dont touch sam

Cas saying “How are you, Dean?” and Sam looking over at Dean with a knowing look, because he knows how much Cas cares about his big brother.  Dean smiling because he just can’t help it.  He hasn’t seen Cas in forever, he misses him.  He never gets used to someone actually caring about him that isn’t blood.  He cares for Cas, too, his heart breaking when Sam tells him Metatron has Cas…They care about each other like family…or something more.


me giving my friends a tour of my phone:

“and if you look in the wattpad app right there or if you go in my history you’ll find most of my gay fanfics and gay celebrity lookalike porn”

“oh re- wait what?”

“you heard me bitch”

Samchel is the real endgame

I don’t care if Jesse comes back anymore. I don’t care if Rachel gets back with him or not. Tonight’s episode was the best so far in my opinion for shippers. We saw ships sink and come back. But we saw what I was waiting for since Finn’s passing. I wanted to see Burt and Carole and I wanted to see Rachel thinking about them. Its all I ever wanted since s5. And when Carole nodded and Rachel smiled, because Carole and Burt are happy that she found someone new. Someone who makes her happy, safe, and special. Then we see Sam just looking at Rachel with these big eyes and gazing at her. He didn’t push her, and waited for her decision. Then the best part was Burt and Carole cutting in and dancing with them. Like I don’t care what happens in the end anymore. If they end up together or she ends up with Jesse…I will forever be grateful that Sam is the one she fell for after Finn. That he was the one to heal her heart and be the person she needs and wants. He will forever be the reason she goes back to New York and succeeds. Because he showed her love again.

i am so so proud of sam winchester i don’t even have words

he was stuck in hell with the devil, the same entity that tortured him for centuries upon centuries, who messed him up in god knows how many ways

who is now telling him that he’s gone soft, he’s not a hero anymore, and all of the worst things about the best parts of sam

who’s telling sam that his willingness to save his brother is borne out of guilt because of that year spent with amelia

who’s so convincing that sam himself said that he was almost sold for a bit there

and he still says no

he knows it means he might be stuck with lucifer forever

that his brother might die

everything might go to shit

and he still says no, he stands up to the one entity he is most terrified of, who tortured and abused him for centuries

and he stands his ground and he says no