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fun fact: i found your blog through the YT account GinjaNinjaOwO. probably not in the way you think tho. a few years ago i used to like their shit and tried looking for more and found your blog on accident and i thought you were the same person as them (bc im stupid) and i really liked your art and i stayed lol. anyway today was the anniversary of when i found you. love you daddy

i dont DESERVE to be in the same breath as Rea, hollllyy shitttt shes my senpai ;;//////;; dont even get me started tbh,,,,,,,,,

but im super super super flattered waahhhhh~ this makes me super happyyy /)//////(\ thank you for this story! i love it!! love you child!!! <333

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idk why but i just feel like sophie is so underrated.. okay she's a bitch sometimes but she's just like agatha. she was leaning on so many people bc how would you feel if everybody would go on and off about how evil you are but you don't feel like a never ?? i ship sagatha come @ me

im fine with people shipping agaphie/sagatha it’s cool! even though its “technically” incest a lot of people agree that it was an unnecessary plot twist *sigh*

on the topic of sophie, i dont necessarily believe too that she’s underrated - in fact, i think a lot of people even admire her! its just that a lot of people love to hate sophie because… you know (the reasons are too many to list here lol)

and when she’s always besides a girl like agatha, it’s hard not to make a comparison. i mean, who would want as your best friend? sure, agatha has her flaws but dang that girl is loyal and brave to a fault!! the fact that she took sophie back after so many betrayals from the girl astounds me

like sophie even tried to steal tedros from agatha so many times and she was so unapologetic about it?? like how can you not even feel the tiniest bit of remorse for trying to take your bff’s happy ending??? (and dont even get me started on hort i swear)

she manipulates people to her own advantage and plays the victim card at the same time (which is kind of amazing and intensely frustrating at the same time)

sophie is such a complicated character tbh which is why she always evokes such mixed feelings from me

and on her “she doesn’t feel like a Never” tbh i feel that deep down she always knew she was Evil. the only problem was that villains never get a happy ending, so she desperately tried to be Good so she wouldn’t end up alone like her mom. once she came to terms with it tho she decided that Evil should finally get its happy ending, which is probably her main objective as Dean of Evil

tl;dr sophie is a complex character but that’s just who she is. not a lot of people will like her completely (im one of those haha) but the fandom understand how integral her role is to the story of the Woods

i was working on a tomco mix on 8tracks and i started just rambling abt them in the description so . i Moved The Party here to tumblr. this post was SUPPOSED to be about headcanons but honestly its just me going thru tom’s friendenemies actions

oh my god okay like. so in friendenemies the second marco is like “wait no we’re gonna miss the marathon we have to go”, a crack forms in toms Mental Stability. his thought process is as follows: “ rather just hang here… is he not having a good time? i thought everything was going well?” and then “fuck he really wants to leave. everythings falling apart, shit shit shit” and “he only came along for the tickets he doesnt actually care fuck i thought-” and thats where theres only a strand left of his Mental Stability. when marco becomes truly adamant about leaving, tht thread snaps and tom loses it. he lashes out because for the first time since star, someone seemed to actually legitimately like his company. he thinks so heavily that marco was only there for movie tickets while he legitimately had grown to care for marco, and it fucks him up.

im not saying that he was in love or anything, but here’s the deal: tom is seriously fucking lonely and probably has equally-as-serious abandonment issues. i know that feeling well, and i know how easy it is to latch onto anyone who will give you the time of day. that’s exactly what happened to tom, whether he was aware of it or not - and im betting that he wasnt. im betting that he was just enjoying marco’s company and then marco wants to leave and theres sirens going off in his head, screaming at him that something bad is happening and to fucking fix it. the thing is that tom doesn’t know how to do that right now. his sense of ‘do this, dont do that’ is gone, and anyone whos ever experienced an anxiety or panic attack knows what im talking about. rationality leaves you in times like that. because anger is so deeply ingrained into tom, its his default when hes afraid or really nervous. you could even take it further and say tom’s anger is his armor. tom thinks that hes already lost another person that he cares about, and that terrifies him. 

aaaaaaaaanyways, in his anger and upset and hurt, he lashes out at marco. he gets aggressive and insults the very thing that got marco to hang out w him. lets go deeper into that action, yeah? in tom’s mind, the mackie hand movies are more important to marco than tom is. in tom’s mind, marco doesn’t give two fucks about tom. that is what he’s truly upset about. failing the anger management test is what tom (and marco, for that matter) thinks the issue is. the test failure really only had a small part and is what served as his mental breaking point.

from there, tom goes “u like this thing? well fuck this thing, because u like this thing more than me” and rips + burns the tickets. marco, up until this point, was in shock + trying to process everything. now, everything falls into place and marco realizes thinks that all of this was just tom being fake for a prize ribbon.

im going to do more action/thought analyzation here instead of continuing. at this point, both tom and marco think that the other person had ulterior motives and that the day’s events weren’t sincere. and honestly? thats something worthy of note. it should be noted that the day wouldnt have happened if it werent for tom’s test and marco’s love for mackie hand. ive only seen one person (whose post is way better than mine) touch upon the fact that tom picked marco for the test (im not gonna go into the test itself bc uve surely seen the episode, you know the context). and like, that’s super important. you can’t look over anything in this episode tbfh??? u cant. imo, the reasons why tom picked marco are:

          - he cant pick star (meaning he cant lie and pick someone he likes instead). hes trying to get over her and he knows she wouldnt agree to it anyways. plus brian isnt a Fool he knows how tom feels abt star

         - we dont know who tom actually Hates The Most but i very very Very highly doubt it was marco. before the ping pong episode? probably. but not afterwards. and from there, theres two different branches. A) he doesnt actually have someone specific that he Hates The Most, so marco’s the next best thing (even tho he doesnt actually Hate him) or B) picking the person he Hates The Most would mean automatic failure, so he goes with one of the few people he can actually stand the company of

for whatever reason, tom wasnt all that truthful to brian’s rule and picked marco. and mackie hand was the ribbon on the skeptical package (meaning the thing that convinced marco to agree to hanging out. i mean, there was star too but he was still skeptical even after she encouraged him). if it werent for mackie hand, i dont really think that marco would have agreed to hanging out alone w tom.

MOVING ON LOL. so marcos real pissed @ tom for being a Liar Liar Pants On Fire and kicks the door down, yadda yadda yadda. tom realizes at the “and i was dumb enough to believe it” line that Oh Shit Marco Actually Did Have A Good Time With Me, I Fucked Up. now marco is hurt while toms like No Wait NVM, so he tries to convince marco that it wasnt all about the test. he knows that the test was what sparked it, though: he knows he cant lie to him again, and all he can back up is his passion for love sentence. obviously, that didnt fix anything. so toms like Shit What Do I Do, then his mind goes “oH” and jumps into goddamn singing marco a love song. that also happens to be marcos “second favorite love sentence song, by the way”.

fuckin gay much lol

so when marco starts singing along, tom goes like OK OK THATS GOOD THIS IS GOOD and runs out to marco w open gotdam arms. he wants marco to like him so bad lmao he craves that reassurance and affection and marco’s the first person to have given it to him in a long time. marco has accepted tom’s Song Apology but hes still hurt. tom still lied to him, and sorry doesnt mend all wounds. again, tom tries to find something to fix it, and we all know what that the “something” was 

so marco’s like Holy Shit and thanks tom, and the exchange is really fucking sincere. the look that they exchange is enough to make it clear enough lmao im not even gonna bother w that

(yes i stole the picture from pigeoncoos’ post, sue me)(actually dont, im poor)

they try to see the movie, blah blah blah

also: the whole “i still dont like you” stuff? idk what that even means, honestly. the best i can do is agree w pidgeoncoos saying that it was more of a callback to how they started off. dont ask me pal i dont know shit about that one


even after pearl got her a glass of milk AND sprayed out her mouth with the sink sprayer theres STILL peanut butter stuck between her fangs!!! unbelievable!