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i feel like.. sometimes… things are better if their canon is constrained. 

because like. if an author keeps pushing out books or if a tv show never ends it’s inevitable that there’s gonna be contradictions and the characterisation of existing characters is gonna get watered down or completely stagnate and new characters and plots are going to come in for no discernible reason other than to Keep This Thing Going and everything tends to just degrade in quality

i’d rather have just a few books or seasons of really solid writing with no plot holes and completely considered character arcs and then have the writers move on to something new. fandom can add and alter and hc away and i can live in peace knowing my favourite characters got the ending they deserved and aren’t going to be mischaracterised for years to come by their own creator


this is how it happened right

‘So I have a fear of heights! Is that really so cray cray’


precious boys.


Do you ever wonder what would’ve happened if Dipper did end up taking on that apprenticeship? Weirdmageddon never took place (even though the threat of Bill still lingers), and Mabel made the mature decision to let Dipper go through with his ambitions to stay in Gravity Falls with Ford. And Mabel went back to Piedmont.

Dipper ends up getting busy all the time, though - and the two only share video chats every once and a blue moon. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, I ashamedly present to you what I did instead of the art I’m actually being paid to do (*europeanly shoves this at @forovnix*)


General Danvers Monthly: Halloween Prompt

Alfred Hitchcock’s Lamb to the Slaughter

When Non tells Astra that he is leaving her for another woman as she’s preparing dinner, she decides it’s a perfect opportunity to just get rid of him for good. A quick bludgeon to the head with the leg of lamb saves her from filing those pesky divorce papers. After sticking the leg of lamb into the oven to roast, Astra calls the police and explains that she found her husband dead after she arrived home from the grocery store.

Astra is more than willing to let Alex, the cute local Special Agent, console her and ask her a couple questions. Alex falls for Astra’s charms as well, convinced the widow wasn’t involved in the murder.

Henshaw and Alex look the body over and discover that Non was killed by some blunt object. Astra sticks close to Alex all night long as they fruitlessly search the house for the murder weapon. When the roast is finally done cooking, Astra serves the two hardworking Agents dinner.

So about Ep. 2

Am I the only one who thinks Siena Khan isnt dead?

I mean, it looked bad right? But i dont think killing her off so soon makes a lot of sense.

I think when they go to bury her shes gonna pop up like “I LIVED BITCH” and get away from the white fang, or maybe someone who is still loyal to her might smuggle her out.

I say this because i have this feeling shes going to be instrumental to helping Blake take back the white fang.

I think everyones gonna be like “Those damn humans killed Sienna” but then she’ll show up like “Nah bitch, hes lyin” and then Adams whole shit might fall apart.

Idk i just dont think shes dead thats all


Theirs was the love that was meant to be, but wasn’t meant to last.

anonymous asked:

RFA reacting to an MC with really interesting moles/beauty marks? like maybe one set of moles is in a triangle and she likes to make jokes about how the thug lyfe chose her lmao. just moles in interesting patterns

Ooh! I love this. This is cute. Aww~

Thank you for requesting~!

[ Admin Jiyeon ] [ Female MC ]
it’s female because the person who had asked specified a gender.

RFA reacts to an MC who has beauty marks


  • “Gurl omg you look so pretty and so beautiful omg dont hide those beauty marks. they’re called beauty for a reason”
  • Honesty hands down, he;d love it, even her lame ass jokes
  • “See this mole? Its my sign of thug lyfe.” MC patted her shoulders and Zen just burst out laughing
  • “You’re so cute, MC dont ever change!” he cheered
  • he would love having selfies with her when her mole is showing because yas boi he really loves it
  • if Mc would feel insecure, he’d make his own fake beauty mark
  • “See?! We’re twinning! We look so adorbs together omg!”
  • selfies
  • lots of them
  • he loves the jokes too even if its weird
  • “hahaha!! yeah..!”


  • This baby would also love it, because he thinks she’s beautiful in her own way and that’s with her mole too.
  • he would grin everyday, thankful that MC was so beautifully breathtaking with her own unique way
  • he would show it off to the RFA of course
  • it made him differentiate MC and Rika better now
  • “Thug life chose me, yoosung and not you.”
  • He loves (laughs) at your jokes! They’re literally hilarious meaning, he chose a girl who is beautiful and funny
  • but all in all, I really dont think he would find it weird and he’ll just fall for you all over again
  • “I really love you MC.”


  • baeehee would really dig it
  • you know because even if she’s met a lot of ladies with these moles, they would always hide it but when MC did not and just showed it off proudly, damn did she like the confidence
  • All she cares about is that you look beautiful and confident with your beautiful beauty mark
  • its very attractive for her and of course, somewhat like Zen, she’ll subtly show off your good looks
  • And for the jokes, she would tolerate it but would look at you with a death glare
  • “MC.. dont you dare tell one more joke I swear.”
  • and she raged, throwing a random thing at you to shut up


  • he’s literally like a cheerleader just havin ur back
  • “He insulted your mark? He’s fired.”
  • “He didnt like it? Well, I’m not going to sign our partnership then.”
  • “Jumin you didnt have to”
  • “what do u mean”
  • he would literally make you the face of the C&R along with Elizabeth 3rd
  • “No no no if her mole is not seen, then at least half seen. We need it.”
  • “You’re very beautiful MC, screw what other people say.”
  • “where did you even learn the word ‘screw’?”
  • For your jokes, he wouldn’t really get it because he’s Jumin Han
  • “The thug lyfe chose me and not you, Juju.”
  • “What.”

707/Saeyoung Choi:

  • zooms in your face and grins
  • wow i made him sound like a stalker im sorry
  • saeyoung would be the one who would also take a few selfies with you but he really wont mind if the mole is in or not because either way, you’re still beautiful in his eyes actually
  • if you’d be insecure, he’d shower you in compliments and memes about your moles honestly
  • for the jokes
  • let’s just say
  • there would be a day where Saeran runs away from home because he’s sick of all the mole jokes

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SKAM SEASON 4 Scene 3 - “SO HOT”

[Eating icecream]

EVA: Yours looks like poop

EVA: It does!

VILDE: Can I taste yours?

VILDE: You can feed me 

EVA: Do I have to feed you?!

VILDE: Never mind, it’s alright

VILDE: Yours was good!! What is it? Banana?

EVA: I think it’s mango..?

VILDE: No, it’s not..

SANA: Is it lemon?

EVA: No, if it was lemon i would have known

VILDE: But this tasted-

NOORA: Does no one wanna taste mine?

VILDE: Yeah but isn’t that just plain vanilla?

CHIS: You know what? I think easter holidays are dead boring

SANA: We should have gone to your cabin..

CHIS: I don’t wanna go to that cabin, it just reminds me of Kasper

[Sana gets a text form Elias]

ELIAS: “Are you home? I forgot my keys”

SANA: “Call mom”

[Rest of the gang mumbling about something that happend at the cabin]

CHRIS: You got so afraid, (imitating EVA)“I’m crying, I’m crying”

EVA: No I didn’t

VILDE: Guys, I’ve been checking out some traveling agencies and it is actually very cheap traveling abroad-

[Sana gets another text]

ELIAS: “They won’t be home until late. I need to get home now, come here and meet me. You are my slave after all”

SANA: “Where are you?”

EVA: Anyone wanna come home with me and watch *PH?
*Paradise Hotel(google it if you don’t know what it is)

CHRIS: Yeah!

VILDE: Can I ask Magnus if he wants to come?

EVA: Sure

NOORA: I think I’ll just go home


NOORA: Linn sent me a text saying Eskild is decorating my room without my permission.. I’ll text you later

EVA: Bye

VILDE: Have you told her William has found a new girlfriend?

[Sana gets another text]

ELIAS: “I’m working out, meet me here”

[Girls still mumbling about Noora and William]

SANA: I need to go deliver some keys to my brother

EVA: Where?

SANA: Just around the corner

EVA: We can come with you and deliver the keys before going to my place?

[The girls agree]

VILDE: We need to find a new boyfriend for Noora so that she forgets about William-

CHIS: A bad boy

VILDE: Jonas and Mahdi! It would be so cool if either of you got together with one of them

EVA: What..?

VILDE: I just find it really boring that I’m the only one with a boyfriend and that there is always just you girls hanging together without me since I’m with Magnus all the time

SANA: Wait here?

CHRIS: Why? (Walks straight in)

EVA: I just dont think Noora would fall for one of the boys we already know.. We kinda have to find someone new

VILDE: And where do you suspect we’ll find these new, cool and handsome boys?

(Panning through the gym, loads of hunks)

SANA: Elias!

ELIAS: Halla Sana!

SANA: Here (trows keys)

ELIAS: Who are your girls?

(Vilde steps forward)

VILDE: I’m Vilde

ELIAS: Nice to meet you

(Guys gathering around)

VILDE: I guess we found them..(Looking back at Eva)

SANA: What?

SANA: No, no, no……

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this isnt me reaching for attention or anything i rly am not asking for it but… it rly hurts growing up n never getting told u look nice and whenever some does say it its like a family member . how am i supposed to come to terms with myself when nobody else likes me either

im an ugly child