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so i just made a new blog @naturalsapphic it any of you want to follow me there. im going to stop using this blog within the next week so the new blog will be the only way to contact me.
i want to shift away from the fandom scene, i will post many different things that i like but shadowhunters will still be included (just not the main focus)
i really love the people ive followed and talked to on this blog and would love to have you all follow my new blog and interact with me there but if you want just a sh blog, i wouldnt follow
i will be on here for a few days to reblog this and answer anyone if there are questions but i dont think i will fully delete (at least yet) 💙

@nothingtoseehere-move-along ‘s post made me think of something i keep texting ppl but havent made a post about yet 

in the complaints about cress that i’ve seen (especially on goodreads) people’s biggest complaint is always that cress is a damsel in distress character and how damsel in distress female characters dont belong in modern media but can i remind some ppl about some things

  • having a strong female character does not mean a gun toting sarcastic girl with no personality outside of her supposed badassness
  • a strong female character just means a female character who is strong - meaning a character who is not just a skeleton outline of a girl who is only there to further a male characters story/character development
  • guess what cress is! a strong female character who is ALSO a damsel in distress!
  • some girls are not tough as nails and reply to everything with biting sarcasm and feel nothing. cress is a girl in an entirely new situation who has never had any control over her life and has had to stay subservient to stay alive, she has never had any friends or family or known anything but abuse and isolation
  • cress is a girl who wants and needs to be saved, and who has a crush on thorne because she has such an overactive imagination she can imagine him being the hero to save her - she’s decided hes a hero and who saves damsels in distress? heros!!
  • cress doesnt need men to complete her or to make her feel more important, cress wants a hero to save her so she can complete her own goals! some women want and need to be saved, not all women can be cinder or scarlet 
  • cress may not be strong and tough though but she IS intelligent shes a brilliant hacker who KNOWS shes intelligent and has fantastic morals and learns through this journey and with cinders help that she is a strong girl who can be a hero! 
  • cress is there for girls who feel like they need to be saved or need to be helped or are shy and don’t know how to help but to show them that they can be heroes too and they can be just as heroic as the girls who fight