dont u ever forget it

marvel following their secret empire event with legacy showcasing all their poc and women is a bitch ass move trying to confuse u. they allowed nick spencer to get away with what he did. support heroes of color and female heroes, support their writers, but dont u ever forget that marvel the corporation ran antisemitic garbage for a goddamn year and dont praise them 4 this.

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ljfhrjfhrhgj ya the banner isnt that good i just made it rlly quick but hEY

hello there!!!this is jai and i just recently 1k followers so i decided to make a follow forever!!WHOOP WHOOP!!

on a more serious note,,,honestly i don’t know how to thank every one of u for being there for me and for loving me.if i deserve all of this love,idek but all i know is that im v thankful for it and i know that i love u all v much!!i rlly thank God for letting me meet such wonderful people and i just lhgruhjrhg im so emotional rn

but yes!!!thank u all v much and i love u all!!!i’ll put the rest under a read more~ also this is in no following order!! kfjhrhg it’s not alphabetic either

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dont u ever forget.. i love jung hoseok… what a beautiful man… so caring nd kind… full of sunshine and love… he cares abt all of us and i hope he knows we care about him and love him just as much… im proud of him

Karasuno First-Years as Teachers

So I made this for fun, and the other admins thought that it would be fun to post this, because why not? HAHA I hope y’all enjoy this! [Reblogs would be very helpful especially that we just started as a blog! Thank you!]

Admin LaLa 


 -he’s the teacher that everyone likes 

-the actual fluffiest teacher of all aND GIVES LOTS OF BONUSES 

-“when i was like yall i had a hard time so i hope u dont end up like me!”

 -if ever someone would have a low grade, he’d be the comforting type of teacher!!! 

-“hey, it’s okay!!! let’s work hard to get your grades higher mkay? yOSH!” “s-sIR!!!” “HEOL DONT CRY!!!”

 -dude like hinata would actually tutor his kids and monitor them 

-oh my god stab me, hinata is the actual fluffball 

-“i hope you have a great day today everyone! see yall after the weekend!" 

-honestly everyone is thankful for this teacher 

-sighs when will i ever??? 0A0 



 -exactly hinata’s opposite = nO BONUSES cri 


-will collect the homeworks one by one and youll be highkey screwed 

-"i thought that youd be responsible students and finish your homeworks, but it seems not. youll get a zero for this." 

-but irl he just really wants his students to grow and flourish on their own

 -when someone improves he’ll try to compliment them even if he’s not used to it??? man… 

-most students think he’ll never smile but when one of their classmates actually cracked up a good joke mAN HE WAS HIGHKEY LAUGHING AND EVERYONE WAS SHOOKT 

 -"jeez kids, im not that emotionless HAHA" 

-when the year ends, everyone will actually miss his rules and kags will be so happy to see them graduate 

-thank god for him ;A; 

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          the graveyard’s quiet at this hour — just a few minutes past sunset, with only sparse remnants of daylight hanging in the air, clinging like morning dew to the rows of headstones. jess spends more time here than with the living, these days ; she feels more at home here, among the dead and the mourners, living somewhere in between. fresh flowers, placed on the grave of a man who died decades ago, already begin to wilt in the cold, wet air, and the water gathered in the grass soaks through jess’s shoes to her socks. though the rains have stopped, drops still fall from the trees, following the tracks across her face left by tears.

          she identified maya’s backpack that afternoon. faded blue canvas, with flowers drawn on in black sharpie, and a new decoration, recently added : a stain, rusted-iron red. like a bloated, swollen body, the image floats to the surface of jess’s mind, and stops her in her tracks, her eyes fluttering shut. she sees maya before her like it’s real — her lips are red, and when she opens her mouth, her teeth fall out one by one. she’s bleeding, stains spreading dark across her yellow raincoat, oozing down the front of her shirt and dripping thick and warm onto her shoes. she reaches for jess, tiny hands vice-like around her forearm and shaking, harder than any child could… 

          — maya ! ’ she startles awake, eyes wide, and for a minute doesn’t realize she’s been dreaming — until she takes in her surroundings, and embarrassment and sleep stains her cheeks a splotchy red. jess thinks of her newly acquired handgun, tucked away in a locked kitchen cabinet, as she rises to her feet.  oh my god, i’m — she shakes her head, unable to think of any reasonable excuse to be sleeping in a cemetery i must have sat down and lost track of time.  

anonymous asked:

i was looking thru ur blog an honestly? ur really sweet and seem like the kindest person ever, i love how positive u are and ur amazing pls dont ever forget that ok bye ily

im crying this is so sweet!!!!!! i try to be kind but - i have a temper (which has come out a lot more recently SWEATS) and im honestly just trying!!!! trying to be better, always, and kinder and positive!!!!

thank u sweet anon!!!!! ur amazing ily

don’t forget it ok


sorry for the lack of drawings lately,, i had to finish this so i could make button pins for a fanprojectttt !!!

for ph army!! pls contact me if ure interested in buying ;w; meetups at the bts concert on 0730 hehe