dont unfollow me i'm sorry

I just reached 2k and the last days have been especially tough (#Paris Attacks) , so I think it’s time to say to my dear followers I love you VERY VERY MUCH !

I say it again here : thanks for the messages in the last days, it’s amazing how people can be supportive and it’s so good to see it. Really. Thanks guys.

Anyyyway. It’s time to a Follow forever !!

I start with a special shout-out to special people :

  • My team WhatsApp/Kik :  @myinnersixteen (I’m so glad to meet you there!!) , @knuddles (Kaaatt ! love you !)  @cleverbrilliantusername (the one who makes me read so much bottom!Harry, thanks love) @zouisandchill  (Lauura ! Can I thank you enough for NULIAN??) @misspebbles2010 (hey Tara !!) : Thanks for feed me with news when I’m away!
  • @nojemmyproteste : Shirrel, sweetie, thanks for your amazing edits and for tagging me in every pics of the back of the husbands :D

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