dont trust everyone

I know Amber is mean to Andi because she feels threatened about Andi liking Jonah. But then I was like “wait, then why was Amber so rude to Cyrus?” And the first thought that popped into my head was “because Cyrus likes Jonah too”

Signs As NCT#127 LIMITLESS Songs

Aries: Good Thing

Taurus: Limitless

Gemini: Back 2 U

Cancer: Baby Don’t Like It

Leo: Good Thing

Virgo: Angel

Libra: Heartbreaker

Scorpio: Limitless

Sagittarius: Baby Don’t Like It

Capricorn: Heartbreaker

Pisces: Angel

Aquarius: Back 2 U

this is just my opinion on everything but why wouldn’t you want to have hope and believe that something good could happen? 

take supercorp for example, i know there’s ppl who ship them that love them but dont believe they’ll be canon and that’s your right, if you dont wanna give yourself that hope there’s nothing wrong with that, but at the same time, from my experience, it’s so much better when you have that hope. it’s amazing to have one part of my life where i can hope and believe and be positive. and i get that y’all are protecting yourselves, i get it you’ve been hurt, i have too, but the fact is none of us know for that supercorp will be canon or wont. 

and if supercorp doesnt become canon that’s a problem to deal w in the future, but honestly it’s so much nicer to live your day believing and being positive than looking at the negative side of everything.

i’m making this post at 11:35 pm to let y'all know that jaime and bart have in fact held hands

it’s canon

The Ant-Man poster featuring Ant-Man on Black Widow’s bust is fake!

That poster is one of (albeit the most creepy and sexist) a group of parody posters made by fans of the MCU. Other such fan posters include this equally abhorrent creation:

And my personal favorite:

The only official posters released by Marvel are the ones depicting Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. 

There’s a post rolling around attempting to blame Marvel Entertainment for the fan-made posters, calling them sexist and worse. Marvel does have trouble with representation in their works, but even they wouldn’t make a mistake this large. Spread the word!

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Im really out of the loop but what did ikimaru do to have people with icons of their art not be trusted? Im new to the discourse ://

they are a huge artist in the hs community and yet they enter every we love fine contest ever, making it impossible for like any smaller artsits to ever get noticed 

really…weird about dirkjake shit…i dont trust them

everyone in their drawings are skinny and white…except 2 lightly toasted people