dont unfollow me its homestuck

some of these horoscope things are so unabashedly based on homestuck. it’s like

  • aries: creepy, into archeology, dead
  • taurus: awkward, kind of a pushover, likes larping, can’t walk
  • gemini: good with computers, has a lisp, red and blue motif, crazy psychic powers
  • cancer: types in caps, hates themself, is embarrassed of their blood color
  • leo: rps as a cat, has one best friend, has a literal shipping wall
  • virgo: motherly, good at breaking up fights, uses a chainsaw as a weapon, lesbian
  • libra: has a weird thing for dragons, pretends to be a lawyer, is blind
  • scorpio: giant bitch, uses spider themed emojis, missing an arm
  • sagittarius: strong, sweaty, likes milk,
  • capricorn: face-painting faygo-loving juggalo, also murderer
  • aquarius: vengeful genocidal hipster, lives under the ocean
  • pisces: fish chick with a cool trident, wears goggles, royalty

anonymous asked:

Hello there! This might be a stupid question, but can you please tell me what exactly is Homestuck, or where I can read up on it? (I absolutely love your blog, btw)

In short, it’s a webcomic that’s (initially) about a group of four kids named John, Rose, Dave, and Jade, who play a video game called Sburb. This video game isn’t just any ordinary video game, though. The game (as well as the comic itself) is a bit too complicated to fully describe, but throughout their gameplay, a lot of shit goes down, and I highly recommend reading it. 

It’s beginning to end (that is, updates are still coming out, but the day will soon come when that’s no longer so), so I think you should jump on reading it ASAP. It’s more than just a comic, really - it has amazing characters, the most crazy, fun, interesting plot of any fandom I’m in, over 6k pages, and tons of interactive games and videos within the pages of the text.

You can read more about it on wikipedia.
You can read it (AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT) here.