

“Because I care about you…I don’t want to see you get hurt.” I say with a smile.

He smiles at me and I realize what I just said…maybe I care about him and dont want to see him get hurt because I have feelings for him…but thats impossible, I couldn’t have feelings for Robbie Kay…could I?

Pushing the thought aside I stand up and pull him up with me.

“We should probably get you to the nurse.” I say grabbing his hand pulling him with me.

“Okay.” Is all he says while he trails behind me. At some point he squeezes my hand a little tighter but I dont think much of it.

Once we get to the nurse I tell her what happened and she gives robbie some pain meds and cleans his cuts and puts bandages on them. She tells me that robbie needs to rest so she gives me a pass so I wont be marked late.

~~~~after last period~~~

I walk out of school and head towards my car when I see Robbie sitting on a bench. I walk towards him and sit beside him. He looks up and and smiles at me. I cant help but think how handsome he looks.

“How are you feeling?” I ask him

“Better now.” He says with a small grin.

“Thats good…aren’t you going to go home?”

“Yeah but I dont have a car so I guess I’ll walk.”

“Well I can drive you if you want.”

“Really? Thanks”

We both stand and I lead him to my car. He gets into the passenger side and I start my car and pull out. He doesn’t tell me where he lives, just where to turn.

Eventually we end up in a clearing in front of a forest….weird. He gets out and starts walking towards the forest. I get out and follow him wondering where hes going.

“Robbie where are you going?” I call out to him, but he doesn’t respond. So I just keep following him.

Soon enough we appear in a clearing in the forest. Theres a treehouse in the middle.

“Robbie… do you live here?”

“Uh…no” He says in a duh tone and rolls his eyes. He then walks closer to me and takes each of my hands in his.

“Then why did you br-” He cuts me off by placing his lips on mine. It surprised me at first but then I kissed back melting into the kiss. I tangle my hands in his hair and he in return puts his hands on my waist and pulls me closer.

The kiss ends to quickly and we both just stand there looking at each other breathing heavely. He smiles down at me with a mischievous look on his face. Then he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a bean. Hs throws it and it creates a portal. I stare at it in shock an he puts his arm around my waist and pulls me tight to him and jumps in before I can stop him.

We land in a different forest and infront of me is some kind of camp with boys dancing around a fire. I stare at them in shock and turn to face robbie. Hes wearing different clothes then he was before.

“Robbie whats going on? Where are we?” I ask still shocked

“Oh, my names not Robbie….its Peter, Peter Pan. And we’re in neverland.” He says with his arms crossed and a devious smile on his face. And before I can respond he takes my hand and leads me towards where the boys are and steps up on a log pulling up with him.

“BOYS!” He yells and they all immediately stop what they are doing and look up at Rob, uh, Peter. Then the look at me with questioning looks.

“This is Y/N, shes the girl from the prophecy, the one who will be my queen and I her king, and together we will rule…” He says and looks up at me with an expression of lust, love, and power as he takes my hand in his.

“What do you mean Im the girl from the prophecy?” I ask still not knowing whats going on.

“The prophecy states that the first girl who falls for me in the land without magic is destined to be queen of neverland. And your the first one who did. So your my queen and together we will rule.” He says with a devilish grin and leans in next to my ear.

“But dont worry…You and I can still have fun and play.” He whispers in my ear sending chills down my spine. His eyes full of lust…

I can only think…

What did I get myself into?


it’s pretty clear i dont check the tag v often because i like to wait until im ready to cry—BECAUSE I AM A CRYBABY AND WILL CRY WHEN OVERWHELMED WITH JOY—and i would really just. like to thank everyone who draws or writes or dubs or roleplays anything from liverpepper!! i ENCOURAGE IT SO MUCH because it makes me super happy, and nothing would make me happier than to shout at you how much i love enjoying this silly au with everybody!! thank you SO MUCH EVERYONE!!!!! you’re all amazing and i KNOW im slow with posts right now but!!! please know that i think you’re all the best and i hope you’re having a great day full of smiles and laughter, wherever you all are!!!! ♡♡♡

also, tell me how your day’s been going if you’d like!! the weather has been beautiful where i live so that makes me ssssuper happy :”) ive been having a hard time sleeping lately (insomnia has been kicking me in the ass!!!) but i feel so warm and happy rn that i dont even care that i’m tired!!!

Solar System: Who should you date?
  • The sun: don't date the sun. The sun is the ultimate fuckboy. Don't u dare date the sun. The sun has got like 8 planets and a bunch of other side hoes that no one knows about REVOLVING them. DONT DATE THE SUN
  • Mercury: unless you want to face the wrath of the sun I'd say you wait until this bitch stops revolving around that giant loser
  • Venus: date Venus. Venus barely does anything that harms anyone and is almost similar to earth. Probably even better. 10/10 would recommend settling down and having kids
  • Earth: you're pretty much stuck with earth until you die. Unless you don't want to, I advise moving to a different galaxy until it settles all of its issues
  • Mars: look, mars is a good guy but I don't think you're their type. Actually no one is Mars' type. Don't even try, buddy
  • Jupiter: this fucker got too many side moons do u rly want to be one of them?
  • Saturn: sorry friend, someone already put a ring on it
  • Uranus: it's like dating a stone cold asshole who farts too much. Don't date Uranus if you want to live properly
  • Neptune: Neptune is pretty chill go ahead and have a few coffees with them. They're a little slow compared to earth but just be patient. They'll come around eventually

ok bc im a ding dong and accidentally deleted the other starter call and dont know who liked it before LIKE THIS FOR A STARTER! if you’re a multimuse, let me know what character you want it for if you want to use a specific muse, otherwise i’ll choose one. if you’re a sideblog, let me know what blog you want it for.

81 Truths

This was originally a tagging game but I’m making it one of those questionnaire things because i am unstoppable. reblog and fill in your own if you want!

What was your:
1. Last beverage: cranberry juice
2. Last phone call: adam
3. Last text: my mom
4. Last song: omg i was listening to pieces played by the attacca quartet
5. Last time you cried: 3 days ago i think?

Have you ever:
6. Dated someone twice: yeeeeeeeeaaaaahhhh kinda
7. Been cheated on: i hope not, if so i never found out
8. Kissed anyone and regretted it: nope and no
9. Lost someone special: yes
10. Been depressed: yep

List your three favourite colours:
11. cerulean
12. lavender
13. light rose pink

In the last year have you:
14. Made a new friend: yes
15. Fallen out of love: yes
16. Laughed until you cried: yes
17. Met someone who changed you: ugh tell me about it
18. Found out who your true friends are: omfg yes
19. Found out someone was talking about you: well they didnt do a good job hiding it pff. they still dont know i know
20. Kissed anyone on your FB list: no
21. How many people do you know on your FB list: all
22. Kissed a stranger: no
23. Drank hard liquor: no
24. Lost glasses/contacts: i lose my glasses everywhere, contacts i sometimes drop
25. Had sex on a first date: ew no
26. Broken someone’s heart: yeah punk was abusive tho so
27. Been arrested: nope
28. Turned someone down: yea
29. Cried when someone died: only my bird?
30. Fallen for a friend: well id sure hope a romantic partner be a friend first anyway

31. Do you have any pets: 3 dogs, buncha fish, an african grey
32. Do you want to change your name: i like my name, i think others do too
33. What did you do for your last birthday party: i cosplayed all day //weeb
34. What time did you wake up this morning: 5:40
35. What were you doing at midnight last night: research
36. Something you can’t wait for: my orchestra trip, my summer party w/2 main skillets
37. Last time you saw your mother: today
38. One thing you wish you could change about your life: i wish i was confident about myself and had better self control and discipline
39. What are you listening to right now: vivaldi and haydn stuff if we’re being real. earlier i was listening to onerepublic
40. Have you ever talked to a Tom: nooope
41. What’s getting on your nerves: not being able to read minds lol
42. Most viewed webpage: Tumblr and YT close second lol.
43. Nickname: literally any and all variations of Mackenzie. fav so far is like… macklemore
44. Relationship status: “just fuck me up”
45. Zodiac sign: libra
46. College: looking into places with vet school and ethology majors, idk yet
47. Hair colour: blonde
48. Long or short: medium long?
49. Height: 5′8″
50. Do you have a crush on someone: might as well
51. What do you like about yourself: i have pretty eyes and im down to earth? i also like my hands and my legs look good sO THERES THAT?
52. Tattoos: nopenopenope
53. Right or left handed: righty tighty
54. First piercings: ears
55. First best friend: this girl jennifer when i was like 6
56. First sport you joined: softball
57. First vacation: hawaii
58. First pair of trainers: wait shoes right uhhh no idea
59. Eating: well i was eating an almond joy but its gone now
60. Drinking: nada
61. About to: watch a show
62. Listening to: my show in a sec omg
63. Waiting for: answers, dammit! *slams folder on desk*

Your future:
64. Want kids: NEVER i have my feathered kid(s) and that is enough
65. Get married: i really really want to, like really
66. Career: ethologistttt biologistttt surgical artisttttt avian veterinariannnn we just dont know

Which is better:
67. Lips or eyes: eyes
68. Hugs or kisses: ok both
69. Shorter or taller: taller
70. Older or younger: older
71. Romantic or spontaneous: romantic
72. Nice stomach or arms: arms
73. Loud or sensitive: sensitive
74. Hook-up or relationship: relationship
75. Trouble maker or hesitant: hesitant (what a weird term to use tho)

Do you believe in:
76. Yourself: to an extent, yepperoni
77. Miracles: yes
78. Love at first sight: no
79. Heaven: yes
80. Santa Clause: nooooo
81. Kisses on first dates: no

anonymous asked:

hello, i'm just curious of this quote "vips until whenever", i saw this a lot. did big bang actually said that to us? or us vips created that? btw i love your blog and seungri.

Thank you, I am delighted :)

‘Until Whenever’ is a BigBang song made back in 2008 dedicated to us Vips. It’s not released in any CD but it was put at the end of the Global Warning Concert DVD.

The english lyrics are:

[GD] (You!)
I keep cryin
(Yea, you!)
I keep lyin
Something about us
This is a song for, you
Damn, what should I say?
What should I do, tell me

[TOP] I avoid the warm gaze watching me (i keep cryin)
You know my heart, will you wait? (i keep lyin)

oh baby dont cry lady (oh)
Dont forget that promise of ours (oh)
Ill take care of you until whenever
[SR] No matter how sad I am [GD/TOP] (I can only laugh)
[DS] Even though Im tired and hurt (I can only endure)
[YB] Even if you leave (I cannot catch you)
Only with your trust can we only be forever

[GD] The day when the sunlight was warm, the day when we first met
I, who looked like a fool drenched in sweat,
still remember, You shine more than anyone else,
this one girl said as she picked me up

[SR] From that moment on, 1 year, 2 years, time passed steadily (yea)
All the memories we experienced together [went by] in the blink of an eye
[GD] In that place, between you and I,
blocking and standing [up against], a wall full of hypocrisy (ah) [T/N: in regards to the rumors of plagiarism, etc]

[YB] Although I like you, I cant approach you
When I see your pure eyes, I am afraid,
Im scared the world will snatch you away
I ask for that beautiful smile not to change, you are so

[GD] beautiful girl, you are more valuable than those jewels
You [are like] a wound that will embrace the young and delicate
I dont want to hurt your pure heart
Pray, shut your eyes and ears, Im crazy over you

oh baby dont cry lady (oh)
Dont forget that promise of ours (oh)
Ill take care of you until whenever
[SR] No matter how sad I am [GD/TOP] (I can only laugh)
[DS] Even though Im tired and hurt (I can only endure)
[YB] Even if you leave (I cannot catch you)
Only with your trust can we only be forever

[GD] T O P
[TOP] Whenever, wherever we were together
We were so happy, we were the world together
So we ran, on the dangerous road and fields
I, who even after falling, stood up again at the thought of you

[DS] Run looking only forward, Ill watch your back (destiny)
Spread your wings, Ill block the wind
you are the one in my life oh like an undying star [T/N: GD quoted from his Daesang Award speech: “We will try hard to become undying stars.”]

[TOP] Who knew a wrong mistake would turn out like this
Who knew that you, who I lean on, would hurt this much
Only an ocean of sadness [and] dark loneliness exists
I can only cry like a little kid lost in the black darkness

baby girl dont leave
[SR] (I cant be without you, please dont leave)
baby girl dont lose your spirit
[YB] (Ill give you a bigger trust, please dont cry anymore)

oh baby dont cry lady (oh)
Dont forget that promise of ours (oh)
Ill take care of you until whenever
[SR] No matter how sad I am [GD/TOP] (I can only laugh)
[DS] Even though Im tired and hurt (I can only endure)
[YB] Even if you leave (I cannot catch you)
Only with your trust can we only be forever

eh eh eh oh oh oh oh oh
[SR] Like your friend
eh eh eh oh oh oh oh oh
[YB] Like our promise
eh eh eh oh oh oh oh oh
[DS] I see only you
eh eh eh oh oh oh oh oh

[TOP] I avoid the warm gaze watching me (yea yea yea)
You know my heart, will you wait? (whoa yo~)

That’s why we’re in forever. No goodbyes, no leaving. Just Vip until whenever.

Transgender Allies/Supporters: Target’s new bathroom policies!!

If you believe yourself to be an LGBTQA ally or supporter PLEASE READ!!!!

We, transgenders, need you desperately!!

As you may have heard Target retail stores have a new policy stating that transgender team members and guests/customers are allowed to use which ever fitting room and restroom that they prefer to use according to their gender identity. With this being the new policy there are too many people out there that are furious about this calling it unsafe, disgusting, and want to get rid of this new policy more than anything right now. This has lead to very negative, rude, and harsh reactions. Just today I had a lady approach me about this bathroom policy, and she went on a rant about how terrible this was after I kindly and very briefly explained to her what it was about, and what it meant since she had asked me to do so. Well she wasnt too happy and continued to rant, but near the end silently adding “So does this mean you (referring to me, literally gesturing towards me who was standing not but 2 feet away from her) can peep around in the mens restroom?? This is disgusting.” at that point one of my co-workers stepped in possibly over hearing everything allowing me to find my manager to take over the situation.

This apparently isnt the first case like this, Ive heard some very negative and some concerning comments on this topic in my very own location too…

With all this said, PLEASE allies this is where you come in.

If you happen to notice anyone being harassed in ANY restrooms, not necessarily just Target’s bathrooms, PLEASE evaluate the situation, if you notice the person being harassed has/is obviously minding their own business, just trying to take a piss and wash their hands, PLEASE STEP IN OR GET HELP. Nothing good ever comes of harassment, and it can easily turn violent.

If you are out with a friend who is trans and the opposite gender/sex they have to use the restroom, please take extra precaution and wait for them, stay within ear shot of the restroom, if you hear, see or suspect anything suspicious PLEASE GET HELP IMMEDIATELY.  

Until things calm down these are VERY NECESSARY THINGS YOU AS ALLIES/SUPPORTERS SHOULD CONSIDER. Please help a fellow human being out, adults can still be BULLIES, and in the worst form, DONT STAND FOR BULLYING. PLEASE HELP DEFEND OUR TRANS BROTHERS AND SISTERS!

If anyone you know or meet has a complaint to make request that they call Target Corporate Offices Guest Relations number: 1-800-440-0680 (FREE)


Scott Mccall imagine. You too are a couple ain't you?

Part 1?? *poke* What the hell? *poke* Who the hale is doing that? *poke* I turn around to be faced with Stiles. He knows how Mr. Harris gets if he catches us talking in his class. “Psst (Y/N) Me and Scott needs something.” “What would the almighty Stilinksi and Mccall want from lil old me?” “Advice” “About what exactly?” “Girls and where to take them?” “It depends on the girl really” “STILINKSI AND (Y/L/N) WHY ARE YOU TALKING MY CLASS?” “Maybe its because we got mouths to help us breath and talk. You should know that sir. You do have a degree do you not?” After I said that you could see Stiles with his mouth wide open and his face was full of shock. Everyone else was snickering whereas Mr. Harris looked really angry. Who can blame him? He was made an idiot infront of his class. *bell rings* We all walk out while I wait for stiles outside the classroom amd head to Scott’s locker. “That was amazing. You always suprise me you know” I smile towards Stiles and continue walking until we turned around a corner to see Scott and Kira doing the cute coupley PDA but for me its sickening and makes me want to cry but I dont want to seem weak. “Hey Stiles I’m just going to go and talk to Coach. I need some advice” “Want me to come with you?” “No. It’s fine. I want to be by myself anyway” Before he could respond I turned around swiftly and walked away to Coach’s office. Even though I was trying to get away from Kira and Scott, I still needed to talk with Coach. “Hey Coach. Why do you look like you’re dying” “Charmed I’m sure but I’m sick. Stupid Greenberg gave me the flu. That kids useless” Oh Coach. You think everyones useless. ——————————————————————— ~Scott’s POV~ “Scott I doubt she’ll get jealous. I mean how long have you too been friends? Something would’ve happened between you too” “Kira you said you would help me and you’re being really stub- Stiles and (Y/N) are coming. Ready?” She reluctantly nodded her head and wrapped her arms around my neck. I hope this works otherwise I don’t know what else to do. “Scott. She’s not with him.” Wait. What. “Stiles. Where’s (Y/N)? She was just with you” “She said she needed to talk with Coach about some advice?” “Alright.” I start to walk off towards the lacrosse field hoping she’ll be there. Let’s just hope I got the courage. I am a true alpha after all. Oh god I’m rambling in my head..Here goes nothing I guess. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ❤❤Hey guys! I don’t know if this is a part series type of story but i wouldn’t mind any suggests to do any other type of stories but anyways i hope you enjoy.❤❤

Originally posted by teenwolfizleyenpanemli

sooo….lets PRETEND the reason it had so many downvoted was because of gamergaters….(though thats not ture bc…you cant downvote games on steam green light….)  its bad to downvote a game bc u dont want it on steam but its ok to manipulate people on facebook with false propaganda into upvoting it and SIGNING UP for the sole reason of up voting it SIMPLE ON THE FACT that briana wu made it? not bc of the merit the game deserves? 

truly? i dont care  that game got greenlit. because it doesnt mean i have to buy it.  but this kind of hypocrisy and manipulation through lies is quite ridiculous.

“We need your help.  We outnumber the evil ones but we need to stand up and be counted, or else it’s the Democrats in 2014 all over again.  ”

aaah yes.  dont be afraid to go straight for that emotional appeal with words like “THE EVIL ONESS!!!” and comparing it to unrelated crap like the democrats winning more votes in 2014.

“As part of releasing the PC version of Rev60, we have just posted it to
Steam Greenlight. If enough people upvote it, it will be approved
(greenlit) on the biggest digital game distribution system (Steam).  If
we don’t get enough upvotes it dies and our dreams along with it. ”

well wasnt it originally for the apple store? so your dreams rlly didnt die….just putting it to steam did….and…yea. a lot of game developers dont get their games on steam.  it happens. why is this any different?

“The problem is that gamergaters”

AH! of course. the gamergaters. THATS the difference…oooffcourse you would throw us in here when you need sympathy.  well im guessing a lot of people that  critiqued the game must have used the #gamergate tag right? or mentioned they were part of it atelast? i mean, thats the only way you could have possibly known that its all bc of gamer gates fault….right?

oh wait…..

well thats odd.  you know what? i bet hackers from the MRA just hacked steam and took out the gamergate tags.  i bet that’s what happened.

“and all the people who hate us have
been waiting for this day and immediately swarmed it and flooded the
system with downvotes. ”

half of the people who ive talked to about this (including me) didnt even know about this game until like…2 weeks ago.  some people didnt even know it was YOUR game until about a week ago.and they still said it looked like crap. (again, including me)  so no, we didnt all just sit around and wait to downvote it….mainly because you dont downvote games on steam green light… only upvote….

 "We need our friends - yes, you - to stand up for us and upvote it.  We the good people “

ah yes, more emotional appeal.  RALLY THE MASSES!!

"are in the vaste majority but if we don’t stand up and be counted we lose.
If we lose this fight all our work for the last four years will have
been destroyed by the haters. ”

it will have been destroyed by people who didnt upvote the game? thats all you do on this…you just upvote…we cant actively do anything to NOT get it on steam…all we can do is not do anything to get it on steam.  so if you cant get enough upvotes without this pathetic outcry, people, obviously, didnt want it.

“Our dreams crushed, ”

it happens.

“social justice set back, ”

really? you think social justice will be set back? wow…you….you really think highly of yourselves dont you. ?

“and the gamergaters celebrate another triumph of evil over good.   Please please please log in or sign up for Steam and upvote our game.”

MORE EMOTIONAL APPEALLL!!! WHOOO! you forgot to tell them about how this will help feed the hungry children in africa too.  lets go for all the feels.

  “Our future literally hangs in the balance. ”

it…it really doesnt…

which musicians should you fight

aphex twin: aphex twin talks a big game but he probably cant fight for shit. suplex this dickhead. fight aphex twin

panda bear: panda bear is an extremely frail boy with low physical acumen. he probably wouldnt fight back he’d just look at you kinda tiredly and mutter “thanks” when you left him alone. is it worth it. fight panda bear if you dont want a challenge i guess

daft punk: daft punk have a dazzling arsenal of robotic weaponry at their disposal but one cannot function without the other. therefore you need only defeat one of them to claim victory. could go either way. go for it champ

patti smith: hahahahahahaha are you fucking kidding me. no you idiot

brian eno: i dont think brian eno even knows what fighting is? dude would probably sample the sound of you kicking him and turn it into an hour long ambient masterpiece. so dont probably because hes made enough of those as it is

damon albarn: please fight damon albarn. someone has to

mc ride: i think it probably hurts to touch mc ride without protective gloves or something. a hassle. dont fight mc ride

the gallagher brothers: ok holy shit so the gallagher brothers are like daft punk only theyre not robots and also theyre shit. no sense of teamwork. just wait a bit and one of them will take the other out first and then you can finish him off. fight the super gallagher bros

frank zappa: trust me on this frank zappa is a chaos god. he wont just beat you in a fight he will trap you in his colourful pocket dimension (Zapland) and torture you until he thinks you have paid your dues. fight zappa if you love getting owned across multiple universes

miles davis: probably not? dude played trumpet probs had some powerful lips who knows what he could do with those bad boys. dont fight miles

chelsea wolfe: even if you destroy chelsea wolfe’s physical form her body is undoubtedly a mere flesh vessel to a whole host of demons and/or ghouls. they will simply inhabit another form and they will stop at nothing to banish you. dont fight chelsea wolfe

iggy pop: be nice to shirtless grandpa


150419 Nagoya - Eunhae last speech :
Donghae:Last time it was hall tour but because of everyone we managed to come to arena this time. I don’t know when will i have the chance to greet you again but everyone! don’t forget me and please always be in great health . Thank you !
Eunhyuk: There are people who are crying ,there are people with happy faces. I know how you feel .I dont know when is next time..ah please don’t cry..I don’t know when is next time but everyone,please wait until we can meet here again..(c)

decided to put this in the tag this time cause im proud of my design for this fake ass hoe. im not always gonna tag my au with ds so if you want to see more of this au junk then i suggest tracking the tag “dsu au”

anyway i was gonna wait to make maxwell until after all the concept art for the other characters was done but i was too excited to get to him

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