dont touch me im emotional after this


Welcome to observations with Marlene in which Marlene is stuck in a car without wifi for four hours and decides to waste her time by looking at posters of which she knows absolutely nothing
Lets go
- BTS is precious as fuck oke just know that
- Im starting now
- First of all JK looks stunning in his solo poster i think this is the best picture ive seen of him ever
- Hes wearing normalish clothes on his torso but pyama pants on his legs which suggests that hes in the wheelchair because his legs dont work and not bc hes too weak to walk or whatever
- Probs bc he got hit by a car in a past mv
- Hes looking up and thats probably for the fact that his face looks perfect from that angle and aesthetics but it could also be him looking up at his guardian aka yoongi

- Yoongi does not look like Yoongi in his solo poster hes like a mixture between jimin and jhope and its giving me the creeps
-also hes in a pipe which once again could be for aesthetics but it could also mean that he feels isolated bc he cant talk to anyone abt how hes feeling about JK’s situation, he doesnt want to trouble jk bc hes already got enough on his plate
- the picture creeps me out ok im uncomfortable

- Jimins neck is freaking long he honestly looks like a giraffe with an umbrella
- His side profile is perfect dont even try to fight me on this
- Trees in the background?? idfk

- Namjoons is literally the KING of aesthetics i mean look at his poster
- Im getting a spring day vibe from this
- Also hes probably in the train to visit Tae but more about that later if i still feel like doing this by then
- I love Namjoons set like that train is flawless af
- This picture has a really noticeable filter and its the only poster that has that

- Ok the first thing i thought when I saw Taes picture is that he probs had to sit absolutely still for about ten minutes to wait for the water to stop wrinkling so they could shoot the fucking picture
- V looking at his own reflection bc he’s lonely?? Idk it goes really well with his paired poster that i will get to later
- Tae is honestly so beautiful i dont understand
- I feel like his outfit was picked solemnly on the fact that hes kneeling like imagine how ugly that outfit would look while standing up
- And his hair👌🏼👌🏼

- Jhope absorbing some sun

- But we all know he IS the sun
- He looks so peaceful
- He’s in front of a prison?
- Ill get to that with his paired poster
- Hobis face does not look like hobis face what is this this happened with yoongi too am i the only one who sees this??

- Dont even get me started on Jins poster my heart
- He’s probably at the funeral of a loved one because hes wearing a suit and he has flowers that he’s looking at all sad
-That’s why he doesn’t have a paired picture, bc his other half is gone
- And there is no eight member, i might be far fetching things but im not stupid
- His concept is probably dealing with loss and how to love yourself even after you cant stop a death from happening
-Im emotional dont touch me
- To end this on a slightly lighter note, Jin is actually the visual of visuals and I hope he gets more lines in this comeback (BigHit im looking at you)

-Oke now for the paired posters.. im excited

-Yoongi and JK’s poster is pretty self-explanatory
- JK’s in the hospital and Yoongis worried in the waiting room
- the thing about the paired posters is that theres a really big contrast between light and dark in each poster
- once again, could be aesthetics (damn you koreans) but i think it has deeper meanings (also im bored and i imagine things when im bored fight me)
- in this one’s, yoongi’s is dark which is weird because JK is the one with the actual problem
- Even though he does look really sad and like hes wallowing, junkooks picture is the brighter one
- That might mean that Yoongi is mentally doing worse bc he cant to anything for his hospitalised friend
- Like he just worries too much
- Also can we talk about how bony yoongis knee looks im worried

- Ok Jhope and Jimins poster
- Theyre both in big empty rooms which means dAnCiNg💃🏻
- Jhope’s rooms really bright and clean (also its the brighter picture) while Jimins is dark and dirty
- In hobis solo poster hes in front of a prison which might explain jimins room and why hes so sad

- Jimins room literally has bars in front of the window like how fucking obvious can it get
- that would also explain the pairing of the two
- not to mention jimins solo poster, maybe he was imagining being outside again
- Hobi is literally the only one smiling in all of these posters how typical
- Since hobis room is really white and clean, maybe hes in a mental facility? Idk maybe thats why hes smiling all the time

- Because he’s just messed up and laughing is better than crying dONT TOUCH ME

- could relate to his drug overdose
- ok now for Vmons poster
- Theyre lying on completely different grounds which could mean that theyre far away from each other
- it explains namjoons solo poster in which hes in the train, he could be visiting (or just leaving)
- And v’s solo in which he just stares at his own reflection while being all lonely
- this poster is the only one that has a quote on it
- it says save me
- but they cant because they are so far away from each other
-maybe they just need to go and love themselves (eeehhhh)
- also v and his damn plaids get me everytime
- overall i think this mv is gonna have some damn good acting
- i wasted 40% of my battery on this dear god

please love yourself and think about alec planning the honeymoon and managing to get magnus unbanned from peru for a little while and keeping it a surprise
and telling him to close his eyes when they arrive and magnus doesn’t know where they’re going and when he opens his eyes he’s in peru and he’s got a whole new country to discover again after all these years and it’s thanks to alec and he never felt so alive before

you’re welcome


My class had me in tears this morning! After they saw the Taylor Swift book at the Scholastic Book Fair they decided to surprise me with a gift! I had no idea! They were so excited to show me this morning, and afterwards they attacked me with a group hug. I will never get over this group of kids- they are so special and I am so incredibly grateful that they are a part of my life! 😭❤️

TMR fandom: a story

This is it. The fandom started with about 3 blogs. Slowly, we formed our tiny little cult with about 10 people. Which then grew into about 20, allowing us to make an official list of all the TMR blogs on tumblr. When there were 20, we just cracked jokes, made lame puns, fancasted Kaya as Teresa and talked about turtles and chocolate ponies.

Then we grew. Suddenly, the posts were getting more than 30 notes, sometimes a little over 100 notes! We started making fancasts more often, creating graphics and at this point got a couple of great artists in the fandom. The turtles and ponies were left behind. These were the days of Xavier Samuels, Callan McAullife, Mario Maurer and Joel Courtney. 

Shortly after, the fandom went through an awkward period where everyone was just on and off. Many blogs completely left and others eventually found their way back.

Slowly but surely, we saw more fan art, we saw more fanfiction and we saw more edits. No longer did the tag consist of “I just read the Maze Runner.” That was the first time the tag changed. The second time - when we got our cast. Everyone freaked. I do not even want to begin to describe that day because my words won’t do it justice.

Then everything happened at once; we got our movie date, suddenly the tag became Dylan O'brien, we got cast pictures, cast videos, the cast went to comic con, and Dashner started writing another series.

Now? We’re a pretty big fandom. I alone have a bit over 950 followers. Some people have more. That alone does not show the number of people in the fandom. We’re big and getting bigger by the day.

After Monday, our once tiny little turtle loving cult will become a huge fan base. From the days of worrying about having Catherine Hardwicke as a director, to trending worldwide on twitter; let the feeling sink in. This is it.


They said, “I bet they’ll never make it" 

But just look at us holding on

We’re still together still going strong


People say we shouldn’t be together

We’re too young to know about forever

But I say they don’t know what they talk talk talkin’ about

Cause this love is only getting stronger 


When I first saw you, I saw love
And the first time you touched me, I felt love
And after all this time,
You’re still the one I love


Just one touch and I was a believer
Every day it gets a little sweeter
It’s getting better
Keeps getting better all the time